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 February 8th

The Universe is waiting on you. The Universe knows you and is patiently waiting for YOU to step into your Greatness! Now is the time to allow my Greatness to manifest. I am wide open to receive my Highest Good and Greatest Joy!

I am Thankful for my awareness of my Greatness. I willingly showcase my Greatness. I am honored to be gifted with Greatness. I bless others with my Greatness.

I demonstrate my Greatness in big and small ways. I am courteous to others. I am compassionate with others. I am true to myself. I am growing in my Greatness every day. I feed myself positive affirmations about me. I know and trust I am doing my best at all times. I send peace and harmony out into the airwaves knowing that they return to me multiplied. My life is increased in measures I cannot comprehend.

My Greatness is awesome. I am awesome. I live my Greatness each day. As I allow myself to fully accept my magnificence, my Greatness expands. It expands out and touches all that is around me. In this way I affect a giant tidal wave of Greatness to flood the world all around me.  I am excited about my Greatness.

My Greatness is like an avalanche that covers everything in its path.

I give Thanks. I Thank God! I thank all of the Masters! I thank my Angels. I thank my Ancestors! I thank my family! I thank my friends! My Greatness is shown in my appreciation for all who has added to my existence. In this way my Greatness touches generations past, present and future with sincere gratitude.



© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 February 7th

Study a baby or a young child today. Learn from an animal. As you closely pay attention to them you will see innocence in action. It is pure and intentional.

What is innocence? It’s allowing your vibrational Spiritual energy to connect. It can connect to thoughts, people, things and animals. It is an understanding that everything is created from the same Source, God. It is accepting what is. Innocence is about sharing from your core of Goodness that is within you.

As we remove ego and/or judgments we are left in a state of pure ecstasy. A state of honesty and truthfulness exists for us. This is a state of innocence. We release all fears and prejudices. We simply allow.

Innocence only recognizes good and is eagerly looking for it. There is goodness in each person and situation. Sometimes we may need to look a little closer to recognize it. But it is always present.

Innocence is big word for purity. The purity is of your thoughts and actions. Purity is without defect. You are created in purity, without one single error. How gracious to hold that belief about yourself. How precious to know the truth about who you are. You are a child of the Most High! You are a descendant of the Magnificent Creator! An offspring of God! You are an amazing example of pure innocence. Live your life with this truth. Hold it in your thoughts until you firmly believe it. Know that you know that you know!

I salute you in your pure INNOCENCE! Peace be unto YOU!


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 February 6th

Love is so powerful. When you are in a state of love, everything around you looks and feels so positive. It’s as if nothing can or does go wrong.

This energy of love is not the typical emotion we see on television ads depicting some product to use to make you more lovable. Nor is it the kind of emotion that novels are written about simply to get you distracted from reality.

True love is the essence of each living thing. It is the very nature of all humans. Love just is. You project love in and out; it is a two way thing. You cannot possibly love something or someone on the outside without first loving yourself from the inside.

Love is positive energy and the highest form of energy. When we are ‘in love’ with ourselves we see everything differently. We accept others for who they are without a need to change them. We love the person for exactly who they are period.

Love is accommodating. Love is acceptance. Love is encouragement. Love is unconditional. Love is happiness. Love is awesome. Love is complete in and of itself.

Are you loving yourself today? Are you speaking positive, life affirming words to yourself today? Are you lifting yourself up today?

Allow the wonderful working power of Love to saturate your core this day. Accept Love as the only energy in the universe. Display Love in each word you speak to yourself today. Begin with you. Think thoughts of Love for YOU!

Feel the healing energy of Love flowing gently in your heart. Release all that does not belong in this newness. Enjoy your life. Appreciate who you are today! You are an awesome, loving and unique human creation.


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 February 5th

I thank God for you! You bless me each and every time I allow you. You remain honest and generous with me. You ooze unconditional Love from every pore of your being.

I thank you because you have chosen to take this journey with me. We may not always know the direction, yet willingly you accompany me on this path of life. Thank you for showing up today! You could have chosen to detour by taking another route.

I thank you for your dedication in creating a better world. I thank you on behalf of my grandchildren and great grandchildren, who will reap the benefits of your positive contributions to society.

I simply Thank You for ALL that you are, have been or will become.

You Are The BEST!!!




© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 February 4th

How majestic and magnificent The Creator is! Stop and enjoy a long stare into nature.

As you observe the wondrous movement of existence you will be deeply moved by the AWESOMENESS! Can you see the trees breathing? They are growing a little each day. They smile through their leaves. They stretch out their arms to provide shade and comfort. They are strong yet bend with the wind, displaying their flexibility.

I take a lingering look into the sky. I like to make a game of it. Look at the clouds and think about what their shapes resemble and remind you of. Children love to participate in this activity. The shapes are unique, always different, always shifting. The contrast against the variations of the hues of blue in the sky is Beautiful!

For today while you go about your routine, remember the faces you encounter. Each person is a unique expression and creation. No two are alike, even identical twins are different. It could only be the ALL INTELLIGENT SPIRIT who would create absolutely everything as one of a kind! WOW, we must appreciate all life forms, whether human, plant or animal.

Today give thanks for…….



© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 February 2nd

What is the perfect season for love?

Is it springtime when new life is arriving daily through new blooms on trees? The colors are bright and refreshing, rather majestic. Newness of life – green leaves sprouting from most trees. The Dogwoods are in their ultimate glory.

How about summer as the season of Love? The sun shines more regularly and warms the body and soul. Folks are out and about visiting each other, like family reunions, graduations and weddings. We look forward to going to the beaches where we will enjoy the sand, beach and water.

Fall might be the season of Love. In the fall we see plant life changing once again. All around is the vibrant colorful spectacle of gold, rust, brown and orange. This season is the most thought of for Thanksgiving. At this time we celebrate and give thanks for our multitude of Blessings.


Or is winter the magical season of Love? Christmas ushers in the winter season and we joyously celebrate Life. Then the New Year rolls in and we reflect on the year that has just passed and make resolutions for the upcoming 365 days. We are quieter during this season because as with the natural cycle of life, we must rest!

Each Season described has its own special reason to be the season of Love.

Love is in every season.

Love is in every month.

Love is in every day.




© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 February 1st

I have heard many times and strongly believe that Love is the most healing and harmonizing power in the Universe. I add to that Love is the most powerful and empowering vibrational energy in the Cosmos!

How many do you truly love? How many are on your list of unconditional love?  When was the last time you updated your list?

I have a suggestion for you. Love everyone and everything! Yes even those individuals whom you disagree with. Afterall they are relating from their perception of life and not yours! Love the situations you currently find yourself in.

When we choose to Love all, we are indeed liberated. We go forward with a renewed prospective and attitude. Bless those whom you have previously found fault. Just release them from your thoughts. Release them to the care of The Creator. Love is knowing and accepting who you are without regard to someone validating your worth. Isn’t that why you have a disagreement with another?

Move into this month choosing to Love; accepting everyone and everything just as there are. No recommendations from you, no judgments by you. Pure acceptance and gratitude they have shown up for a reason. Each has come to Bless You or teach you a lesson that only they can teach. So appreciate them and their presence.

Choose Love as your barometer, if your actions do not reflect LOVE choose again. Love is actually all there really is, anything else is void of LOVE! God IS Love. You ARE Love!



© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 January 4th

The other day I sat and decided to write down my Blessings of the previous year. I began by listing the twelve months and thought I would write one event per month. Next thing I knew, there were two, then three events or situations. Finally I ran out of room. So I listed the twelve months again and began the process all over! There is magic in doing this exercise. Some of the miracles that had unfolded for last year had not come to mind for a long time. This exercise gave me the opportunity to relive the event and be Thankful all over again and it felt great!

This year I may list my Blessings monthly. No, actually I think I will do this weekly; better still how about on a daily basis. When we remain in a state of sincere gratitude our Blessings seem to manifest at a faster pace. Or when we are focused on our Blessings life is wonderful.

So start today and make your gratitude list. My list begins with waking up this morning, with or without an alarm clock. The fact that I woke up is a Blessing. Next is my ability to get out of bed, even if I am still sleepy. It means I had a bed to sleep in and I have fully functioning body parts. As I move about my home, I am grateful for each piece of furniture that occupies my dwelling. I am thankful that I can make my first cup of coffee; thankful for the wonderful aroma of coffee brewing. I have the sense of smell and my nostrils are working as they should.

As I sit and wait for my coffee I listen to nature, the birds seem to enjoy singing to me early in the morning. Their sweet melody is music to my ears.  I look out the window and can see with my two eyes the beauty of the day. It is wonderful when the sun is shining brightly and I love it when it rains. Rain seems to always wash away and make fresh the air I can breathe. As I make my first cup of coffee I can feel the touch of the hot coffee pot, the smooth surface of the coffee cup. I can taste this delicious beverage and am extremely appreciative.

Now fully awake and functioning I can appreciate my life. I can now decide what I will think and do with this day that I have received as a Blessing. What will I leave in the space of today of my memory bank? Will it be wonder-filled, affirming thoughts and actions or negative self-defeating thoughts?

I choose this day to COUNT MY BLESSINGS, whatever they may be!!!



© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 January 3rd

God’s love lives inside of you. It’s the substance that gives you LIFE! You cannot purchase it nor can you earn it. You will not find God’s Love anywhere other than on the inside of you. It is the free gift of breath.

Isn’t that a powerful thought? I have read that I can do all things through Christ.You know what that does for you? It removes all of the doubt and fear you have imagined. It says you can do, not probably can do, or maybe can do, it’s a definite CAN DO! That is very, very powerful. It also means that all the excuses are gone. You can no longer blame him, her or them. Because you alone have the power, IT’S INSIDE OF YOU!

I feel more eager than ever to trust and accept; I can do all things!You will never find this Awesome Love in someone else, even if they are your ideal partner or mate. It’s not in any material possession such as a house or the car you drive. For the same reason it does not even matter what you look like in the physical. Because you still have that power of the Infinite One right there Inside of YOU!

What do you do with this power is completely dependent on you and your desires. To be of and in service to all of humanity is a beneficial use of this power. To care about each person you encounter is yet another way. To simply Love unconditionally is another.  It will always be your choice. Choose wisely is the best advice I can share with you.

I just keep thinking about God’s Love on the Inside of ME! We are created in the image and likeness of the One Source, Holy Spirit. When we accept our uniqueness and learn to honor that, then all negative competition vanishes. We support each other and encourage each other. We are all the same. God’s Love Lives Inside Each of Us!

Make a gift of the Love that is inside of you this day. Be kind to a stranger, say hello at the check out counter, help an elder with their household chores, just do something totally unexpected and without regard to receiving something in return. Remember it’s a gift.

There is so much love we can freely share. Shine your light today. Light someone’s path. Allow yourself to be totally Grateful and Appreciative of all things.

Sending Much Love and Gratitude.



© Sandy Rodgers Ministries


January 2nd

I have said and used this phrase for a long time. Today, however, it has a new meaning for me. I know and accept the goodness of God, our Creator. Yet today I fully understand what is meant by the promise to have life and have it more abundantly.

We have settled for mere existence because everything around us has told us that is enough and to be satisfied with survival. Today, I know God wants more and more for us. The Creator does not desire for us to be poor either in finances or thoughts. The Creator’s desire is for us to be absolutely rich in every area of our lives!

What do you have to share with humanity? What can you do today to uplift and inspire someone? Share a smile, offer positive words of encouragement. Make that phone call to say, “I LOVE YOU”.

Dream Big this year! Dare to go for exactly what your heart truly desires. There is no room for fear when you go forward in absolute FAITH. For fear cannot exist when your thoughts are filled with Faith, a belief in the Creator, and the manufacturer of ALL GOOD. As for me, I am feeling like a small child, full of excitement and expectancy. I know God is Blessing me more and more each day. Each day I willingly declare I am worthy and deserving of the vastness of this Life.

I remember a song that was sung in church, It’s Well with My Soul. How is your Spirit today? Set your goals higher than you have ever done before. Know that Blessings are flooding you each time you trust the process of creative Knowledge, God. Trust that you truly ARE a child of the Most High, The Creator of all things, The Merciful Benefactor. God desires to Bless you! YOU must desire the Blessing. We are created with ‘free will’ for ourselves. That means you must sincerely desire to be Blessed before it can happen. Nothing can be bestowed upon you that is not in alignment with your desires.

Today, declare IT’S ALL GOOD ALL THE TIME!

Do it with Vigor, Excitement, Expectancy and JOY!

Watch as Miracles unfold for you as you hold to that vision.


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