March 28th

I Am an Empowered Individual. My Empowerment comes from the rich and everlasting Source. I joyously accept my Empowerment with ease and grace.

Empowerment implies a strength that gives extra weight to an ability to perform certain things. Webster’s Dictionary defines it as: to give power to; to authorize and to enable.

Add to that definition the fact our empowerment comes from The Infinite Source, which lives within each of us. Can you envision the kind of power you have? It is so extremely awesome to realize we have it; all we need to do is to recognize and use it!

We must claim it! We must own it! We must accept it!

Then it becomes ours. Ours for the acceptance. We do not have to beg or plead for it. We do not have to earn points by performing some miraculous deed. All that is required is we accept the Empowerment.

With the Empowerment comes responsibility. The empowerment must be used with Wisdom, Peace, Understanding, Compassion and Love. We allow our light to shine as we are Empowered. We light the path for others and we genuinely share with others. We are truly gifted by Grace.

I Thank God for my Empowerment. I utilize this gift with utmost care and respect. I honor this most precious treasure.

I graciously accept my Empowerment. Thanks God.


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