My affirmation for today is: I AM PLANTED IN FERTILE SOIL.

I plant my seeds, my thoughts, my words and my deeds, in my heart. God resides in my heart. My heart is the Lord’s resting place. My heart is wide open to receive All Good. God is All that I need and require.

The soil has been tilled with life experiences. Experiences that have brought me to this space in time. Experiences that have stretched me beyond my comfort zone. Experiences that were not so easy to understand. Experiences that kept me going. This thing called life is wonderful and beautiful.

I Am firmly planted in Mother Earth, a rich and vibrant soil. I Am Unlimited. I Am that I Am. I plant seeds of truth deep in the soil of my heart. I cultivate the soil of my soul and keep the weeds out. I water the soil with thoughts of abundance and prosperity. I prune away all negativity. I lovingly embrace the process of growth. I am reminded some things I must let go. I must release all that do not belong in this rich soil. Only true Love can reside here.

I reap a bountiful harvest. Father time directs the order, perfect and divine. Sister Sunshine spreads her magnificent light on my desires. Brother Rain nurtures my soul.

I thank God for the seeds. I allow God’s goodness to flood my every care. Mercy and Grace leads me this day. I receive a brand new start.




The Super Bowl is only days away, are you excited? I am. The Championship gets to tell a wonderful story, about life! For to get to the Super Bowl, you have sacrificed idle time for time to practice. To get to the Super Bowl, each person made a sincere commitment to giving their best. The Super Bowl is a Team Effort, played as such and won as such.

Who is playing on your team? Have you gathered the Best players and covered all the positions? What is your strategy? Do you have the right replacements? What is your game plan?

Do you acknowledge the accomplishments of those on your team? Did the children do good in school today? Did your co-worker go the extra mile to satisfy a customer/client? Does your team know you are proud of them? Celebrate the TEAM.

What are you celebrating about your team? Are you celebrating the fact that you have agreed to serve as the leader? Are there other team members who are doing an exceptional job? Is anyone willingly making a change that they could use some encouragement or support with?

I play on a winning team, it is THE GAME OF LIFE TEAM! I practice daily. I play hard at each game. I give my best in every game. I salute the players on my TEAM with RESPECT! WE are ready to win the Super Bowl.



The other day as I was going about doing my work, I had the opportunity to contact a business associate. I sent two emails and after no response I called him and left a voicemail message.

Much to my amazement I received an email from Demetrius saying he was experiencing quiet time and would not be available until after noon. That was so cool to me and also very wise. We must have reflection and meditation time to reconnect to our Source, God.

How much time each day do you spend in quiet? How much time is devoted to being still and listening for your answers? I take a couple of hours daily. It means for me that I get up earlier for it to happen. I have been doing that for a long time. When my now adult son was younger in order for me to be able to exercise daily I had to get up an extra hour earlier than him. I reaped the benefits of beginning my day with increased circulation and energy. Now that extra time is spent in meditation and quietness.

You can handle stress and overwhelming conditions by being still. Being in a frantic state constantly only perpetuates the challenge. That is true because we do not allow guidance from The Creator when we are always too busy to listen. We gain strength and wisdom in the quiet. We increase our faith and confidence in the quiet. We trust ourselves in the quiet.

Most times, my house is very quiet. But I can crank the volume up when I want to. This is not the preferred noise level in my home. Set yours wherever you choose. In the mix of the day add in a set time to be: QUIET.

Watch how situations change. Watch how you will be inspired to do something in a different way. Listen for the Inner Guidance. Hear God speaking to you. Receive the empowering Spirit in your quiet time.

I dedicate a portion of each day to being still, in the quiet of my own Soul and Spirit.



Are you really ready to receive your Blessings? You have prayed long and hard. You have petitioned God, the Creator, Allah to Bless you. You have sat with yourself asking when your time is coming. The only question that still remains, are you really ready to receive?

Have you given sincere gratitude for what you have currently? Do you truly appreciate the goodness in your present situation? Give thanks now. Prepare yourself in a thankful attitude to fully receive your Blessings.

When your Blessings arrive, will you be able to recognize them? Do you have a fixed picture of what it will look like? Or are you open to the miraculous workings of Holy Spirit to Bless you beyond anything you could possibly imagine?

I choose to visualize always allowing room for more than what I ask for. In other words I always leave room for God to add more to my request. For instance, if I desire money I may ask for a certain amount, but my disclaimer to the Universe is always….That or something better! I desire to remain open to abundance freely flowing through my life.

I Am ready. I have opened myself to accept and firmly believe that I Am Worthy. This alone can add such wonder to your life. I stand erect knowing without doubt that I can and I will achieve my success. I talk to myself constantly, reminding myself of my goodness; reminding myself that I am created for riches of all kinds. I keep that focus firmly implanted in my thoughts.

Are you really ready to receive your Blessings? God is ready to Bless YOU! You must be ready at all times. It may not come when it’s convenient for you. It may be disguised as something else all together. Remember the parable about the person who prayed for help during a flood. Help came in three different forms but the person was waiting for his held thoughts to be manifested. So he missed being rescued three times, only because he refused the Blessings that were sent. Count it all a Blessing.

Go ahead and get yourself ready! Be grateful. Be of good cheer. Be a good steward of what you already have. And so the question remains,



D Dynamic
R Reality
E Evidence

The other night as I watched one of my favorite sitcoms, Will and Grace, it ended with an outstanding statement. The statement Will made was, “Dreams are like feathers, if you have enough of them you can fly!” WOW!

What are your dreams? Are your dreams dynamic, out of the ordinary?
What are you doing to make them into your reality? Are your thoughts evidence of your dreams? Do you believe in your dreams? Do you have faith enough to manifest them into reality? Do you truly know YOU CAN HAVE WHAT YOU ASK FOR? God is waiting to Show Out as YOU IN EXPRESSION!

Dream Big. Dream Bigger. Dream even Bigger. Now you have the idea. God is the Source! The Creator of ALL THINGS desires for you to live a full life! Whatever you ask for, believing it is done, you shall have.

I dare myself to dream BIG! I dare myself to achieve that which I have envisioned! I dare myself to proceed in Faith! I dare myself to trust the INFINITE INTELLIGENCE!





What have you been blessed with? Do you share your gifts freely with the Universe? Have you taken the time to learn all your gifts, to discover new talents? I am blessed to write in a plain and simple language that all can understand. I allow God to express through me in my writing. I know this is God’s work. It’s effortlessly done through me. In doing this Ministry I write, actually I sit at the computer and simply touch the keys and the thoughts just flow! I do not strain, I simply allow it to happen through me. As an author I pick up pen and paper and am always amazed at the results.

Are you blessed to bring Peace into a situation? Do you walk into a room and Peace and unity is restored? Do people seek you out when they have a troubling situation they are dealing with? Does the room hush when you enter? Do you radiate Peace? Are you a Compassionate individual? Is your gift in listening without judgment? Do you demonstrate compassion without effort? Do you just do it?

Is working with the youth your gift? Do you have such an incredible gift to love children that all you do focuses on the welfare of our children? Are all your thoughts on making this a better environment for the children?

Can you design clothing? Are your artistic talents so keen that folks seek you out? Do you sit and the ideas seem to flow through you? Is creative expression your cornerstone? Is visualization your gift? Do you see what others cannot? Can you envision with clarity exactly what something will look like?

Are you a gifted speaker? Can you be called upon at a moments notice to deliver a talk and do it without fear or effort? Do you enjoy your gift to speak with others? Is your delivery made with clarity?

Are you an organizer? Can you take an idea and put it all together for successful completion? Do you do this without much stress or thought?

Are you a gifted Spiritualist? Do you see the Super Natural? Do the Ancestors and Spirits speak through you? Are you a healer? Does your touch just seem to heal others? Can you radiate healing through various mediums?

Do you enjoy making money? Do you joyously look for ways to do that? Is generating solid money substance flowing freely a worthy goal for you? Do you get excited about making money?

Are you a thinker? Is sitting until you see the whole picture your gift? Do you analyze the situation with ease? Are you a transformation specialist? Desiring more for others than what they can see for themselves?

Are you a song writer, a composer, a producer? Is Music your bestowed gift? Do you love to create heaven, audibly? Do beautiful melodies just flow through you? Can you hear the soothing beats and bring life to them?

Your gifts are to be shared with humanity. God has Blessed you. Do not hide your talents. Share your talents, knowing that you are Blessing others.

What are your gifts?



We live in a giving environment. All around us is this action of giving fully and completely. We are given life, its substance of oxygen and breath is freely poured into us. Our hearts beat and pump the living element of blood throughout our temples. The very essence of survival is something we cannot purchase with money. It’s all a free gift!

The words, “I come that you may have life and have it more abundantly” rings loud in my consciousness. That promise is a free flowing gift. It does not indicate that there is any labor on our part to receive the gift. It says it is given to us freely without any conditions.

The plants such as fruits and vegetables give their life to us as nourishment in their dying. Their purpose is to give life. Yet they die so that we may live. It is their giving that we are supplied with nutritious food.

I choose to be a giving creature. I give freely of my love, honor, peace and happiness to all others. I choose to live in harmony with all life. I give of myself to the betterment of humanity.

When we each give freely of ourselves we create a ‘loving environment’ where each is living their purpose. In this environment all express their unique gifts as a contribution to the masses. We each give our part to create the whole. When one does not contribute, we all lose.

I choose to be a giver in a giving creation. I give by choice and through love. I give to complement the world community. I give by sharing my gifts.

As with all of nature, I give in my due season. My due season is now, this present moment in time.



An ever increasing existence, an expansive energy fills me up. I accept my blessings from The Almighty, Infinite One.

Sit, relax and envision this phenomenal unfolding for you. Picture it clearly, see it in full detail. Do you see it expanding all around you? The Creative Energy is at work in all of creation, especially your life. See it growing rapidly and completely. You are being flooded with goodness and mercy, the grace of God is acting on your behalf. It is readying everything in and on your path. The Blessings are growing, they are magnified! Do you see it yet?

Hold the vision of Expansive Energy fully operating in your life and affairs.  What does it look like for you? More love and peace; more harmony and cooperation; more money substance and freedom? What? Only you can make this decision for yourself. The Energy is eagerly waiting for you to say what it is that you desire. Once you have decided, The Energy goes to work for you giving you precisely what you have declared.

Now witness the unfolding of your highest good. You deserve it and more. Life is abundant in every aspect. My life is prosperous. Expansive Energy is everywhere evenly distributed. And it is unlimited. I gather my gifts with gratitude.

Be Thankful for the manifestations. Give Thanks at all times and in all ways. Just say it, Thanks God. That feels wonderful and opens the floodgates for more to come into your life. Thanks God for this incredible Expansive Energy that is circulating all around, in and through me. Thanks Creator for the absolute manifestations of Your Good.

I am a part of and recipient of God’s Expansive Energy.



I am radiantly blessed and prospered this day. I glow with the Blessings of God.


I remember my story of growing up. I may have called some of the things that happened along the way as unjust or undeserving. Yet today I call it all a Blessing.


I choose to honor all of everything that is a part of my story. My story is rich and vibrant with wonderful people and happenings. My story is worthy of repeating and telling others. I am pleased with my story because it shows how wonderful and powerful I am. I have overcome many challenges. I have walked around many obstacles and still I stand. I stand proud and courageous, knowing I am a Blessed Child of Infinite Source. I tell others of the Mercy that has sustained me. I share my history of Grace and Love.


I know I am blessed. My life is a testimony of survivorship. I find comfort in the simpler things of life. I find Peace within myself. I have discovered the true storehouse of Unconditional Love. Yes I Am Blessed by God’s Grace and Mercy. Yes I am a rich and prosperous Child of The Most High.


My higher consciousness is a Blessing. I lean on the God of my Understanding for all revelations and guidance. My Blessings continue to flow and flood my life with goodness. I experience the wonders with awe and amazement. How Blessed I truly am is a thought that keeps repeating in my mind. If I could only find the adequate words to express my gratitude to this Awesome Presence I serve. God is truly My Source.


Thanks God for Blessings. Thanks God for more Blessings. Thanks God for the increase of Blessings. Thanks God. I Give Thanks, God!


Mixed Feelings

This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Today celebrate all of Humanity as we end this month of Oneness and Unity. Embrace the uniqueness of each person in your life. No two are alike and that is marvelous.

Celebrate the variety of life. Celebrate God today. Celebrate the Unity of Diversity. Celebrate knowing that you are creating a world of Excellence for all people. Celebrate with thoughts of Peace and Harmony. Celebrate with genuine Acceptance. Celebrate the same breath being freely given to sustain life in all individuals.

Let us continue to live our lives in full appreciation for the diversity and variety in God’s Kingdom here on earth. Let us welcome people into our lives with a pure heart. Let us discontinue to think and react because of false information received. We are all an offspring of The Most High. We are each a child of Infinite Intelligence. The Creator made all of us in the same Spirit and with the same Unconditional Love. We are all the same.

Celebrate your contributions to the wellness of a world of Peace. Be Peace for yourself first. Then extend that Peace out to all, to every living soul you interact with. Celebrate the wonder of life. Celebrate the free gift of living in this day, at this appointed time.

Celebrate a new you, fresh and fully alive with gratitude.

Celebrate and enjoy the wonderful workings of all those around you.

This is a perfect day to Celebrate all of Humanity!!!


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