July 9th


We all appreciate that businesses require a Business Plan and a Marketing Plan to be successful and to track their achievements. My nephew, Anthony A.K. King and I were having a discussion and as we talked he shared his passion of working with males in helping them to be successful in life. He had recently met with some young men who were seniors in high school and he asked them about their personal business plans for their life. The young men were caught off guard because even though they were high school seniors no one had ever talked to them about their personal life goals, their business plan.


So I pose the same question to you, what is your plan? Do you have a business plan that will guide you in getting to where it is you say you want to go or to the place you say you want to be? Do you fully embrace your plan? Can you easily recite it to anyone who asks you the infamous question, ‘What are you doing these days?’


What is your vision for your life? How will you get there?


Like the old saying goes; How do you eat an elephant? The answer is: One bite at a time. Do you know what your elephant is? Make the plans to proceed one bite at a time, set incremental steps to reaching your goals. Design your plan in truth and honesty. Please do not get caught up in someone else’s vision for your life. What do you truly desire in this life time? What will you truly do to accomplish what you say is important to you? How long do you want to take to get there? Understand that you are the master of this course. You obtain your doctorate degree at completion.



Is this the first time someone has even asked you this question? Then good, I am glad I am asking it! I applaud you at the finish line. I will be there at the graduation ceremony.

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July 8th


My favorite theme song is from the TV sitcom, Reba. Reba McEntire sings the words, ‘Who I am is who I want to be. I am a survivor!’ Those are some prolific words. This song describes where I currently reside in life, Who I Am is who I want to be!


This attitude has taken time to develop by really being with myself, listening to what I thought and had to say to myself; to honor the presence of The Source that lives inside of me; to fully appreciate my goodness and to know it is mine when I say it is mine! Therefore I can honestly boast that, Who I am is who I want to be!!!


Has it always looked this way for me? Absolutely not. Yet I always knew somewhere deep within my Spirit that there had to be something more to this thing called life. So I began my journey into the meanings of life. I have enjoyed some wonderfully varied perspectives on life, religions and other philosophies. I have enjoyed the awesome friendships of people who did not look like me, some not even close! But I knew we are each here on this planet earth to live out our individual purposes. I just knew the world did not revolve solely around me. Therefore I included others, actually I welcomed others into my life to experience their presence (presents). I have been so tremendously gifted in ways I will treasure in this life and the next ones by the blessings of others who have shared so freely with me. My heart is jumping with joy as I remember all the souls that became a part of me. People who just showed up and appreciated being their authentic self, to demonstrate to me their way of life and living, and loved me enough to share who they were. I have enjoyed the experiences of many different cultures and have become a fuller person because of the many friendships.


Do you have a favorite theme song? Choose one that you can hum as you go about your day. It can and will remind you of what is important to you alone.



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July 7th


An onion has layers on it that must be peeled away before you can use it. We sometimes are like onions, we need to peel off layers before we get to the authentic person. We have Layers of disappointments, hurts, pains and unmet expectations; Layers of feeling unloved and unlovable; Layers of false feelings of unworthiness; Layers of sadness and confusion; and just lots of layers and layers of junk and stuff.


Today I begin peeling off and throwing away the layers I have allowed to build around me and cover the authentic me. The authentic me is Whole, Complete, Love, Capable, Worthy, Joyous, Wonderful! The authentic me seeks full expression as a Child of the Most High Energy, choosing to vibrate at an awesome level of Consciousness. I celebrate my life in totality!


The onion can cause tears to form in your eyes as you peel away the layers. These tears can be those of sorrow or joy. I choose to let them be ones of joy. Sorrow is no longer a part of my consciousness. Today I accept the many things that have come to teach me has indeed benefited me in a very powerful way. The situations have appeared to make me the person I am this day, a person fully capable of expressing the best me. I have learned through all the experiences. I give Thanks for their appearance in my life. During the experience I may have been too consumed with the process to completely understand the lesson. Yet today I look back with joy and wisdom, fully understanding their purpose for showing up, just for me to learn a lesson!


As I get to the nectar of the awesome flavor of the onion it adds fullness to my life. It adds a special blend to the recipe of my life. I am thankful for the savoring process, of allowing it to fully integrate into the completeness of the magnificent person this recipe has produced….ME!


I value the lesson of peeling an onion! I apply it to my life and weep tears of joy and gratitude. I gladly peel away and discord for good, the layers of stuff that has prevented me from being my authentic self.

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July 6th


What if you had 24/7/365 access to God? What would you do with this communication? What if each word you spoke was communication with The Source of all life? What if you truly can talk with Infinite Intelligence every second of every minute of every hour of every day? What if….?


I choose to believe I have the power to communicate with The Most High at any given time. It is my right to have this access. I am never separated from this Presence, it lives in me at all times. Therefore I call upon Wisdom whenever I need it. I call upon Strength when I feel myself falling. I seek Faith by calling it into my existence when I have relied upon the physical as evidence of possibilities. I summon the gift of Understanding when situations are unclear and appear confusing. I call upon JOY to lift me up higher and higher! I trust in the miraculous workings of the Holy Spirit!


I choose to accept my inheritance from the abundance supply of the Universe! I actively call upon the power of The Awesome Spirit to activate Itself with me. It is alive as I am alive. I welcome this Spirit of Life as my guide and wayshower on this journey.


I no longer ask the question, what if, for I know the answer. The answer is, Yes I can and do have access to The Creator at all times. I use this Power wisely. I choose my words carefully for I recognize they will not return to me void. I use words of love and forgiveness. I use words that uplift and encourage. I use words to demonstrate Peace and Harmony. I use the gift of the spoken word wisely!


I allow my Light to shine before all the world to see and benefit from my gifts. I realize I have gifts to share and do so willingly. My gift of laughter lifts another out of doom and gloom. My gift of a smile lets another know I care about them. My gift of listening comforts a person who just needs to release through talking over a major issue in their life.


No more what ifs for me. Now I know with clarity that I posses the key to open communication with my Creator and I use it 24/7/365! Thanks God.

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July 5th.


I use the term, ‘Learn to Love Yourself’ because many of us often leave that to someone else to do for us. Despite what you have thought in the past, you must LOVE yourself before anyone else can truly love you.


To love yourself is to be completely honest with your thoughts and actions towards you. And you do not have to share your inner most thoughts with anyone unless you choose to do so. So what are you really thinking these days? Do you believe you are worthy of the goals and dreams you have for yourself? Are you beautiful by your own standards? Do you experience JOY on a deep soul satisfying level?


You can learn to be ‘in love’ with you, at all times and through all circumstances. You learn this by simply doing it, without excuse or resistance. Just Love who you have become, all the wonderful lessons you have learned and all the growth you have experienced. Isn’t it grand to count it all a blessing? It is your life, your physical existence. It is your heart and your soul that we are celebrating with absolute Joy! Love that person at the deepest levels and watch how much better your life becomes. You are doing it for yourself AND that is reason enough.


Practice giving the best to you this day. They say practice makes perfect. So continue to practice loving your self until you become a master at it. Truly love without any conditions. To love yourself is the greatest gift you can give to you today.


I Love Me today! I truly Love Me today! I Am worthy of LOVE! And I accept Love into my life, beginning with self love. I give myself permission to Love freely, without restraints or limitations. I simply choose to LOVE!


I Am my best friend. I tell myself the truth at all times. I am patient and kind with me. I choose words of support and encouragement with myself. I know I can and I will; it is my choice.



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July 4th


Recently a friend called and as we shared I sensed she wanted or needed something that I could not give to her. She was focused on the physical world of outcomes and was seeking validation that a God truly exists and was active in her life. As I listened, I prayed for the right words or ideas to share with her.


She was excited to tell me of a tree that appeared to be dying had come back to life after she tendered it with lots and lots of love and care. She explained to me how she talked gentle words of life and healing to the tree. She watered the tree with love and appreciation. After only three short days, she saw New Life on her tree! Excited beyond words and truly overjoyed, she was incredibly amazed by the outcome.


She continued with what appeared to be challenges in her life, in the way of finances. There just seemed to be too much month left after her money ran out. I could sympathize with her and added that many people go through this experience and I was among the many folks. I reminded her that the only remedy for this situation would be her belief in the power of Faith and God. She listened but still needed more solace than what I had offered up to this point. Suddenly a beautiful butterfly flew by her as we talked. She was making her way outside to sit with her tree. Next she told me of the many birds singing to her.


God had answered my prayer with these words to give to her. I told her that she needed quiet time with God. To allow God time to talk to her. My words were, ‘God is giving you all kinds of signs but you are not paying attention to them. God has blessed your tree with New Life. God gave you a butterfly to remind you of transformation and metamorphosis. Finally God asked the birds to sing to you and the birds represent freedom.” I ended with “God is answering you directly; you must listen to what God is telling you.” With that said, her battery went dead on her portable phone and the call ended!!!


What signs are God giving you to answer your concerns???

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July 3rd


In the Stillness there is peace and harmony. In the Stillness you can feel sincere Love. In the Stillness is new life!


Set aside a time each day to become totally still. Quiet your thoughts and think only on the goodness of Life. Life is the ultimate free gift from The Creator. The Most High granted you this day in your life to use exactly as you would choose to live it. What are you choosing to do with your life this day? Will you use it for good, the good of all? Will you demonstrate complete gratitude for each thing that you have beckoned into your life? Do you get the blessing and lesson in everything that is unfolding for you?


I begin my day in Stillness. I listen to the counsel of Allah before beginning my activities. I ask Jehovah for guidance. I receive the blessings of DAO. The Source is always providing me with proper direction. It is my responsibility to obey and follow what I am being led to do. I graciously accept my role in this game of life. My journey is exactly what I have called forth into being. I recognize the true gifts and discord the others. I am made wise in the Stillness.


I connect to all living life forms in the Stillness. All life, animal and human, is a part of who I am. I acknowledge the oneness and am excited. I learn from each, the lesson they have come to teach me. In my Stillness I am part of this vast Universe, I feel it deep within me.


In the Stillness I am re-energized and made new. New thoughts and new feelings are mine. My energy soars like never before. I appreciate this awesome energy. In the Stillness I seek expression of my authentic self.


In the Stillness is where God dwells, within each and every living thing. In the Stillness I am filled to overflowing with Thanksgiving and Joy. Thanks God for my life. Thanks God for abundance and prosperity. Thanks God for the Stillness and the gifts received in the Stillness.


Thanks God!

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July 2nd


What do you hear when people tell you who they are? Do you listen to them or do you process it through the personal filter of your expectations? Do you hear their reality or do you hear blah, blah, blah because you need to hear only what you choose to hear? In the end you want to blame the person for not being who you assumed they would be.


Most people show up in their authenticity and when we listen to what they have to say we can truly learn who they are. Yet we often miss the message because we are not truly listening. People really do tell us who they are, even if it does not sound like what we want to hear them say.


Practice intentional listening; truly listen to what is being said by the other person. They will tell you the truth about who they are. Do not allow your expectations to interfere with what you hear. What are they telling you about themselves? Are they unavailable? Are they afraid? Do they need you to support them: emotionally, mentally or spiritually? Do they desire to share themselves and looking for a safe environment for that to occur?


I hear from many people their frustrations about a relationship that ended bitterly. In most instances it stems from one or both not sincerely listening to the other. One or both played the game of selfish motivation. They wanted the other person to be what they needed them to be and not who they truly were.


Today participate in total surrender to listening to what people are saying to you. You will receive rich blessings by uncovering the depths of the true souls of folks. You will hear stories of desires, goals, past pains and hurts, a longing to be heard by others.


Thank God for gifting you with two ears and one mouth. This implies we are to listen twice as much as we talk.


What do you hear?

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July 1st


July we celebrate Justice. Simply defined Justice is doing the right thing.  The dictionary defines it as correct, proper; morally or legally right; upright, honorable, conscientious, and honest; righteousness.


Beginning with one’s self, our actions must be based in justice. How are you treating yourself? I give myself the best I have, the best thoughts, the best encouragement, the best of the best. I treat myself with love, honor and respect. I release the temptation to dishonor or belittle myself. I speak kind uplifting words to myself. I pick me up when things are not what I would have them to be. I pat myself on the back when I have done the best I know how to do. I appreciate the work I do. I am my biggest cheerleader.


As I celebrate my life it is easy to add to someone else’s life. I encourage others on their path. I offer supporting thoughts and words. I am a friend, the very best friend I can be to others. There are times when these friends first appear as strangers yet they remain a friend of mine. Perhaps this stranger is a person who is now showing up to bless me in their own unique way. I treasure the opportunity of building a friendship and eagerly look forward to sharing with this new person.


As you move about this month focus on justice, which means doing the right thing. Do it first and foremost for your self, then for others. Be loving with your self, be honorable and practice right thinking (righteousness). Accept yourself.


Allow justice to reign supreme in all that do, think and speak.

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© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 June 30th


This has been a fabulous month. JOY has been our motivation and our focus. JOY has spread out from you to the entire world. I can see and feel your Light shining and lighting the path for yourself and others.


JOY is a small word with tremendous power. JOY is the perfect antidote for all ills suffered by humanity. When we stay centered in JOY we place a barrier around us; a shield of protection from negativity and all of its kin folks.


JOY, what a terrific feeling to experience. Knowing it is available to me at my beck and call is amazing. No one else has to be around for me to feel JOY. I do not need to call someone to bring it to me. I already have it and that is wonderful. It is mine and I treasure its gift to me.


JOY is the morning dew that falls gently upon the lawn. JOY is the birds singing at dawn telling me it is yet another bright beautiful day to live and be alive. JOY is whatever you desire for it to be that brings you pure bliss and unconditional love. JOY is hope for a better environment. JOY is World Peace. JOY is total forgiveness and acceptance.




JOY is the cornerstone of the foundation of my life.

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