Do you feel it? It’s when you are still in thought and action that it appears in the core of your being. This is when the True Essence of The Creator can penetrate your entire being.

Feel it deep within you. It is Awesome. The Awesome Presence and Power of The Most High giving and sustaining you with the Life Force Energy!

Can you feel it now? It is literally pulsating through every cell and nerve in your body. It is in the oxygen you are inhaling, allowing that breath to flow freely in and out of you.

How about now? It is in the wonder of life itself. For how can a human being come into existence from the microscopic elements that first produced it? From the trillions of possibilities, YOU were born into existence! Your life is a miracle. It is no accident or freak of nature. Yes YOU are deserving and worthy of this life. God granted you with this precious gift: Life.

Do you feel it yet? I feel it!  It is Incredibly delicious. To know that I was carefully chosen and granted the opportunity to fully experience this thing called LIFE! WOW. THANKS.

I am pulsating with the Power of the Omniscient Glow of Life!

I radiate Joy, Peace, Happiness, Compassion, Passion, Forgiveness, Hope, Enthusiasm, Excitement, Justice, and Harmony!!!

I am pulsating with the power of God! I am victorious! I am a conqueror! I am Abundantly Blessed! I am anointed with Grace and Mercy!



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