The other day as I was going about doing my work, I had the opportunity to contact a business associate. I sent two emails and after no response I called him and left a voicemail message.

Much to my amazement I received an email from Demetrius saying he was experiencing quiet time and would not be available until after noon. That was so cool to me and also very wise. We must have reflection and meditation time to reconnect to our Source, God.

How much time each day do you spend in quiet? How much time is devoted to being still and listening for your answers? I take a couple of hours daily. It means for me that I get up earlier for it to happen. I have been doing that for a long time. When my now adult son was younger in order for me to be able to exercise daily I had to get up an extra hour earlier than him. I reaped the benefits of beginning my day with increased circulation and energy. Now that extra time is spent in meditation and quietness.

You can handle stress and overwhelming conditions by being still. Being in a frantic state constantly only perpetuates the challenge. That is true because we do not allow guidance from The Creator when we are always too busy to listen. We gain strength and wisdom in the quiet. We increase our faith and confidence in the quiet. We trust ourselves in the quiet.

Most times, my house is very quiet. But I can crank the volume up when I want to. This is not the preferred noise level in my home. Set yours wherever you choose. In the mix of the day add in a set time to be: QUIET.

Watch how situations change. Watch how you will be inspired to do something in a different way. Listen for the Inner Guidance. Hear God speaking to you. Receive the empowering Spirit in your quiet time.

I dedicate a portion of each day to being still, in the quiet of my own Soul and Spirit.


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