May 9th


To meditate is to be still and listen. You do not need any special skills or gifts or words to say. Simply be still. To be still is to be alone without any outside disturbances. No noise. Meditation is just sitting in the quietness of life.


I once thought that you had to know special chants or say a special prayer or something else was required of me before I could go into meditation. I have been told several times in the past that it has nothing to do with any special words, hums, chants or phrases. If you had knowledge and wanted to use them that it was okay however that should never stop a person from meditating. So I reluctantly began to sit and be still. It was a learned habit as with anything else. In the beginning it was a challenge to be still and quiet. Soon my daily practice was appreciated and honored by all who know that in the morning I am not to be disturbed because that is the time I have designated as my prayer and meditation time.


How do I do it? I have a meditation tape that I listen to as I soak in the bathtub thirty minutes in the morning. Yes it does mean that I get up earlier to get this accomplished. Recently I did my meditation at midnight and was pleasantly surprised by the amazing gift I received during meditation. It was awesome and exhilarating. I did not want to come out of this experience. Unlike the morning when it prepares me to go about the business of the day, the night was soothing and prepared me for a deep sleep. So whatever time works for you is your best time.


You do not need a tape. When you have identified the best time of day for you others will respect your request for privacy. Fill the tub and just relax. If there is a question or concern you desire assistance with, just ask it. You can meditate sitting in a chair or lying down in your bed. All I want to express here is there is absolutely nothing extra required other than your desire to listen to The Infinite Intelligence speak to you. Your answers will come.


At a loss for words, just give Thanks for your life. Shout Praises to Allah. Keep repeating, I GIVE THANKS, I GIVE THANKS, I GIVE THANKS. And you will be blessed with Peace and Joy!


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