When this day is over may I have been fair and just with everyone.

When this day is over may I have lived a day filled with Love, Peace, Joy, Harmony and Forgiveness.

When this day is over may I have added value to someone’s life.

When this day is over may I rest my head knowing that I did the best I knew to do with all situations.

When this day is over may I have shown appreciation to God for my life.

When this day is over may I have reaped awesome benefits of bountiful blessings.

When this day is over may The Creator say, ‘Good job my faithful Servant.’

When this day is over may I have shed my Light for others to see.

When this day is over may I have grown in some area, may I have gained knowledge and wisdom.

When this day is over may I have stayed on course of fulfilling my purpose and living out my destiny.

When this day is over may I have lived life in total forgiveness and complete acceptance of others.




To think you did absolutely nothing to earn this day, it is purely a gift to you from God.

What will you do with this gift? Will you spread Peace, Joy, Love, Harmony, and Justice to everyone you encounter today? Will you live as though this may be your last day of life? Will you show Appreciation and Gratitude for this gift? What will you do and how will you use this day?

I will live this day to the fullest. I will shower others with complete acceptance and acknowledgement. I will show concern for the less fortunate and the disadvantaged. I give a hand up to those who may be experiencing discomfort in their lives. I give all that I have spiritually to those around me. In this attitude my words and actions are encouraging and supportive. My life reflects my knowingness of the Goodness and Oneness of God. I extend Grace and Mercy to all. I demonstrate Love at its highest level which is unconditional.

A new day has been given to me. I did not nor could I have worked hard enough to gain this day. It is by virtue of The Supreme Spirit that I am able to participate in this day of life and living.

I give thanks to The Most High. I bow in respect and honor to DAO. I acknowledge Allah as the sustainer of my life. I submit to the teachings of Buddha. I pay tribute to the Ascended Masters and to all Ancestors. I am a grateful steward of life this day.

The humans on my path this day will know I honor and treasure them for just showing up along with me. God is expressed through each person I exchange a word or a smile with this day.

This new day is a welcomed and treasured gift. I joyously explore this day with the wonder of a small child, seeing the beauty in everything and I am amazed by its presence.



January 23RD

The other day I sat and decided to write down my Blessings of last year. I began by listing the twelve months and decided to write one event per month. Next thing I knew, there were two, then three events or situations that I considered a Blessing. Finally, I ran out of room. Therefore, I listed the twelve months again and began the process all over! There was magic in doing this exercise. Some of the miracles that had unfolded for last year had not come to my mind for a long time. This exercise gave me the opportunity to relive the event and be Thankful all over again and it felt great! It was amazing to be able to Count My Blessings this way.

This year I may list my Blessings monthly. No, actually I think I will do this weekly; better still how about on a daily basis. When we remain in a state of sincere gratitude, our Blessings seem to manifest at a faster pace. How beautiful when we are focused on our Blessings, we know life is wonderful.

So start today and make your gratitude list. My list begins with waking up this morning, with or without an alarm clock. The fact that I woke up is a Blessing. Next is my ability to get out of bed, even if I am still sleepy. For me that means I had a bed to sleep in and I have fully functioning body parts. As I move about my home, I am grateful for each piece of furniture that occupies my dwelling. I am thankful that I can make my first cup of tea; thankful for the wonderful healing of tea steeping. I have the sense of smell and my nostrils work as they should.

As I sit and wait for my tea I listen to nature, the birds seem to enjoy singing to me early in the morning. Their sweet melody is music to my ears. I look out the window and can see with my two eyes the beauty of the day. It is wonderful when the sun is shining brightly and I love it when it rains. Rain seems to always wash away and make fresh the air I can breathe. As I make my first cup of tea I can feel the touch of the hot tea kettle, and the smooth surface of the cup. I can taste this delicious beverage and am extremely appreciative.

Now fully awake and functioning I can appreciate my life even more. I can now decide what I will think and do with this day that I have received as a Blessing. What will I leave in the space of today’s memory bank? Will it be wonder-filled, affirming thoughts and actions or negative self-defeating thoughts?

I choose this day to COUNT MY BLESSINGS, whatever they may be!!!

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