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 March 31st

Sometimes we need to personalize scripture and other writings so they have more impact for us. I am sharing my version of the 23rd Psalms which is one of my favorites. You can do this for yourself, it does not affect nor distract from the original writings. It simply adds special meaning for you.

23rd Psalms

 God is my Source!

 I already have everything I desire (I only need to see it and believe it).

My lavish garden is Peace-filled; in my stillness, my strength is enriched and increased.

I trust God.

God’s Grace is sufficient.

When fear knocks, my Faith does not answer the door.

God’s Mercy sustains me, carries me through all valley experiences.

As I call forth into being (as I recognize) the bountiful Blessings of my rich inheritance from God’s storehouse –

My life overflows with prosperity and abundance!

 I am accompanied by goodness and kindness, everywhere I go, because; God dwells inside of me!







© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 March 30th

Lights, Camera, Action!

Well here you are ready and poised to manifest your miracles. You have written the script, hired the best technical team of experts, obtained the perfect producers and located the ideal movie company.

It is your time to shine. It is your time to direct the next Block Buster Movie. The Universe will celebrate with you as this production is revealed on the Big Screen of Life.

Yes, some things were not as easy as others, yet you prevailed. The cast was not always in place, yet you accomplished your goals. The scene required changing and you did it with ease and confidence.

You maintained your Self-Motivation. You went deep within to The Source of all living matter and garnered the strength when you desired more. You have prayed and given much Thanks to The Creator for your Blessings.

You maintained your Self-Motivation by faithfully going into Meditation to receive your guidance from God. The Holy Spirit, The Ancestors, The Spiritual Guides and Masters are all pleased with you! You have stayed the course and won! You are victorious over all seeming obstacles!

Your Self-Motivation have served as a Light and Inspiration to all those around you. They have silently watched you keep keeping on, reaching and stretching to achieve your goals.

I Thank God for you! You are The Best! Deserving and Worthy! Beautiful and Awesome! Spectacular and Wondrous!


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 March 29th

The words of this song keep ringing in my mind; One World, One People, One Love!

 What if we could truly achieve this awesome vision? There would be no wars, no fighting, no famine, no struggles, no homelessness and no one left out or behind.

There would be Peace, caring, sharing, compassion, hope, and Love. We would embrace each other in sisterhood, brotherhood and fellowship. We would embrace each other in true kinship and family. We would encourage and strengthen one another. We would honor and respect all humanity.

I will do my part in creating this Unity. I will begin with my family. I will demonstrate unconditional Love to each, even or especially when I think their actions are anything other than love. I will show respect by accepting them for who they are, right where they are. I will not judge or condemn.

I will honor my extended family and loved ones with complete Faith in their ability to grow into the person they desire to be. I support their efforts with positive words of encouragement. I share my best with each. We have chosen each other as extensions of who we are.

I contribute time and energy in building a better society within my community. I begin in my neighborhood and expand out into my city and state. I do what I can to make a positive difference. I volunteer, I mentor, and I begin a program to improve the environment.

I am mindful of being an active participant in establishing:

One World, One People, One Love!


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 March 28th

I Am an Empowered Individual. My Empowerment comes from the rich and everlasting Source. I joyously accept my Empowerment with ease and grace.

Empowerment implies a strength that gives extra weight to an ability to perform certain things. Webster’s Dictionary defines it as: to give power to; to authorize and to enable.

Add to that definition the fact our empowerment comes from The Infinite Source, which lives within each of us. Can you envision the kind of power you have? It is so extremely awesome to realize we have it; all we need to do is to recognize and use it!

We must claim it! We must own it! We must accept it!

Then it becomes ours. Ours for the acceptance. We do not have to beg or plead for it. We do not have to earn points by performing some miraculous deed. All that is required is we accept the Empowerment.

With the Empowerment comes responsibility. The empowerment must be used with Wisdom, Peace, Understanding, Compassion and Love. We allow our light to shine as we are Empowered. We light the path for others and we genuinely share with others. We are truly gifted by Grace.

I Thank God for my Empowerment. I utilize this gift with utmost care and respect. I honor this most precious treasure.

I graciously accept my Empowerment. Thanks God.


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

  March 27th

The month of March we set out to create and manifest our reality. What miracles have unfolded for you this month? Have you been able to release old habits? Is your self-talk more positive and affirming?

We always have the choice to manifest miracles in our life. We can begin today, it is never too late. It is however always what you choose to do. We can allow for change and growth by reviewing our aspirations often. We are here to manifest goodness for each other. We serve others as a testimony of all the good that is circulating in our lives.

I choose to manifest miracles. In setting my mind with that intention I call forth the resources I require to accomplish my goals. Everything that is needed is already set before me. I open my eyes to see and my heart to receive from the rich storehouse of God. I am ready to manifest miracles.

I am prepared to receive my good from on High, which is my consciousness. I remain in a state of pure, true Thanksgiving. I know that as I believe so shall I reap the benefits. Therefore I stay focused on good and prosperity. I think life affirming thoughts and hold visions of abundance. I accept my Inheritance from The Most High Creator.

I am manifesting miracles daily. I am a cheerful giver and receiver. I love without expectation. I am grateful for all things which cross my path. I accept full responsibility for what I have created in my life. I now choose and am committed to a full embodiment of Joy, Peace, Love, Compassion, Faith, Hope, Wisdom, Understanding and Life.


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 March 26th

I am always enthused when I can sit at the feet of my elders and have them to share with me. Currently I enjoy the wisdom of several elders, ranging in age from 104 to 80, both men and women, most are adopted family members. I remember even as a child my preference would be to sit and listen to them. I have absorbed much of what they have shared with me, especially those that have passed on. I remember them with a special fondness and love. They were always so willing to share. Their stories always embodied such wisdom. I learned history from a completely different prospective than what was taught in school.

Today I honor my elders with dignity, respect, honor and love. They have paved the way for me to continue the quest for humanity’s freedom. I think about each frequently and reflect back on a life that is usually never told.

I remember the nick names given to me by some who could not pronounce my given name. Or the one who always called me overcoat because I was always cold even in the summer months. I remember when memory loss was a concern of my husband’s grandmother yet she always knew who I was when I visited with her. And there are the many Uncles with whom I cherished and had a very personal relationship with. One I called Grass because he was always cutting someone’s lawn. Or my Aunt who was so impressed that she had learned to sew and wanted to show me. And the Aunt that loved me as her own daughter. The list is long and the memories are strong. It would take a whole volume to describe each relationship in detail.

Do you have elders in your life that have added benefit to your existence? Tell them now how much you appreciate them taking the time to share with you. Tell them just how much you really love them, even if you have not seen or spoken with them in a long time, they will appreciate you for thinking about them.

Today Let us Honor Our Elders.


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 March 25th

I am excited today! I am alive, well and loving life! Watch out, if you do not wish to be hit by this contagious emotion then get out of the way. I am about to explode with this incredible feeling.

Why am I excited? Simply because I choose to be. Because I am here among the living. I am happy and joyous. I am Excited.

Everything big and small is more glorious to me this day! I am so excited and ready to tell the world about it! There is not a single incident that has occurred other than my deciding to be EXCITED!

I share my excitement with you. Would you like to be totally hit by this emotion? Okay then stand right there where I can see you easily. You are only required to smile big for the camera. Got it? Ready?

You have been successfully scanned; you are virus free and now updated with this wonderful emotion of EXCITEMENT!

Observe and be careful, people will be looking at you wondering what in the world is wrong with you. You can zap them with it if you choose. Remind them they are alive and well. Tell them this gift of life is free and they do not have to work for it. Tell them the All-Knowing Presence of The Creator is breathing Life into them, free of charge. If they do not believe you remind them of the blood that circulates life in their body. Remind them their life is neither for sale nor can they purchase it. It is absolutely free. If that does not make them Excited, then oh well!

As for me, I Am Excited and Thankful to be alive and well this day!

I Thank God for my existence. I sing Praises to The Most High. I Am Grateful to Allah.




© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 March 24th

Visualize your goals. See it very clearly. Is every detail in the picture? Can you make it clearer still? Feel your goal. How does it feel? Can you see yourself accomplishing your goals?

All things of creation first begin with the thought. Think the thought of your goal. Describe it in a TV commercial type of advertising way. Make it so awesome and appealing that it becomes all you think about. See it; etch it into your memory. Remember it; now breathe it into your other senses. Breathe deep and feel it. Catch your goal with your full attention. Now that you have it, do not let it go, unless you make that choice.

What does it look like? Are you on Oprah or receiving an Oscar or Emmy? Has your business idea been converted into a cash flowing industry, where money is increasingly flowing to you? Does your invention finally receive the financial backing you need to implement it? Is that song on the Top 20 List for months at a time? Does your book hit and stay on The New York Bestsellers list? Are you now packing for that fabulous worldwide vacation, experiencing various lands, destinations and cultures?  What does it look like?

I can see it with you! Just hold on, keep visualizing its realization. I will celebrate with you, wearing my own original designed outfit just fit for the occasion. I will join with you in recognition of the manifestation of your goals. I am so proud of you for staying the course; for believing in yourself and your goals/dreams. I salute you in grand style because you are definitely worth celebrating.

Universe I present to you My Friend, My Loved One, The Creator and

 Manifesting Agent of _________________________.



© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 March 23rd

Living in integrity is an inside job. We must be completely honest with ourselves first.

I choose to live my life in complete integrity. I honor myself by telling myself the truth at all times. I think uplifting thoughts. I choose affirmative language while in self-talk.

Integrity means to speak in a kind and loving manner. Integrity means I have the obligation to myself to uplift me when I maybe feeling down. Integrity means I am responsible for myself; no one else can do that for me.

I am honest and straight forward with me. I am getting better and improving every day. I may not be exactly where I desire to be but I know I am getting there. I may have things to work through, some unresolved issues or habits, yet I accept it is mine to resolve. I choose to tell the truth to myself. I can and do encourage and inspire me to new higher heights. I am a powerful, wonderful, loving, creative person. I am a deserving human, full of life.

I live in personal integrity without exception. I choose this course to be the best ME I can be. I am the creator of my life. I pray and meditate on those things which I desire to change. I follow the guidance given to me through my inner spirit.

As I master my personal integrity I interact with others in the same integrity. It may not be returned to me but that is not my responsibility. I choose integrity in my relationships with others.



© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 March 21st

We have created balance. We have found our flow and rhythm. We are celebrating Peace, Love, Joy and Freedom. We are a reflection of unconditional Love.

This flow feels wonderful. I love the ease of my life. It feels like a gentle flowing of energy guiding my life. It is without effort that I move about my business of day to day living. I am ‘IN’ the flow of life. I maintain my current position.

I truly enjoy sharing my time and energy with others.  This helps me to stay ‘in’ the flow. The Joy I feel, I desire to share. The flow is ‘in’ each of us and I learn as I open myself up to understanding a different culture. I am receptive to other view points and my knowledge is increased by the inclusion of others.

The flow is calm and peaceful. I feel like I am on a constant vacation. I do not allow struggle into my awareness. I face all challenges with ease. I am energized by my ‘IN’-ner connection to The Source. I am fully charged and ready to face each event.

I love being ‘in’ the flow. This is where I find my self-worth and self-pride. I find my self-identification and self-esteem ‘in’ the flow.

I stay ‘in’ the flow as a reminder that I Am a Child of God.

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