April 1st


April is the month of abundance. April is the month to manifest all that you have desired. This abundance is for all areas of your life.

Abundance is all around you and is yours for the asking. You must be specific in details of what you desire to manifest. Be explicit and mindful of each and every detail. Leave nothing out. Use your imagination to describe every little aspect.

So go ahead and tell the Universe exactly what it is that you desire. Here is an example if you are stuck in allowing yourself to visualize. I desire World Peace. My life is peaceful and serene. I meditate often and allow only thoughts of peace and harmony to enter my thoughts. I accept my personal responsibility in creating my harmonic thoughts. I have a Peace energy that radiates out from me to all I encounter. My family is anchored in Peace. I am the catalyst for my family to achieve Peace as a natural way of living. Each time an opportunity arises I demonstrate only Peace! Even in the midst of stuff I remain centered in Peace. Nothing can rob me of my Peace.

Here is another example:

My desire is for money substance to circulate freely in my life. I create a flow of finances that allows me a life of financial freedom. I use the money I receive wisely. As I generate more I am able and willing to share more with others. I purchase my Horse Farm. It is forty acres with twenty horses. The horses are rescued from dangerous conditions, restored to complete wellness and returned to a healthy environment in my care. Children come from all around to enjoy the beauty of the horses and learn how to properly care for these animals. The children learn the cooperative nature of all living things at the farm. I provide this opportunity at no charge to the children. It is my gift to them to participate in this activity.

Whatever you desire is yours! Abundance does not flow where negative energy resides. Keep your thoughts positive.


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  1. I can’t wait to receive all the gifts that the universe has to offer!


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