January 14th

What a powerful word, what a life changing act, how incredibly liberating: FORGIVENESS.

Sometimes we feel as though it is always others that we must forgive. I have learned a valuable lesson and that is, the first person we must forgive is ourselves. What has put us in a state where forgiveness is required is our judging someone or something. If it were not for us thinking, by judging a situation or person to be wrong, it would be completely unnecessary for us to ever contemplate the act of forgiveness.

We come prepared with preconceived notions about how things should look.  We are quick to defend our position. Ever stop to think where you got the thought about what is right or wrong? What or who is your source for comparison? Somewhere in the pages of the Holy Bible, it clearly states, Judge not, lest ye also be judged. So why use your precious time unwisely?

Forgive yourself for holding unto any false beliefs about yourself. Forgive yourself for believing what others told you about who or what you are. Forgive yourself for accepting someone else’s opinion as the true definition of who you are. Forgive yourself for not fully being the person you desire to be or become.

Forgive the various sources where this erroneous information was fed. Forgive all situations that no longer serve you in your highest state of consciousness. Forgive because you choose to. Forgive because I am asking you to do it. Forgive because it literally frees you from living life in a state of negativity. Forgive because it can lengthen your life span. Forgiveness can heal and restore you back to wholeness and health.

Forgiveness is such a simple act to perform. It will not cost you any money. You will not make a public spectacle of yourself, forgiveness is an inner job. No one need know that you have done it unless you choose to tell them, although people will see the difference in you, more joy and life.

Place LOVE in that place where you released those judgments. Allow only thoughts of Love to permeate your thinking. The message for today is very simple:



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