November 8th

In the end, I WIN!

Whatever you have focused your thoughts on is exactly what you will win in the end. Be conscious of your thoughts. Think positive thoughts of outcomes. Give full attention to the exact details of that which you care to create. Only concentrate on the Positive outcome. Abandon all thoughts of failure or impossibility.

In the end, I win. I carefully and cautiously think thoughts of wholeness and well being. I think thoughts of abundance and prosperity. I think thoughts of encouragement and upliftment. I think thoughts that cause increase of every good thing. I think thoughts of life and living. I think thoughts of The Creator.

I win the prize of a purposeful life. I win the prize of realization of my dreams. I win the prize of creating Peace and Harmony for the entire planet. I win the prize of Unconditional Love flowing through me out into the Universe to Heal and Harmonize. I win the prize of blissful living. I win the prize of perfect health.

 In the end what will you win?

Will it be that which is most important to you or that which you most dread?

Put your complete attention only on what you desire to manifest, nothing less.

The Omnipotent Presence is waiting at the finish line!!!


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