Looking for the perfect position, the perfect employment? The Universe has the solution, will you accept it?

I have found myself many times seeking employment, only to be employed there for awhile until I become restless with the job. Perhaps, I moved too quickly into a situation. Just maybe I did not give myself the encouragement I needed to wait on a better fit. Or just maybe I wanted this particular position so badly that I was blinded to the obstacles I may face in the future.

I believe the Universe, Holy Spirit wants to give us our deepest heartfelt desires but we become impatient with the process and jump without looking first. We become complacent and stay beyond our time. We silently expect things to change or wish that things were different. If only this or that would happen, is our constant thought.

Go to that special place within you, that place that accepts the power of prayer. Seek first to know your purpose, your special talents and gifts. When you are firm in knowing what that is for you, next ask the Universe to open the floodgates of opportunities.

When you receive your job offer from the Universe, you must stand straight up and tall in accepting that even though it appears larger than life, it is possible if you only believe in its possibility.

A perfect example of this comes from Jay and Anthony King, Founders of the PDA – Professional Domino Association. From the beginning they steadfastly believed in their vision! This job offer was from the Universe! They did not allow anything or anyone to distract them. Every move, every day was accompanied with the conviction that this is a billion dollar company! And you know what, I believe them! Their tenacity is awesome. The unwavering belief in their vision is contagious!

Your perfect, divine, right position is waiting on you. The Universe has a job offer for you….will you accept it?



Justice is knowing God is the Source, your Source and there is always more than enough. There is always abundantly enough, exceedingly enough. That is pure Justice through and through.

God is always omnipresent, evenly present which means we are all always experiencing the same abundance. Why do some have it and others do not? Simply answered, it is the consciousness of the person involved. God has no favorites nor does God refuse to bless anyone. It is ours for the asking, accepting and taking. I ask for, accept and claim my abundance!

God is always just, providing the same prosperity to all. I know I Am Blessed, everyday in every-way. When I speak of my Blessing do not confuse it with material things, although that is a part of it. My Blessings include claiming my goodness and worthiness. My Blessings include being in a constant state of Joy and Peace. My Blessings include sharing with others and speaking words of comfort and encouragement. My Blessings include knowing Whose I Am, a child of the Most High Creator! My Blessings include being able to humble myself to trust I can and do learn from all living creatures, regardless. My Blessings include being willing to smile so big it lights a room before I enter it.

God is my source of everything, big and small. God is the supply and the supplier. God is and that is enough to satisfy all my needs and wants.

Today I relax in allowing the goodness of God to serve me Justice. I know that I must allow it into my life in order for it to manifest for me. Justice for myself and all others is my prayer. With God in control I know this can and will be a reality.

Justice is…accepting the Holy Spirit of God in each living creation!


Have you ever thought to yourself about getting even with someone for something that has happened? Not you, well think about someone else whom you have seen do this. Does the person ever get even? Who is judging the outcome?

Let The Supreme take care of that getting even stuff. It is bigger than you anyway. What are you going to do, make the other person life miserable? Or are you not going to speak to them again? Or are you going to talk about them behind their backs to others, in hopes that others will agree with you and claim you are right? Who cares, is my attitude!

Our human bodies are at their ultimate healthy state when in perfect peace and harmony. However, when we allow ourselves to hold onto negative emotions we create sickness in our bodies. Negative emotions can appear as headaches, stomach aches, high blood pressure or any other unhealthy state of being.

Our bodies want us to allow it to live in Love and Joy. In this state of being we are in harmony with all of life and living. We live in freedom and positive thoughts. We think only on that which is good and very good, thus creating space for more of the same to manifest for us.

Holy Justice is accepting you do not have to do anything but live a life free of hate, greed, injustice or any other negativity. Holy Justice implies that a Higher Source will and can handle all that is done unjustly to you. Holy Justice means trusting that it is handled by a force stronger than you.

Holy Justice means God is always in control. Holy Justice means that you are not required to do any fighting to vindicate yourself. Holy Justice is always at work.


What if you had 24/7/365 access to God? What would you do with this communication? What if each word you spoke was communication with The Source of all life? What if you truly can talk with Infinite Intelligence every second of every minute of every hour of every day? What if….?

I choose to believe I have the power to communicate with The Most High at any given time. It is my right to have this access. I am never separated from this Presence, it lives in me at all times. Therefore I call upon Wisdom whenever I need it. I call upon Strength when I feel myself falling. I seek Faith by calling it into my existence when I have relied upon the physical as evidence of possibilities. I summon the gift of Understanding when situations are unclear and appear confusing. I call upon JOY to lift me up higher and higher! I trust in the miraculous workings of the Holy Spirit!

I choose to accept my inheritance from the abundance supply of the Universe! I actively call upon the power of The Awesome Spirit to activate Itself with me. It is alive as I am alive. I welcome this Spirit of Life as my guide and wayshower on this journey.

I no longer ask the question, what if, for I know the answer. The answer is, Yes I can and do have access to The Creator at all times. I use this Power wisely. I choose my words carefully for I recognize they will not return to me void. I use words of love and forgiveness. I use words that uplift and encourage. I use words to demonstrate Peace and Harmony. I use the gift of the spoken word wisely!

I allow my Light to shine before all the world to see and benefit from my gifts. I realize I have gifts to share and do so willingly. My gift of laughter lifts another out of doom and gloom. My gift of a smile lets another know I care about them. My gift of listening comforts a person who just needs to release through talking over a major issue in their life.

No more what ifs for me. Now I know with clarity that I posses the key to open communication with my Creator and I use it 24/7/365! Thanks God.


I surrender my will and my way to Holy Spirit, To God and to the Universe. I surrender to JOY!

I surrender to receive my abundance. I surrender so that I may release my limited prosperity that I would describe. I surrender to the All-Knowing Creative Intelligence that is Creator of all things.

In my surrendering I Am Thankful for my life. I Am filled with Love and Compassion; Wisdom and Understanding; Purpose and Power! I Am filled because I choose to be open and receptive. To whom much is given, much is required. I share from my storehouse of goodness and kindness. I bless others with my smile and openness.

I Am Thankful for my life! Thankful that I have willingly allowed God to express through me to touch others. I touch with Unconditional Love and Unlimited Acceptance, knowing that each person is doing the best they know how at that moment. I give what I would like to receive. I give because that is all I know to do, and it feels so good!

I Surrender totally and completely. I am not attached to the outcome. The outcome will Bless me and others. My Faith lifts me higher than my projections of possibilities.

I Surrender to God!

I Surrender to Holy Spirit!

I Surrender to JOY!


Fall Photo shoot '12 309-The Rock

          Are you really ready to receive your Blessings? You have prayed long and hard. You have petitioned God, the Creator, Allah to Bless you. You have sat with yourself asking when your time is coming. The only question that still remains, are you really ready to receive?

Have you given sincere gratitude for what you have currently? Do you truly appreciate the goodness in your present situation? Give thanks now. Prepare yourself in a thankful attitude to fully receive your Blessings.

When your Blessings arrive, will you be able to recognize them? Do you have a fixed picture of what it will look like? Or are you open to the miraculous workings of Holy Spirit to Bless you beyond anything you could possibly imagine?

I choose to visualize always allowing room for more than what I ask for. In other words I always leave room for God to add more to my request. For instance, if I desire money I may ask for a certain amount, but my disclaimer to the Universe is always….That or something better! I desire to remain open to abundance freely flowing through my life.

I Am ready. I have opened myself to accept and firmly believe that I Am Worthy. This alone can add such wonder to your life. I stand erect knowing without doubt that I can and I will achieve my success. I talk to myself constantly, reminding myself of my goodness; reminding myself that I am created for riches of all kinds. I keep that focus firmly implanted in my thoughts.

Are you really ready to receive your Blessings? God is ready to Bless YOU! You must be ready at all times. It may not come when it’s convenient for you. It may be disguised as something else all together. Remember the parable about the person who prayed for help during a flood. Help came in three different forms but the person was waiting for his held thoughts to be manifested. So he missed being rescued, only because he refused the Blessings that were sent. Count it all a Blessing.

Go ahead and get yourself ready! Be grateful. Be of good cheer. Be a good steward of what you already have. And so the question remains,




 Make going within to that place of communion with the Creator a part of your every day. Be Still and Know. Your Peace is there in the stillness. Unconditional Love is there in the stillness. Harmony and Forgiveness lives in the stillness.

God, The Merciful One, Holy Spirit, Allah, DAO, Ascended Masters and Ancestors, Angels and Guides, The Creator is there in the stillness, waiting for you to come and visit.

Be ever present in this moment. Today, this very precious moment, is really all you have.

I was regretting the past

And fearing the futurež

Suddenly my Lord was speaking:

“My name is I AM”

He paused.

I waited. She continued,

“When you live in the past, with its mistakes and regrets,

it is hard. I am not there.

My name is not I WASž

When you live in the future, with its problems and fears, it is hardž

I am not therež

My name is not I WILL BE.

 When you live in this moment,

It is not hardž

I am herež

My name is I AM.”

By Helen Mallicoat

Be Blessed in this present moment!




December 7th

Allowing is a form of submission. Allowing is neither controlling nor manipulative. Allowing is acceptance. Allowing is freedom from attachments to the outcome. Allowing simple is going with the flow.

Today I allow Life to flow gently around, about and through me. I allow myself to be free of restrictions and constraints. I allow myself to be joyous and loving. I allow myself to live in harmony with the entire Universe. I simply allow.

I allow you to be exactly who you are. I accept you completely without any definition or pre-judgments from me. I allow myself to see God in you. I allow the God in you to see me.

I am at peace in this state of allowing. I am freed from forcing my perceptions on anyone or anything. It is as it is. It is what it is. In allowing I concentrate my energies on Higher Consciousness. I allow the goodness of Holy Spirit to penetrate my actions, words and deeds. I am in the ever present, all-knowing Intelligent Mercy of The Creator.

Allowing gives me joy. I am no longer burdened with having to figure out what or how I am to act or respond. I allow everything to unfold as it is destined to do. I accept I am not in a position to control. My responsibility is to simply allow The Infinite to work in and through me and others.

As I allow I am relaxed and in harmony with the rhythm of nature. For each creature allows the other to be what and who they are. Watch them and see. Its amazing for me to watch the squirrels, chipmunks, cats, birds and rabbits all cohabitate in my backyard. They just move around each other, giving each other space and room to roam and be exactly who they are.

Today, practice allowing. Just breath deeply, exhale and ALLOW!



August 18th


I strive daily to be led by God and do whatever I am told to do.

This particular day I had a twelve noon appointment but was dressed and ready to go very early. Yet I did what I was led to do. I got into my car and began driving. Not knowing exactly where I was supposed to go, I just drove. I then asked the question, where is it You want me to go?

I found myself, literally driving down the street going in the direction of our County’s Humane Society. I was so tickled because I was not thinking about adopting a pet. I knew I am gone too much from home and that it would not be a good match for me to get a pet and then never be home to lovingly provide for it. Yet off to the Animal Shelter I went. I was still laughing as I parked my car in a stall. Thinking to myself, God is truly funny and has a great sense of humor.

When I got inside, it was like I was being escorted by powers beyond my control. First I went to the puppy section. I was standing there amazed at the little fuzzy creatures, they were all so precious. The caretaker came and told me I could open any of the cages and hold the puppy. Instead what I did was to go to each cage and talk with the puppy. Told them I loved them and how beautiful they were.

Next to the kittens and cats I went. They were all so splendidly colored. Some were purring and brushing their coats against the sides of the cages, others just looked as I passed them by. I felt a sense of connection to these animals and enjoyed my visit with them. I talked and smiled with each one.

Then I ended with the big dogs. Some were so noisy barking and acting out. I told them how incredible they were. Walked past and shared some love with each of them. I saw the loneliness in the eyes of some, as if to say I do not deserve an owner. I thought to myself how closely related dogs and humans are. I thought about the many people I encounter who have this same look in their eyes. I noticed the bark of those that just want to be heard and thought again about the similarities with people is striking.


#THANK YOU, #THANK YOU FOR SHOWING UP, #sharing with others, #encouragement, #celebrate your blessings, #donotblockyourblessings

May 16th

I thank you for showing up daily to read these IN-spirational messages. I thank you for sharing these words with others. I thank you for allowing me to offer words of encouragement and a positive approach to life and living.

Who is showing up for you in your life? Are you being fed from the never-ending cup of God? Do you drink from this fountain of eternal youth often? God is always available to and for you, 24/7 365. That means all the time, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and three hundred and sixty five days a year. That is always. There is not a second of time where God is unavailable to you. All you need to do is to call on The Source.

Have you undertaken a new project and all the right people are beginning to show up? It is not magic; rather it is the Universe, The Holy Spirit giving you precisely what you require to accomplish what you have identified as your desire.

Do not block the blessings as they appear. Is that person you have been dreaming of and wishing for come into your life? But now that they have appeared you think you need to lose weight or change the color of your hair or _____? No, now is your time. Just accept the gift. You are now ready to fully appreciate the gift. You have completed the work on you for all good things to manifest for you.

Have you been called upon for that special job or position? Yet you are thinking there is something more for you to do before it happens. Are you asking why now? I still have such and such to do first. The preliminary work is completed, trust the process. Even if it appears in what you might identify as an untimely manner do not miss your blessing! You are ready! Accept you have done all the work correctly in preparing for this opportunity!

Go ahead and celebrate your blessings. Accept your blessings with gratitude and thanksgiving. Thank God for the sheer Mercy and Grace. Thanks God.


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