Today I check in on myself and determine what it is I am feeling and experiencing in life. Today I pay close attention to my body and how it responds to certain situations and/or people. I know the Spirit that dwells inside of me, knows more than I do and will advise me. All that is needed of me is to be alert and aware of how I react.

I may feel tension around certain groups of people. What are the core beliefs of the people I am with? Is there a match with my inner beliefs? Have I been placed in with this group to learn or teach a lesson? Am I giving my best to this environment?

Is my Spirit joyous when I am doing this? Do the creative juices of self expression run rampant as I am actively involved with this? Would I do this regardless to any other circumstance being present? Do I feel light and carefree while engaged in this activity?

Today I check my true self for understanding how the various situations I find myself in are affecting my Spirit. Today I pay close attention to each encounter. It is my responsibility to do this for myself, to continually check my Spiritual pulse for accuracy. Today I give me what I need, to be in perfect alignment with God’s Will for my life.

I check myself with absolute honesty and truth. I remain in integrity with myself each and every step of the way. I am obligated to tell myself the truth, even if what I am experiencing is different from that which I desire to manifest. And I remind myself that wherever I am, it is perfectly okay.

I check myself today with Love and Passion, with Truth and Peace, with Compassion and Forgiveness.


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