The Super Bowl is only days away, are you excited? I am. The Championship gets to tell a wonderful story, about life! For to get to the Super Bowl, you have sacrificed idle time for time to practice. To get to the Super Bowl, each person made a sincere commitment to giving their best. The Super Bowl is a Team Effort, played as such and won as such.

Who is playing on your team? Have you gathered the Best players and covered all the positions? What is your strategy? Do you have the right replacements? What is your game plan?

Do you acknowledge the accomplishments of those on your team? Did the children do good in school today? Did your co-worker go the extra mile to satisfy a customer/client? Does your team know you are proud of them? Celebrate the TEAM.

What are you celebrating about your team? Are you celebrating the fact that you have agreed to serve as the leader? Are there other team members who are doing an exceptional job? Is anyone willingly making a change that they could use some encouragement or support with?

I play on a winning team, it is THE GAME OF LIFE TEAM! I practice daily. I play hard at each game. I give my best in every game. I salute the players on my TEAM with RESPECT! WE are ready to win the Super Bowl.


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