What have you been blessed with? Do you share your gifts freely with the Universe? Have you taken the time to learn all your gifts, to discover new talents? I am blessed to write in a plain and simple language that all can understand. I allow God to express through me in my writing. I know this is God’s work. It’s effortlessly done through me. In doing this Ministry I write, actually I sit at the computer and simply touch the keys and the thoughts just flow! I do not strain, I simply allow it to happen through me. As an author I pick up pen and paper and am always amazed at the results.

Are you blessed to bring Peace into a situation? Do you walk into a room and Peace and unity is restored? Do people seek you out when they have a troubling situation they are dealing with? Does the room hush when you enter? Do you radiate Peace? Are you a Compassionate individual? Is your gift in listening without judgment? Do you demonstrate compassion without effort? Do you just do it?

Is working with the youth your gift? Do you have such an incredible gift to love children that all you do focuses on the welfare of our children? Are all your thoughts on making this a better environment for the children?

Can you design clothing? Are your artistic talents so keen that folks seek you out? Do you sit and the ideas seem to flow through you? Is creative expression your cornerstone? Is visualization your gift? Do you see what others cannot? Can you envision with clarity exactly what something will look like?

Are you a gifted speaker? Can you be called upon at a moments notice to deliver a talk and do it without fear or effort? Do you enjoy your gift to speak with others? Is your delivery made with clarity?

Are you an organizer? Can you take an idea and put it all together for successful completion? Do you do this without much stress or thought?

Are you a gifted Spiritualist? Do you see the Super Natural? Do the Ancestors and Spirits speak through you? Are you a healer? Does your touch just seem to heal others? Can you radiate healing through various mediums?

Do you enjoy making money? Do you joyously look for ways to do that? Is generating solid money substance flowing freely a worthy goal for you? Do you get excited about making money?

Are you a thinker? Is sitting until you see the whole picture your gift? Do you analyze the situation with ease? Are you a transformation specialist? Desiring more for others than what they can see for themselves?

Are you a song writer, a composer, a producer? Is Music your bestowed gift? Do you love to create heaven, audibly? Do beautiful melodies just flow through you? Can you hear the soothing beats and bring life to them?

Your gifts are to be shared with humanity. God has Blessed you. Do not hide your talents. Share your talents, knowing that you are Blessing others.

What are your gifts?


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