I like that question? However I would like to rephrase it so it asks what thoughts are we holding in the abundance chamber of our minds?

What do you carry around with you in your wallet (thoughts)? I carry abundance, fullness, wholeness and prosperity. My wallet is filled to overflowing with gratitude and thanksgiving. I carry Hope, Faith and Unconditional Love in my wallet.

I spend what’s in my wallet with care and good judgment. I know what I give out will return to me. So I do not attempt to cash counterfeit money, deceit or unforgiveness. I handle all affairs with truth and honesty. I use the correct currency, an attitude of gratitude, when paying for a purchase.

Do you know what is in your wallet? Is it empty or full? Flat or plump? How often do you check the contents? Do you know where everything is in your wallet? Is something hiding from you in there?

I clean my wallet out as often as possible to make room for more goodness in my life. So if I accepted a counterfeit, I quickly toss it away. I do not hold a grudge against the person who gave it to me. If there are any empty spaces, I fill them with Peace. If I am carrying too much in my wallet I may become lopsided, in which case I am off balance. To remain balanced is my goal. I limit what I carry in my wallet.

I only carry exactly what I need for this life; thoughts of Hope, Strength, Love, Faith and Wisdom. I have compartments for all that I wish to have manifested in my life: Blessings, Encouragement, Support, Power, Prosperity, Abundance, Integrity, and Courage.



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