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January 26th


The Super Bowl is only days away, are you excited? I am. The Championship gets to tell a wonderful story, about life! For to get to the Super Bowl, you have sacrificed idle time for time to practice. To get to the Super Bowl, each person made a sincere commitment to giving their best. The Super Bowl is a Team Effort, played as such and won as such.


Who is playing on your team? Have you gathered the Best players and covered all the positions? What is your strategy? Do you have the right replacements? What is your game plan?


Do you acknowledge the accomplishments of those on your team? Did the children do good in school today? Did your co-worker go the extra mile to satisfy a customer/client? Does your team know you are proud of them? Celebrate the TEAM.


What are you celebrating about your team? Are you celebrating the fact that you have agreed to serve as the leader? Are there other team members who are doing an exceptional job? Is anyone willingly making a change that they could use some encouragement or support with?


I play on a winning team, it is THE GAME OF LIFE TEAM! I practice daily. I play hard at each game. I give my best in every game. I salute the players on my TEAM with RESPECT! WE are ready to win the Super Bowl.




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January 2nd


I have said and used this phrase for a long time. Today, however, it has a new meaning for me. I know and accept the goodness of God, our Creator. Yet today I fully understand what is meant by the promise to have life and have it more abundantly.


We have settled for mere existence because everything around us has told us that is enough and to be satisfied with survival. Today, I know God wants more and more for us. The Creator does not desire for us to be poor either in finances or thoughts. The Creator’s desire is for us to be absolutely rich in every area of our lives!


What do you have to share with humanity? What can you do today to uplift and inspire someone? Share a smile, offer positive words of encouragement. Make that phone call to say, “I LOVE YOU”.


Dream Big this year! Dare to go for exactly what your heart truly desires. There is no room for fear when you go forward in absolute FAITH. For fear cannot exist when your thoughts are filled with Faith, a belief in the Creator, and the manufacturer of ALL GOOD. As for me, I am feeling like a small child, full of excitement and expectancy. I know God is Blessing me more and more each day. Each day I willingly declare I am worthy and deserving of the vastness of this Life.


I remember a song that was sung in church, It’s Well with My Soul. How is your Spirit today? Set your goals higher than you have ever done before. Know that Blessings are flooding you each time you trust the process of creative Knowledge, God. Trust that you truly ARE a child of the Most High, The Creator of all things, The Merciful Benefactor. God desires to Bless you! YOU must desire the Blessing. We are created with ‘free will’ for ourselves. That means you must sincerely desire to be Blessed before it can happen. Nothing can be bestowed upon you that is not in alignment with your desires.


Today, declare IT’S ALL GOOD ALL THE TIME!

Do it with Vigor, Excitement, Expectancy and JOY!

Watch as Miracles unfold for you as you hold to that vision.


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 February 4th

How majestic and magnificent The Creator is! Stop and enjoy a long stare into nature.

As you observe the wondrous movement of existence you will be deeply moved by the AWESOMENESS! Can you see the trees breathing? They are growing a little each day. They smile through their leaves. They stretch out their arms to provide shade and comfort. They are strong yet bend with the wind, displaying their flexibility.

I take a lingering look into the sky. I like to make a game of it. Look at the clouds and think about what their shapes resemble and remind you of. Children love to participate in this activity. The shapes are unique, always different, always shifting. The contrast against the variations of the hues of blue in the sky is Beautiful!

For today while you go about your routine, remember the faces you encounter. Each person is a unique expression and creation. No two are alike, even identical twins are different. It could only be the ALL INTELLIGENT SPIRIT who would create absolutely everything as one of a kind! WOW, we must appreciate all life forms, whether human, plant or animal.

Today give thanks for…….



What if you had 24/7/365 access to God? What would you do with this communication? What if each word you spoke was communication with The Source of all life? What if you truly can talk with Infinite Intelligence every second of every minute of every hour of every day? What if….?

I choose to believe I have the power to communicate with The Most High at any given time. It is my right to have this access. I am never separated from this Presence, it lives in me at all times. Therefore I call upon Wisdom whenever I need it. I call upon Strength when I feel myself falling. I seek Faith by calling it into my existence when I have relied upon the physical as evidence of possibilities. I summon the gift of Understanding when situations are unclear and appear confusing. I call upon JOY to lift me up higher and higher! I trust in the miraculous workings of the Holy Spirit!

I choose to accept my inheritance from the abundance supply of the Universe! I actively call upon the power of The Awesome Spirit to activate Itself with me. It is alive as I am alive. I welcome this Spirit of Life as my guide and wayshower on this journey.

I no longer ask the question, what if, for I know the answer. The answer is, Yes I can and do have access to The Creator at all times. I use this Power wisely. I choose my words carefully for I recognize they will not return to me void. I use words of love and forgiveness. I use words that uplift and encourage. I use words to demonstrate Peace and Harmony. I use the gift of the spoken word wisely!

I allow my Light to shine before all the world to see and benefit from my gifts. I realize I have gifts to share and do so willingly. My gift of laughter lifts another out of doom and gloom. My gift of a smile lets another know I care about them. My gift of listening comforts a person who just needs to release through talking over a major issue in their life.

No more what ifs for me. Now I know with clarity that I posses the key to open communication with my Creator and I use it 24/7/365! Thanks God.



God is more than money is what I was told by Mother Elnor Abdullah. This simply yet eloquent statement stopped my thoughts. What does she mean by this? Our Elders are always gifting us with wisdom when we allow them to.


Sometimes we confine our prayer request, to Infinite Source, to financial matters. Sometimes we get lost in the support we feel we need and it is not readily present. Or is it? As we have learned from various teachers, what we focus on we will attract into our life. Now it becomes another question all together, where is your focus?


When I allow myself to stay centered and focused on the Goodness of God, Blessings seem to quickly manifest in my life. I have accepted that God and I are actually more than money and it puts a different energy around that necessary component of living. When I can take importance away from money and place my complete attention on the Goodness of God, it loses its hold on my thoughts.


As with money, so with relationships; when we think that God is only in the business of providing us with a perfect mate, then once again we are limiting God. Or when we discount the rains in favor of the sun always shining, both are provided by God for us.


I give Thanks to Infinite Intelligence for opening my mind to thinking a new thought about the things of life. I am grateful that I can see what is really important. Life and Love, Peace and Passion, Compassion and Care, and Forgiveness are the key essentials of life. These are all free to us by virtue of The Supreme Being.


Next time you think that you can limit God, rethink your options.


God is more than money. God is the substance of life!


Thanks God.



May 6th

Do you remember the childhood game of Mother May I? It is where a group of children gets together and form a circle. One person is chosen to be the leader. The leader gives instructions to the group and if anyone moves before asking Mother May I, they lose and go back to the beginning mark. It is a game children played, asking permission from the person who they identified as being the leader.

As an adult the leader’s name has changed to God. So I ask and wait for an answer. I do not force an answer. I wait or I may possibly be told to go back to the beginning point of the game. Neither do I move without asking first. In my asking I am acknowledging the Head of my life. I am saying, I think I heard the direction, the guidance, the instructions yet I desire to be clear about my next move. God May I?

In prayer and meditation I ask The Source for confirmation. I seek and I wait. I realize that sometimes I can become impatient and want to move ahead before receiving an answer. Not being obedient is no longer an option. I desire for my next step to be governed by My Leader. I ask to seek clarity. I wait trusting that all is working out just as it should, according to The Masters Plan for my life.

God’s answers are always very specific. Yes you may is the answer I wait to hear before proceeding to the next step. When the answer, as I perceive it, is delayed I sit and be still. This can sometimes be a very nervous time for me because I want to move now and not later. Do I dare risk the cost of starting from the beginning yet again? I think not! In due time and season I move.

God is blessing me right now! I joyously receive my Spiritual answers.


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