To think you did absolutely nothing to earn this day, it is purely a gift to you from God.

What will you do with this gift? Will you spread Peace, Joy, Love, Harmony, and Justice to everyone you encounter today? Will you live as though this may be your last day of life? Will you show Appreciation and Gratitude for this gift? What will you do and how will you use this day?

I will live this day to the fullest. I will shower others with complete acceptance and acknowledgement. I will show concern for the less fortunate and the disadvantaged. I give a hand up to those who may be experiencing discomfort in their lives. I give all that I have spiritually to those around me. In this attitude my words and actions are encouraging and supportive. My life reflects my knowingness of the Goodness and Oneness of God. I extend Grace and Mercy to all. I demonstrate Love at its highest level which is unconditional.

A new day has been given to me. I did not nor could I have worked hard enough to gain this day. It is by virtue of The Supreme Spirit that I am able to participate in this day of life and living.

I give thanks to The Most High. I bow in respect and honor to DAO. I acknowledge Allah as the sustainer of my life. I submit to the teachings of Buddha. I pay tribute to the Ascended Masters and to all Ancestors. I am a grateful steward of life this day.

The humans on my path this day will know I honor and treasure them for just showing up along with me. God is expressed through each person I exchange a word or a smile with this day.

This new day is a welcomed and treasured gift. I joyously explore this day with the wonder of a small child, seeing the beauty in everything and I am amazed by its presence.




November 10th

Thanks God for my life. My Life is Awesome. I Am Awesome!

To recognize the true essence of The Creator, we must accept that same true essence dwells within us. We must look within ourselves and honor that place of connection to God. We are the earthly expressions of The Most High. The Creator is seen through us. We are each others’ Angels. We are God in human form!

To recognize and celebrate this divinity is the way to fully appreciate and give Thanks to the One Source. In each human dwells the same Goodness of God. I recognize and give thanks for the life form that appears on my path each day. I choose to see The Divinity in every person I meet and associate with. I celebrate them wholly.

I Am Awesome is a reflection of my Truth. I Am Awesome is a statement of Whose I Am. I know I Am Awesome.

I give Thanks today. I shout Thanks to the Universe. I shout Thanks to My God. I tremble with knowing that God is protecting and providing for me each and every day. I Am an Awesome creation of The Master Giver.

Yes today I choose to display myself with respect and dignity. I live in integrity and humbleness. My life is indeed a Blessing and for this I give Thanks.

I give Thanks and sing songs of Thanksgiving. I am happy and filled with Joy. I allow the world to see my magnificence. I am Love. I am Peace. I am Harmony. I am Justice. I am all that God has created and intended for me to be.

I know – I AM AWESOME!



November 9th

Today you have permission to boast that you are worth it! You are worth a grand life, living in abundance and prosperity in all areas. You are worth accomplishing that dream. You are worth the unconditional love of others. You are worth peace and harmony. You are worth the time and effort. You are worth life and breath. You are worthy!

Stand up straight! Shoulders back with head held very high! Strut with the air of confidence that acknowledges your acceptance that you are worth it! You are worth every good thing.

You have been created like none other. Your life is a miracle and you are an unrepeatable expression of The Most High. You are worth this gift of life. You are worth living. Your life has meaning and purpose. Your life has value. Yes You are worth it!

I keep repeating to myself today that I Am Worthy. I deserve to live a full and happy life. I Am heir to this earthly Kingdom. I Am deserving of the best life has to offer. I Am Worthy! I Am Worth It!

Yes God, I accept my value. I give Thanks for my placement in Your Kingdom. Yes God, I have been appointed by You to be an example of Unconditional Love and Acceptance. Yes God, I Am Worthy of full expression of my divinity and connection to The Source. Yes God, I am ready to shout and proclaim – I Am Worth It!!!

I say this today as my prayer out into the Universe.

I say this today as my Affirmation and Confirmation.

My thoughts, words and actions today reflect my confidence in knowing I Am Worth It!

I Am Living proof of the Goodness of The Creator! I AM WORTH IT!



November 8th

In the end, I WIN!

Whatever you have focused your thoughts on is exactly what you will win in the end. Be conscious of your thoughts. Think positive thoughts of outcomes. Give full attention to the exact details of that which you care to create. Only concentrate on the Positive outcome. Abandon all thoughts of failure or impossibility.

In the end, I win. I carefully and cautiously think thoughts of wholeness and well being. I think thoughts of abundance and prosperity. I think thoughts of encouragement and upliftment. I think thoughts that cause increase of every good thing. I think thoughts of life and living. I think thoughts of The Creator.

I win the prize of a purposeful life. I win the prize of realization of my dreams. I win the prize of creating Peace and Harmony for the entire planet. I win the prize of Unconditional Love flowing through me out into the Universe to Heal and Harmonize. I win the prize of blissful living. I win the prize of perfect health.

In the end what will you win?

Will it be that which is most important to you or that which you most dread?

Put your complete attention only on what you desire to manifest, nothing less.

The Omnipotent Presence is waiting at the finish line!!!



November 7th

Power, Potential and Possibility!

You are created in the image and likeness of God. You have within YOU everything that you require to live an abundant life.

You have the Power of The Creator at your disposable. You can use this Power anyway you choose. You are victorious in this game of life. Use your Power with Integrity and Wisdom. Bless and serve others.

You have Potential. The Most High has gifted you with this incredible faculty and you now get to display it fully. You have the Potential to be exactly who you say you are. You have the Potential of Greatness, it is deep in your genetic genes.

Whatever you declare to be Possible, it is so. Think the thoughts of Possibility. Stretch beyond your comfort zone into the realm of greater and greater Possibility. God is there waiting for you to realize this awesome gift. Dare to dream. Dare to create. Dare to be Your Best!

You can have that which you desire:

Desire Peace for Humanity;

Desire Acceptance Globally;

Desire Unconditional Love for the infirmed;

Desire complete Forgiveness of all hurt and harm done.

Use your Power to make a positive difference where you are.

Utilize your Potential to the grand scheme of abundant living.

Create Possibility in your world.



November 6th

My childhood Pastor called me to give me a message. Although he actually served me as a Pastor during my early adult years, he was my Pastor during the childhood years of my life. In other words even though my chronological years were that of an adult, I was still a child.

Pastor C.C. Coleman called to say “God has designed you to weather ALL storms.” His call and message are always timely and meaningful. I thanked him for allowing himself to be used as a vessel of God’s Unconditional Love to me. I received his message with full appreciation and gratitude.

What is your storm today? What test in life are you facing today? Know with certainty that God designed you especially to survive this storm and the test. God will always make a way out of no way.

There is comfort in knowing that The Master created us in such an awesome and magnificent manner, that we can withstand all storms, trials or tribulations. Give Thanks for the outcome in advance. Know that you are truly prepared to handle what ever comes your way, this day or the next. Know that God has you safely wrapped in Love, Light, Mercy, Grace, Forgiveness, Wisdom, Courage and Strength.

So go ahead and take the test. You are adequately equipped with the Mind of The Most High to pass it. The Creator is smiling upon you this day as you complete the test with honors.

The test is whatever you say it is. God never tests us, there is no need for that. The test we alone call into existence for whatever reason. You are whole and complete. You are Wonderful and Wonder-filled. You are Awesome and Beautiful.




November 5th

I give up my companion, worry. I release worry forever!

I choose to live my life in complete Trust and Faith in the goodness of The Creator. I trust the process of abundant living. I open myself to receive the awesome gifts from On High.

The Source has granted me this day to live. I live today in Trust and Faith.

There will always be enough, exceedingly abundantly enough. My Source gives and gives and I Am Thankful. There is plenty of Sunshine to light my way. There is an abundant Universe providing my every need with exactness.

I choose to live this day in the fullness of life! I choose to live in Unconditional Love and Forgiveness. I know all my needs are met by the Grace and Mercy of God. I have Faith enough to remove all mountains of fear and lack. My Faith is unwavering. My Faith knows that everything is going to be alright. My Faith knows that everything is already ALL RIGHT!

Oh Thanks God for the opportunity for me to Give Thanks to You this day! God I say Thanks because I can. My life is rich and overflowing with prosperity in every area. My Loved ones are many. My cup runs over with gifts of sincere, genuine Love and Gratitude. My supply is constant.

Give us this day our daily bread. I have received my daily bread of life this day. I feast on the promises of God and remain Thankful. My daily bread is Life, which I have received this day. Oh Thanks Creator for life.

I live in Trust and Faith knowing that as I recognize the gifts given to me, the more they will multiply.

Every area of my life represents prosperity. I accept the Blessings, my Blessings.

I Am renewed in Trust and Faith this day. Thanks God.



November 4th

Look back over your life and count your blessings!

Give Thanks for surviving those tough times.

Give Thanks that you never gave up.

Give Thanks you are still alive, this day!

Give Thanks.

Give Thanks.

Give Thanks.

I count my Blessings today and I Am Thankful. As I count my Blessings I am reminded of the Goodness of God. I say God IS Good, All the time. I can and do say this because it is the absolute Truth!

My Blessings are present all around me. I choose to live in this present moment by counting my Blessings one by one. Blessings are small and large. Blessings are the things that are granted and given to you freely. Blessings are known as family and friends. Blessings are also having sufficiency in all things. Blessings are a gift from God.

In counting my Blessings this day I discover there is not enough time to list them all. The Blessings of my life are overwhelming and I am forever grateful.

I give Thanks today for the out pouring of God’s Grace and Mercy in my life.

I Give Thanks. I Give Thanks. I Give Thanks.



November 3rd

Today, right now it is time to come out of the wilderness!

It is time to release those thoughts and actions that are based in wilderness thinking. Wilderness thinking is lack, limitation and restriction. Wilderness thinking is I can’t. Wilderness thinking is I am no good or unworthy. Wilderness thinking is everything that does not honor your divinity and connection to God, The Most High Consciousness.

Wilderness thinking may have its origin in your childhood, adolescence or adult years. It may have been created through someone else’s fear or your own. It may have been taught in the school system or a religious system. Wilderness thinking could even have its beginning in the society or community where you were raised or currently live.

Wilderness thinking keeps us locked in bondage, enslaved to a false reality. This type of thinking has us continuously doing things, maintaining habits that are unhealthy, and we know it! Wilderness thinking can be worrying, nonstop, day in and day out.

Today vow to come out of the wilderness. Today commit to yourself that you will never return to the wilderness. Today just do it!

I reside in the Wondrous World of Endless Possibility! I trust the process of life and give Thanks for the exit from a place called wilderness.

Today I am alive, well, whole, complete, an unrepeatable Miracle. I declare this to be my new identity. Today I give Thanks for all that is. Today is my day to salute The Creator with gratitude. I concentrate and give full focus to being in a continual state of Thanksgiving.

I come out of the wilderness and live life fully and abundantly!

I release.

I give Thanks.



November 2nd

 As I walk daily with God,

There is only one set of footprints.

God and I are One.

God directs my path and my steps.

God and I are One.

I listen carefully as God whispers to my Spirit.

God and I are One.

God breathes the breath of life through my being and I am happy.

God and I are One.

God alone is sufficient.

God and I are One.

God’s Grace sustains me, daily.

God and I are One.

Oh, I give Thanks for this Indwelling Presence.

God and I are One.

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