April 5th


Today is my anniversary date of providing counseling sessions to Common Ground, an AIDS Service Organization (ASO) in Atlanta Georgia. I dedicate this message to my incredible extended family.


A       Abundantly

I        Inspired

D       Divine

S       Souls


I am consistently inspired by this group of amazing souls. They have been shunned by society, families and religious organizations. Some have been cast out, labeled as sinners, no good, and other rather harsh names. Yet to get to know them and to share in their lives is an honor to me.


What I know with certainty is that they are no different from me or you. They have not committed a sin for which God is cursing them with the virus. Neither are they doomed to death while still living. They are alive and worthy of respect and dignity.


To be a part of this family has surely humbled me. My message is always the same, they each are a child of God. Each made in the image and after the likeness of The Creator. God loves them regardless, there can never be any separation between them and The Source.


This family is the most loving and gracious individuals I have met. The environment is always warm and friendly. Each supports the other in going through whatever challenge they may be facing. They demonstrate acceptance of one another.


I love and honor each person that I have come to know personally. As I give my best to them and expect the best from them, I am always gifted with wonderful outcomes. Each has gone beyond the labels, hurts and pains to grow into the most loving person they can be. I am very proud of each one.


As I celebrate my anniversary of being called into a Ministry serving God’s children I ask you to examine your thoughts, words and deeds directed at any individual that you may have not been as lovable as you could be towards. Always remember, they too are a child of The Most High God!


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