Be Thankful for where you are today and MOVE!

Move into the greater design God has for you. Move with the gentle grace of God. Yes God is working in and through your life. God desires more for you this day. Move as you are being directed by The Infinite Intelligence. Go to that new place. Go to a higher consciousness. Go and remain in Love. Go to Forgiveness and Compassion.

Move today with prayers of Thanksgiving for where you currently reside. Then go to your brand new dwelling place of Peace and Joy. In your move God is waiting to pour Blessings on you, to anoint you with every good thing.

Move with Passion, giving you the best you have first. Move on to giving that passion to all others. Bless others with the gift of you today. Be the gift. Give what you know to be your best, because today only your best is acceptable.

Move about today with thoughts of Ultimate Unity. I can feel the touch of God in each person I encounter today. I recognize the Divinity in the souls of those I interact with. I am the Unity that is spreading around the globe of life; Uniting all of God’s creations with the same respect and honor. I send prayers and thoughts of Peace out, knowing that they are like radio waves touching everything in its path, waves that are not seen but surely felt.

Move today in awe of life! Notice the magnificence of everything. How merciful and gracious is our Creator. Feel the splendor in life. Oh I give Thanks to God, for my life is a testimony of God’s Goodness.

Yes, I am grateful for where I am and I Joyously Move on to my next place.



Focus on Forgiveness and create Love! That is the Way of the Ascended Masters. That is what the Ancestors accomplished. That is the teachings of Jesus the Christ.

Create Love! That stops me in my tracks. To envision this awesome power sends chills down my spine. The love spoken here is the essential, unconditional Agape Love; The Love that does not ask for anything in return. Love that just loves to love! Love that is quenched by knowing it is giving completely of itself to others; Love that does not judge nor criticize; Love that is complete within itself. That is the kind of love you get to experience when you can fully and freely forgive!

To forgive means to let go from the conscious mind, to never be reminded again. It is done and gone from any memory or activity. To forgive means it is not available when you are angry and need to remind someone of their wrong doings. No, no, no! To forgive is to erase it for good and forever!

Today I practice the art of Focusing on Forgiveness thus creating Love!

There is no value in holding on to something so trivial. I desire to experience the true Love of God. To Love others as God Loves me. To know there is nothing a person can do for me that is greater than the gift of life that God shares and gives me freely each day. I have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose by practicing this art of living.



Thank God for giving YOU this new day!

Start each day….

In an Attitude of Appreciation.

Belief in the Benevolent Benefactor.

Conquering your challenges.

Daring to achieve your Dreams.

Erasing the ego.

Forging ahead Feasting on Faith.

(remembering) God’s Grace is sufficient.

Having Heaven here on earth.

Ignoring inequities.

Jumping with Joy.

Keeping the Kingdom pure and clean.

Loving ALL.

(looking into the) Mirror of Miracles (your Life)


The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

He makes me to rest in green pastures; he leads me beside still waters.

He restores my soul. He leads me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.

Yes, though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil; for thou art with me; thy rod and they staff they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies; thou anointed my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

Surely thy goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.


Sandy’s version

God is my source. I already have everything I desire. (I only need to see it!)

My lavish garden is peace-filled; in the quietness, my strength is enriched and increased.

I trust God. God’s grace is sufficient.

 When fear knocks; My Faith does not answer the door.

God’s mercy sustains me; carries me through all valley experiences.

As I call forth into being (as I recognize) the bountiful Blessings of my inheritance from God’s storehouse – my life overflows with prosperity and abundance.

 I am accompanied by goodness and kindness; everywhere I go, because God dwells in me.

 (You can personalize scripture for it to be very clear for you as well)



Now that you have graciously and willing surrendered to Success, it is time to celebrate!

Celebrate the endings that have taken place over this past month. Celebrate their presence for however long you allowed them to stay with you.

Celebrate your choice to release them back into their place of nothingness. Celebrate your strength in letting them each go, one by one. Celebrate your conviction to permanently removing those stubborn elements of that false self, sometimes referred to as ego.

Salute your new beginnings. Salute with full attention to receiving bountiful blessings and miracles unfolding daily for you. Salute your courage and tenacity to stay on target of your dreams and goals. Salute with pride of purpose that you have maintained your sight on the prize of achievement.

Today we each say Yes to Life. We say Yes to Success and wonder. We declare our victory over our own self-imposed limitations and fears. We have come a long way yet we realize we have a long way to go. We are strong soldiers, worthy warriors in this new day of possibilities. We say Yes to the Truth to our very worthiness and being deserving of the richness of this vast Universe.

Today we both celebrate and salute the person we are and are becoming. We are winning our individual races with pride and joy. We are victorious and shout it loud with confidence.

We trust that we are being divinely led and protected at each turn and bend in the path. We trust that God is always with us. We feel the Presence and the Power of The One Source. We welcome The Most High into our hearts and thoughts.


On the television series, ‘House’, as I watched the final episode I heard the main character answer a question posed to him – “What are you going to do now?” His reply was “God only knows”. That touched my heart and has remained with me.

It brings to mind so many questions. If this is correct and God only knows what my future will be then why am I so worried about my present conditions? There is so much comfort in this. To accept the Blessings of being guided and protected by The Supreme Being, will leave you with such Peace.

Of course one must believe this to be true for them for it to work in and through their life. One must be in communications with The Omnipotent Presence to experience this Love and Protection, the knowing that it is real! Prayer and meditation are surefire ways of being in contact with the Force that sustains life in every living creature.

Prayer is your talking to God and through mediation you receive your answers and directions. One must allow the flow to happen and not attempt to control or manipulate it in any way. We are required to listen and be obedient to the answers that will come to us. That is all.

I am thrilled and excited beyond words to trust and know that God Only Knows what my future holds!!! I mold myself into the human manifestation of Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, Harmony and Peace that I believe God would have me to be. I welcome and respect all of God’s creations. None is more or less important than the other. Each has their special place in the Kingdom here on earth. I live as perfectly as possible the example of God’s Love as I understand it.

Praises go up and up! Blessings come pouring down!

God Only Knows what is next!!!


Do you feel it? It’s when you are still in thought and action that it appears in the core of your being. This is when the True Essence of The Creator can penetrate your entire being.

Feel it deep within you. It is Awesome. The Awesome Presence and Power of The Most High giving and sustaining you with the Life Force Energy!

Can you feel it now? It is literally pulsating through every cell and nerve in your body. It is in the oxygen you are inhaling, allowing that breath to flow freely in and out of you.

How about now? It is in the wonder of life itself. For how can a human being come into existence from the microscopic elements that first produced it? From the trillions of possibilities, YOU were born into existence! Your life is a miracle. It is no accident or freak of nature. Yes YOU are deserving and worthy of this life. God granted you with this precious gift: Life.

Do you feel it yet? I feel it!  It is Incredibly delicious. To know that I was carefully chosen and granted the opportunity to fully experience this thing called LIFE! WOW. THANKS.

I am pulsating with the Power of the Omniscient Glow of Life!

I radiate Joy, Peace, Happiness, Compassion, Passion, Forgiveness, Hope, Enthusiasm, Excitement, Justice, and Harmony!!!

I am pulsating with the power of God! I am victorious! I am a conqueror! I am Abundantly Blessed! I am anointed with Grace and Mercy!



Each visit to the nail salon is always the same. The technician removes the old polish with a solution. Next is the cutting and filing down of the over grown nail. Once the old layers are removed the technician will massage and pamper you. The final stage is the application of new polish followed by the Top Coat, which protects all the work that has just been completed!

God is the Ultimate Technician!

God is carefully removing all the old layers with a Spiritual solution.

God is filing away all the old, over grown, unnecessary doubts, worries and fears. God is cutting away the feelings of unworthiness and despair. God is clipping away at the ingrown insecurities.

God is massaging you with Unconditional Love. Pouring the oil of Forgiveness on you and rubbing you with this essential element so that it is absorbed into the very fiber of your core.

God is pampering you with Joy, Peace, Harmony, Justice and Hope! Making sure you are Satisfied!

God then lavishly pours on and applies the Top Coat of Grace and Mercy!!!

This Top Coat serves as a protectant to the new layers that have been graciously applied with loving care and generosity.


This story was shared with me in sincerity and wonder of how God gives us signs all the time, it is up to us to recognize them.

There was this building which had several trees in the surrounding yard. One was recognized as needing to be cut down. It was not a priority and something the inhabitants of the building said they would get to some day.

And they kept putting it off. That is until one day when the rains came and caused the tree to fall upon the lines running directly to the building. The tree was rotted, the potential danger had been seen just not acted upon. All power to the building was disrupted.

The lesson that became very obvious for the storyteller is that is exactly how God does with us. God gives us warning signs, telling us things have become rotten, can be dangerous yet we ignore the signs. Then one day, our power is pulled. We can no longer call upon the power that once was available to us.

What are you ignoring that requires your attention today? How is your prayer line, your communication with Infinite Source? Are you staying connected through deliberate prayer and meditation? Are you permitting other things to interfere with your connection to The Most High?

Do not allow the storms of life to come along, uproot and unplug you. Have an emergency plan that prevents you from losing all power. Keep that plan in action. Commit that plan to memory.

An emergency plan that always works is:



How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you missed the meaning in an exchange of ideas? You say never? Okay then allow me to tell you about my missing the obvious. Names are withheld to protect the innocence of the persons involved.

I visited with an elder who had recently become a widow. His wife had made her transition to the other side of this earthly experience. They had enjoyed a very long time together as husband and wife, many years of bliss and happiness, rearing a family of several children. They always expressed love to each other and people that visited with them.

I was there to express compassion, or so I thought. I was ready with my words of comfort and insight. Ready to say whatever needed to be said to offer a ray of hope that life continues even in the midst of our losses. I was honored to be able to help!

Well even in our times of good intentions we must listen! We must be willing to release our preconceived notions of what is the perfect thing to say or do and just BE with the other person. This is a lesson I will always remember because it brings such joy and love to my heart.

So anyway there I stood in a position of pure love and concern for my elder. I heard him praying and saying, “Lord Please!” And he kept saying that same phrase over and over. My mind thought he wanted to be with his wife, on the other side. So I just sat there praying for words that would uplift. After a while I asked him what his thoughts and prayers were. He laughed at me and asked me the same question. When I had answered him, I repeated the question back to him.

His response was, “I need a woman in my life”. I said okay that is understandable, he had had this woman in his life since he was a teenager. So to now be without her must be difficult. But instead of fully being there with him, I asked him had he given any thought to having a pet. Afterall, a pet could give a person some companionship.

He looked at me and said, “What didn’t you understand about what I told you? I said I need a woman!!!”

I was so thoroughly tickled. I just laughed. Actually I hollered, burst open with laughter!! How could I not understand that he still had feelings, he was still alive with emotions? He felt safe enough to share his deepest, inner most desires with me. What an extreme honor!! So I promised to take him out cruising the next opportunity I had.

The lesson here is, do not get caught up in YOUR perceptions!

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