April 14th

Dreams are the opening to awesome possibilities. In our dreams there are no limitations and no fears. Dreams are freedom of expression.

Have you ever awakened and thought to yourself, ‘WOW that was a wonderful adventure I had in that dream.’ And you just sit on the side of the bed attempting to remember each detail of the dream, thinking how incredible it would be if it became your reality.

Dreams are not limited to a night time activity. You can dream anytime you choose to do so. Visualization is a form of dreaming. You can give yourself permission to dream and realize a different life at your will. You must be bold to dream. You must truly desire what you dream and it can become your reality. So why not give it a chance to operate in your life.

I choose to dream of the life I desire. In my dreams I see everything clearly. I also leave space for The Infinite One to bless me. I am open and receptive to receiving all that I can imagine and more.

In my dreams I travel to foreign lands and discover new frontiers. I learn different languages and can communicate easily with my new friends. It is amazing how similar everyone is, we each desire the same thing, Love. I see the beauty in every face I encounter. I hear the voice of family in the words they speak. I love being in this new land. I enjoy the food, the customs and the culture. It’s exciting, new and glorious!

What do you desire to be manifested in your life? Go ahead and dream it into reality. See it, be it, feel it, live it. Put all the characters in place. See it in living Technicolor. Feel the energy, experience everything about it. Go to your dream as often as possible and live the excitement. Explore your dream with the expectation that it will manifest for you. Take off all the limitations, go outside the box. This is your private journey to an abundant life. Your dreams can become your reality if you just believe in its power.

Thanks God for my ability to dream large! Thanks God for Blessing me!


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