I am comforted by God’s hands.


I am held in the loving arms of God.


God wraps me in the warm, golden glow of Love. I feel incredibly protected by God’s presence in my life. I am safe. I Am God’s child.


The hand of God touches my inner soul and soothes every care. I am touched and made whole and complete. God strokes me gently to assure me everything is already alright. The hand of God wipes the tears away. The hand of God is sturdy. I am held in these Loving hands and Peace permeates my core. My Spirit is refreshed and rejuvenated. I love the feel of these awesome hands upon me.


The mighty arms of God cradle me and rock me. These arms are massive and hold the all of humanity in them. God created me to glorify the Kingdom of heaven here on earth. The arms provide the extra strength as I go through all situations. I am shielded from hurt and harm as I am being held tightly in the arms of God.


I thank God for all. I thank God for protection. I thank God for loving me. I thank God for soothing me. I thank God for this awesome unconditional LOVE. I thank God for my life. I thank God.








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