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 March 26th

I am always enthused when I can sit at the feet of my elders and have them to share with me. Currently I enjoy the wisdom of several elders, ranging in age from 104 to 80, both men and women, most are adopted family members. I remember even as a child my preference would be to sit and listen to them. I have absorbed much of what they have shared with me, especially those that have passed on. I remember them with a special fondness and love. They were always so willing to share. Their stories always embodied such wisdom. I learned history from a completely different prospective than what was taught in school.

Today I honor my elders with dignity, respect, honor and love. They have paved the way for me to continue the quest for humanity’s freedom. I think about each frequently and reflect back on a life that is usually never told.

I remember the nick names given to me by some who could not pronounce my given name. Or the one who always called me overcoat because I was always cold even in the summer months. I remember when memory loss was a concern of my husband’s grandmother yet she always knew who I was when I visited with her. And there are the many Uncles with whom I cherished and had a very personal relationship with. One I called Grass because he was always cutting someone’s lawn. Or my Aunt who was so impressed that she had learned to sew and wanted to show me. And the Aunt that loved me as her own daughter. The list is long and the memories are strong. It would take a whole volume to describe each relationship in detail.

Do you have elders in your life that have added benefit to your existence? Tell them now how much you appreciate them taking the time to share with you. Tell them just how much you really love them, even if you have not seen or spoken with them in a long time, they will appreciate you for thinking about them.

Today Let us Honor Our Elders.



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March 15th

Sacred Intimacy is going within and communing at the very core of who you are with The Source.

This is a private activity that connects you to the Spiritual energy of the Universe. It is Prayer. It is Meditation. It is Breath. It is aloneness with God. It is the time when you shut down all else and concentrate on your connection with Infinite Spirit. It is just YOU and The Creator.

Still your thoughts. Turn off the outside environment, the phone, the radio, the TV, the self-talk. Become very, very still. Trust that you can do this. Say to yourself and the Universe that you are grateful to be alive. Thank God for your existence. Shout it loud if you can. Give Thanks. Simply Give Thanks.

Allow yourself to bask in the goodness that is all around you. Think positive thoughts. Be happy that whatever is in your life today is there for a reason. Accept the lesson and blessing in it. Immerse yourself in complete LOVE! Feel the Love as it radiates through your entire body. It may feel like an electrical current or a tingling sensation. However, It is Love Energy that has been waiting for you to recognize and welcome it into your experience.

Love is Powerful! Love is Awesome! Love is healing! Love is energizing!!!

Enjoy your Scared Intimacy each day. Go to that place within you and truly treasure your ability to connect with the energy that sustains life. It is yours to fully appreciate. It is available to you at your beck and call. Just summon the Power and it is there.

Today I experience an incredible Sacred Intimacy that satisfies my every need, care and concern.

Thanks God.


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 March 7th

When we are in the midst of a challenge, it can be difficult to maintain a positive attitude about the outcome. However each of us knows without doubt that we will look back on this seeming situation and laugh knowing that it too has passed!

I know I have been asked by several people if I truly believed in the message I have on my voicemail, “Its All Good, All The Time”. I usually laugh because I can tell the person is in the middle of something and they are looking for confirmation that it is going to turn out okay. My response is that while we are ‘in it’ it looks very dark and dismal, but if we just keep going we will eventually reach the other side of it, whatever ‘it is’. On that other side we can once again declare, “It is all good all the time.”

As for myself, ‘in the storm’ I may get confused and want to stop or at least pull over. But instead I turn everything else off (doubt, worry, and fear) I pray asking for wisdom, courage and strength to get through to the other side. I learned this lesson while driving the highways in Alabama. To me Alabama rains are the worst I have experienced anywhere in the U.S. On several trips through the state I have encountered severe down pours of blinding rain. I wanted to pull over and wait it out. But I had no idea if someone else was there that I could not see. The fact I may cause or create an accident was not an option I wanted to risk. As I slowed down and kept going, confidence and calm always took charge. Slowly the rains would lighten and I could begin to see again. So I have used this same analogy with real life situations. If you but keep going you will reach the end of the storm regardless to how awful the down pour is currently.

My advice is JUST KEEP GOING. The sun will be shining and waiting on your arrival, after the storm is over.  God will Bless you through the storm!!


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 March 5th

The trilogy of success – thoughts, words and actions.

Thoughts are the dances in our mind. Is balance created by your thoughts and goals? Do you dance with grace and ease allowing the gentle flow to consume you totally? Are you in rhythm to the beat being played by the orchestra?

Words are the song we sing out loud. Is your song soothing and encouraging? Does your song inspire and uplift others and yourself? How would your song be classified; Blues, Country, Smooth Jazz, Rock and Roll, Rap, or Alternative? Has it hit the Top 20? Who wrote the words to your song?

Action is the careful coordination of the dance with the song. Is your partner in sync with your movements? Do you blend into a single entity? Who is your partner?

In the dance of life I choose several partners. God is always my constant Instructor and Counselor. As there are different dances and songs I choose my partner accordingly. In a Waltz I move slowly and gracefully with this person. Perhaps this is my life partner or significant other. We glide about through life sincerely appreciating the moves of each other.

In the Jitter Bug I find my social connection. This person loves to perform wild, outlandish dance steps. This is the person with whom I can let my hair down with, the one who I can be crazy with.

As I Cha ChaCha, my partner is my business associate. We learn various steps together, always encouraging each other and learning together. We are dancing together, then apart yet always coming back together. We swirl as one.

I find Balance in my life. I dance joyfully as I sing my song of Love, Life, Peace and Happiness. I have learned to perfect various steps in the movement of life.


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

February 28th

How is your attitude today? Is it Thankful and Appreciative? Is it Joyous and Happy? Is it Excited and Enthusiastic?

Is your language positive and uplifting? Does your language support creative life and living? Does your language support empowerment and expansion?

What do I gain by holding on to:









I choose God’s Unconditional Love!

I surrender everything to God’s Grace and Mercy!

The Triumphant Spirit in me,

                                                Heals me,

                                                                   Renews me.


The Joy of The Creator is my strength.


Only TRUTH prevails in my life!!!!




© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 February 27th

Once upon a time I enjoyed planting and harvesting my garden in California. It always amazed me how a little seed planted in the ground and nurtured would grow into maturity. When the weeds were kept away and it received proper care, the results were always the same; a delicious vegetable or fruit.

When we desire newness in any area of our life, we must do the same steps as in harvesting a garden. First we must select what it is we want to grow. There are various varieties of the same thing. The difference can be slight or major. So we are to be deliberate in our selection to guarantee we grow exactly what we desire.

Next we prepare the ground for the planting of the seeds. A shovel and hoe is used to spade the ground, this shakes up the dirt and removes any debris. You determine the width and number of rows you need.  This is the same action that is required when you want to manifest something new for yourself. We must prepare the ground first, which is our thoughts. If you plant the seeds prior to properly preparing the ground you are asking for ruin or trouble. As it is with making changes, we first must decide what and why we are changing. It is not advisable to jump into anything too quickly. Ask yourself the necessary questions, prepare the ground first.

We plant the seeds into the ground, carefully spacing where we plant the seeds. If they are too close together they can grow together and the roots can die. So careful spacing is crucial.

We water and care for the ground in which the seeds are planted. We wait for the results of our labor. We are excited when the plant first begins to break the earth with its leaves of new life peeking through. We do not become anxious because we cannot rush the process. It will complete the cycle in its due time. And finally you have your perfect fruit!


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 February 24th

Today, think on and repeat these seven words as often as you possibly can.









You will begin to notice a shift occurring. You will feel lighter.

Please define these words for yourself. I am providing my definitions to help you get started.

Life – a free gift from God

Light – illumination

Love – unconditional

Wisdom –applied knowledge

Joy – heart felt happiness

Peace – calmness

Truth – God is……


Surrender all concerns today and think on these words.

Submit yourself to their Upliftment and encouragement.

SMILE, and the whole world smiles with you.

Be empowered with positivity.


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 February 23rd

You can manifest miracles when you truly trust and believe you can. You have the power within you to change mole hills into mountains. You can create heaven here on earth. Yes YOU!

“Use Spirit as a resource not a refuge”, my friend Pamelaia Sanders said to me a few months ago. I thought how incredible that is because we frequently do not use Spirit to benefit us but to provide us with an escape mechanism for procrastination. Yeah, yeah I know you know what I am talking about.

For instance: You can do ALL things through Christ that strengthens you; The Kingdom of God is within you and man is created in the image and likeness of God. Have you ever heard any of these? They are all paraphrased from scripture. But how often do we attempt to give away our power as if we have not already been told repeatedly that ALL POWER IS WITHIN US.

You can manifest miracles today, right now. You must decide you can and you will. Miracles do not need to be some great big thing. Miracles can be overcoming an obstacle that you have allowed to stay in your life far too long; anger, unforgiveness, vindictiveness or greed. It will feel like a miracle when you let it go for good. It feels like a relief in gigantic proportion. Just let it go!

Today I give up all excuses. I allow unlimited goodness to radiate through me. I accept the blessings God has for me. I Am worthy and deserving of ALL the good God has for me! I claim it. It is mine. It is done. I give Thanks to The Creator.

This very moment I choose to: MANIFEST MIRACLES.



© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 February 18th

Declare your Blessings today. Know that everything that is present in your life is a gift.

I graciously receive my gifts from Heaven. I know that I have prepared myself for this manifestation of all good. I have completed the required course work to move forward. I am a good student and I have learned well. I am ready for graduation.

Everything I receive is a gift from Heaven. That simply sounds good and very therapeutic to my soul. My Spirit is alive and well. I reap bountiful Blessings.

I release each bit of anything that has no place in my state of newness. I reside in a constant state of Higher Consciousness. My Energy is soaring to new heights and I fly like an eagle. I glide through all situations knowing and trusting that I am headed in the perfect direction for my Highest Joy and Greatest Peace. I remain in a pure state of Thanksgiving and allow more and more to come into my awareness.

Yes! Everything I receive IS A GIFT FROM HEAVEN. It is so because I claim it as so. I desire and deserve the Best of Everything. It is my inherited right to these riches. I do not submit to lower vibrations or expectations. I rise and ask others to rise with me.

I willingly share from my storehouse of Abundance. I have more than enough to share. It is my joyous privilege to share with others. My good is overflowing and bountiful. Thanks God for each and every Blessing that I am experiencing.

Thanks God for Your Grace and Mercy. Thanks God for sustaining me through all. Thanks God for my creation and existence. Thanks God for filling me up to overflowing with Good Life, Joy, Peace, Love, and Wisdom.


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 February 2nd

What is the perfect season for love?

Is it springtime when new life is arriving daily through new blooms on trees? The colors are bright and refreshing, rather majestic. Newness of life – green leaves sprouting from most trees. The Dogwoods are in their ultimate glory.

How about summer as the season of Love? The sun shines more regularly and warms the body and soul. Folks are out and about visiting each other, like family reunions, graduations and weddings. We look forward to going to the beaches where we will enjoy the sand, beach and water.

Fall might be the season of Love. In the fall we see plant life changing once again. All around is the vibrant colorful spectacle of gold, rust, brown and orange. This season is the most thought of for Thanksgiving. At this time we celebrate and give thanks for our multitude of Blessings.


Or is winter the magical season of Love? Christmas ushers in the winter season and we joyously celebrate Life. Then the New Year rolls in and we reflect on the year that has just passed and make resolutions for the upcoming 365 days. We are quieter during this season because as with the natural cycle of life, we must rest!

Each Season described has its own special reason to be the season of Love.

Love is in every season.

Love is in every month.

Love is in every day.



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