Where is your focus, on the problem or the solution?

When focused on the problem you become constricted and rigid. You begin to tighten up, your thoughts and then your body. All you continue to see is the problem. There is no way out for you. The problem appears to get bigger and bigger, it consumes all of your rationale thinking.

When you pay attention to the solution you open yourself up to wondrous opportunities, suggestions and ideas. As you look and concentrate on solutions, they appear. Things you may have never thought of before comes to mind for you. The resources begin to arrive in perfect time. People are ready and eager to help, they have been waiting for you to recognize their gift to you.

Focus on, without becoming totally attached to the outcome, to the solution. Perhaps there is something much, much grander in store for you. By staying with thoughts of a solution you are willing to entertain ideas outside of the customary boundaries you would have placed on yourself.

Get a clear and concise picture of what you want to materialize. Do not judge your thoughts. Dream and visualize the best possible solution.

Next go into prayer and communication with God. Ask God for help in clarifying what it is that you desire manifested. Ask for guidance with the details. Be very specific with your requests. And wait for your divine answers. If you are unsure, ask God again. God will make it very plain for you so there is no misunderstanding of the direction you should take.

The final step is being Thankful for the resolution. As each step unveils itself, be Thankful. Offer praise for your answers along the way. Thankfulness opens the doors of possibility!




January 15th

In the silence are Love; Peace; Harmony; Justice; Equality and Joy.
In the silence is true communion with God, The Creator.
In the silence there reside the answers to all of your concerns.
The silence holds the key that unlocks the doors to the mystery of life.
You can unchain the door to your soul, to the destination in front of you.
What is your question? The silence can and will provide you with the answer.
The silence is pure and magical.
You are restored and comforted in the silence.
In the silence you create your world. The silence gives you the space to ‘be all that you can be.’
The strength you need is ‘In the silence’. Spirit speaks to you there.
The silence is your guiding Light, illuminating your path with right thinking.
Dreams of grandeur are ‘In the silence’, there are never any limitations in silence.
Hush. Be still and know. The silence is a magical gift to you.
Be ‘In The Silence’ this day.
Marvel at the clarity of thought you have.
Witness your power expanding.
Your love intensifies.
You feel ‘Oneness’ with all of everything.
In The Silence is a sacred and cherished state of BE-ing

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