April 17th


I Am actively IN-volved in my life and affairs. I accept full responsibility for whatever is present today for I know I have created its existence.


I Am the master of my fate and the captain of my ship. I declare a thing and it is so. When the appearance is not what I truly want, I choose differently. My words and thoughts have tremendous power. I think a thing and it is done. My duty is to keep my mind stayed only on the things I want! I no longer concern myself with what is lacking because I know it was my concentration on them that kept them a part of my reality. I deliberately focus on my desires. They are manifested as I believe. I choose to believe I am worthy to receive from the richness of the Universe. I accept God’s Grace and Mercy to guide and direct me.


I Am IN-volved in making wise choices for myself. My words are positive and life affirming. My actions are a reflection of my deepest desires. I see that which I desire in its finalized condition. God promised it is done according to our belief. My belief is bound in faith and trust. I know I can have every good thing I desire. I give my full attention to the realization of my dreams. I think on these things, I visualize these things done. That is my job to do; to maintain a positive expectation and thus it is materialized.


I Am co-creator with God for my life. I know that just as God has clothed the fields with beautiful colorful flowers God surely will clothe me with my desires. I meditate on Love, Peace, and Harmony. I am a vigilant guard of my thoughts, words and actions. I am accountable and responsible for what I do, think and say. Those actions have a direct effect on situations occurring in my life. This is my life; I design it according to my beliefs. I choose to believe in unlimited goodness, abundant riches, opulent prosperity, magnificent miracles and unconditional Love!


I Am IN-volved in my life. I actively pursue Happiness and Harmony. I treasure Truth. I completely accept Abundance. I pray for Peace. I participate in Prosperity. This IS my life! I create the most magnificent existence possible for myself.


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