The other day I attempted to get to my destination by looking in the rear view mirror! Gotcha! This is just a simple illustration of how we live our lives.

Yesterday, last week, last year and the years before that are gone forever. We can never re-live those moments. Although we can become stuck in the emotions of things that have passed and allow them to dictate how we move about in the present.

Accept the past is over and move forward. This does not imply that happy memories should be abandoned. They are to be welcomed and held tenderly in your heart and soul. What we are speaking of here is situations that keep you stuck. Like relationships that you have labeled as being bad and caused you pain and suffering. These occurred and are now over, when you say they are over. Understand the situation from a different perspective, think of everything that was involved and acknowledge that it happened the way it did because of your consciousness. When we know better we do better and so do others. Let them go now and freed forever from that place of victim-hood.

I am moving forward fully equipped with the many lessons of yesterday. I forgive myself and any others for anything I have labeled as bad or unjust. Justice comes to me when I release the situation and the outcome. Justice comes to me as I forgive completely. Justice is mine for the taking, the taking on of a new attitude and disposition.

I am moving forward with my life, void of any unpleasant memories. I am moving forward with my life with great expectations and lots of love and forgiveness. Forgiving myself first for ever thinking I needed to hold on to something that was so painful to remember. I am now freed from the past and move joyously forward with ease and confidence of a brighter today and tomorrow!

What direction are you going?


Novemebr 29th – – Health and Wellness


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries Inc.



  1. INTEGRITY                                          2 HUGE MEASURES (more if needed)


Integrity – What language do you use with yourself when no one else is around to hear what you are saying? What do you tell yourself in the private prism of your mind? Does your light still shine or do you allow it to change, fading away into a nothingness? Are you uplifting with you? Do you speak encouraging words to your self? Is your tone gentle and reaffirming? Are your words an elixir to your soul? Is there tranquility present?


  1. HARMONY                                         SEASON TO TASTE (can never have too much)


Harmony – Can you bring harmony to all of your interactions? Will you insist that harmony is ever present with everyone you encounter?  Will you think thoughts only of harmony? Does harmonizing  thoughts follow you like rays of sunshine? Is the shadow that reflects your Spirit that of harmony?  Will you allow harmony to ooze out of every pore of your being? Can you simply sit and think about harmony radiating in the Universe?


  1. JUSTICE                                                                MAIN SEASONING (must be well balanced for a perfect dish)


Justice – Every living being deserves justice!  Will you stand up for the small child who is being abused? Will you aide the victims of any type of violence? Can you give comfort to the homeless? Will you speak to the homeless, a simple gesture to respect their being?  Can you accept others, especially those that do not look like you? How about those whose behaviors you have deemed unacceptable, strange, or distasteful, is it possible for you to show justice to them?


  1. PEACE                                                   MAJOR INGREDIENT (cannot prepare dish with it)


Peace- Peace on Earth and Goodwill to men! How many ways can you demonstrate peace in the world today? In your family? On your job? In your community? Does peace follow you like a second skin? Do you diffuse situations by utilizing the power of peace? Peace has miraculous properties, are you willing to test its power? Will you act on the principle of unbridled peace saturating everything in and on your path?


  1. SERVICE                                               LARGE DOSES REQUIRED (sweetener)


Service- What is service? Can you find opportunities to serve others? How would you feel when you gave at least 1 day of service monthly to a group or an individual who could truly benefit from your kindness? There is never any act of giving to another in the name of service that is ever too small. To help an elder with yard care or lifting bags at a store or listening with a sincere heart , these are all acts of kindness. Is there just 1 someone you can help today? Or this month? Or consistently?


  1. INTENTIONAL MOVEMENT          TOP LAYER (finishing touch!)


Intentional Movement – For today slow down and move about with an intention to appreciate all that is already freely given to you! Breath. Life. Emotions. Power. Consider what the opposite would be like if it appeared in your reality. Be forever Thankful for ALL things big and small. Smile and tell the world you are thankful to be living on this special day in history. Tomorrow this day will be gone and may even be forgotten, so fully participate in this day as the sheer gift that it is!!


Blessings on the excellent creation!! That’s Awesome!! Congratulations….

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