God’s love lives inside of you. It’s the substance that gives you LIFE! You cannot purchase it nor can you earn it. You will not find God’s Love anywhere other than on the inside of you. It is the free gift of breath.

Isn’t that a powerful thought? I have read that I can do all things through Christ. You know what that does for you? It removes all of the doubt and fear you have imagined. It says you can do, not probably can do, or maybe can do, it’s a definite CAN DO! That is very, very powerful. It also means that all the excuses are gone. You can no longer blame him, her or them. Because you alone have the power, IT’S INSIDE OF YOU!

I feel more eager than ever to trust and accept; I can do all things! You will never find this Awesome Love in someone else, even if they are your ideal partner or mate. It’s not in any material possession such as a house or the car you drive. For the same reason it does not even matter what you look like in the physical. Because you still have that power of the Infinite One right there Inside of YOU!

What do you do with this power is completely dependent on you and your desires. To be of and in service to all of humanity is a beneficial use of this power. To care about each person you encounter is yet another way. To simply Love unconditionally is another. It will always be your choice. Choose wisely is the best advice I can share with you.
I just keep thinking about God’s Love on the Inside of ME! We are created in the image and likeness of the One Source, Holy Spirit. When we accept our uniqueness and learn to honor that, then all negative competition vanishes. We support each other and encourage each other. We are all the same. God’s Love Lives Inside Each of Us!

Make a gift of the Love that is inside of you this day. Be kind to a stranger, say hello at the check out counter, help an elder with their household chores, just do something totally unexpected and without regard to receiving something in return. Remember it’s a gift.

There is so much love we can freely share. Shine your light today. Light someone’s path. Allow yourself to be totally Grateful and Appreciative of all things.

Sending Much Love and Gratitude.


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