Let this month, the third of the year be about manifesting your dreams and desires. Put aside all excuses and thoughts of limitations. Gather about you people who support you in your quest for manifesting exactly that which you desire.

What is it that you have been procrastinating to finally accomplish? What goals are just lying idly in the back of your mind? What reasons have you used to not get this idea manifested?

Let this be the month that you determine with all of everything you possess to do that which only you can do. Pull that idea out of the recesses of your thinking and brush it off. Put action to it, breath life into it. Believe you can and you will.

Pray and meditate on your idea, your goals and your dreams. Visualize the end product. What will it look like? How will it feel to you? Describe every minute detail to yourself. Be very, very plain and exact about your desires. How does your idea benefit humanity? How many will be served by the implementation of your idea?

Put your total concentration on your idea. Think about it all the time. Improve upon it. Can it serve more people than what you originally thought?

Manifesting is our birthright. We are destined to fulfill our purpose here on earth. It is our thought process that will determine our successful completion. Give your best attention to the outcome. Know deep within that it is already done and move forward from that place. It is now time for you and me to live our life purpose; to know and fully understand that our work is required here on earth; to know that we are here to accomplish Great Things.

March is the month of manifestations. We are perfectly positioned to make real our purpose in this life. Go ahead; let’s begin manifesting abundant life here on earth. Manifest your Miracles Today!!!


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