May 30th


Miracles are all around us. Do you see them? Look closer and they will pop out at you.


Today I behold the miracle in all of life. I look at the animals and I witness the splendid color in each. I pay attention to the uniqueness. No two are alike. This awesome miracle is evident in all of life. No two of anything is exactly alike.


That is a Powerful God that can create each individual living thing unique. The colors of the flowers are so different, so vibrant, and so absolutely colorful. Even petals growing from the same plant are different. I am an observer of life. I love the wonderment of it all. God is Awesome! God paints the landscape with remarkable colors. The varieties are lovely; roses, lilies, daisies, daffodils, orchids, and the list go on. Look at them; see the beauty in each one. It is truly amazing and pleasing to the sight.


God then clothes the animals uniquely. The birds of the sky are one of my favorites. I love the Cardinals and their gorgeous red coloring. The splendid variety in the hues of the birds that roam the sky is fascinating. I see Robins and Sparrows. I see Eagles and Hawks. I see the Jaybird and Owls. What birds are gracing your vision? Each so lavishly adorned with beauty.


God has also given His children this special treatment, no two are alike. I honor the unique difference that is inherent in each person I know. I am always delighted with the gift that is given to me by these incredible individuals. Just a word or a glance is often enough to satisfy me. A smile, an embrace can soothe me like nothing else.


The Miracle is in acknowledging the ever present Beauty in all of everything that God has created. It is truly a miracle when we stop and fully intake the variety and uniqueness that is there.


Today I digest the beauty in the Miracle of all Life! I enjoy the simple pleasures and am satisfied. Thanks God for Your Goodness!



May 24th


My stepfather, Odis Brown taught me and my siblings the importance of building a strong foundation. He founded Brown and Brown Construction in Los Angeles many years ago. In his construction work he demonstrated the absolute necessity of a solid foundation. A building cannot stand for long without first having a secure and strong foundation. You cannot build anything on a weak foundation, for it will surely collapse over time. This same illustration can be used for all areas of life and living.


Is your life built on a strong foundation? What materials make up your foundation? Did you hire an engineer to help? Have your blueprints passed IN-spection?


My life is built on the Love and Promises of God. I believe my life is a gift. I believe I am here for a reason. I trust this is my time to flourish. I know I am to multiply and to be of good cheer. In multiplying, I add to the goodness of the Universe. I add peace and harmony. I add justice and service. In all my activities, I multiply.


My foundation is strong, sturdy and solid. My foundation is constructed on Truth principles. The truth is each person is made in the image and after the likeness of The Creator. Each has an equal right to be here at this time. I know that all is deserving of honor and respect. I give my best at all times starting with myself.


My foundation consists of unconditional love. I have no expectations of others loving me in return. If they so choose I am a grateful recipient. Otherwise I remain obedient to that which I am to do, love without expectations. Included in my foundation are the materials of Joy, Hope, Faith, Wisdom, Strength, Harmony and Acceptance.


My life is built upon a solid foundation. Therefore I stand erect, knowing that I can accomplish all that I am to do. I am governed by Grace and Mercy. I Am Thankful.


May 16th


I thank you for showing up daily to read these IN-spirational messages. I thank you for sharing these words with others. I thank you for allowing me to offer words of encouragement and a positive approach to life and living.


Who is showing up for you in your life? Are you being fed from the never-ending cup of God? Do you drink from this fountain of eternal youth often? God is always available to and for you, 24/7/365. That means all the time, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and three hundred and sixty five days a year. That is always. There is not a second of time where God is unavailable to you. All you need to do is to call on The Source.


Have you undertaken a new project and all the right people are beginning to show up? It is not magic, rather it is the Universe, The Holy Spirit giving you precisely what you require to accomplish what you have identified as your desire.


Do not block the blessings as they appear. Is that person you have been dreaming of and wishing for come into your life? But now that they have appeared you think you need to lose weight or change the color of your hair or _____? No, now is your time. Just accept the gift. You are now ready to fully appreciate the gift. You have completed the work on you for all good things to manifest for you.


Have you been called upon for that special job or position? Yet you are thinking there is something more for you to do before it happens. Are you asking why now? I still have such and such to do first. The preliminary work is completed, trust the process. Even if it appears in what you might identify as an untimely manner do not miss your blessing! You are ready! Accept you have done all the work correctly in preparing for this opportunity!


Go ahead and celebrate your blessings. Accept your blessings with gratitude and thanksgiving. Thank God for the sheer Mercy and Grace. Thanks God.

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May 15th


Several years ago I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. It is an intestinal disorder that can cause severe pain. If untreated it is said to cause death. This disease is detectable through a colonoscopy. When I received the diagnosis my doctor told me she was unfamiliar with the disease but had met with several experts in the field. If I wanted to know more information she gave me a pamphlet and suggested I do my own research. Then she prescribed some medicine for me to take. Well I took the medicine but became very sick by taking them. When I told her she said that perhaps I needed to increase my dosage. I left her office shaking my head and asking, which one of us is the crazy one, me or her? Why would any doctor increase the dosage of medicine that made the patient sick?


I was blessed to have been introduced to a Naturopath Dr. H. H. Worrell in Ft. Worth by my brother William. I was examined and advised I did have parasites in my system along with a few other concerns. I was given a regime which included enzymes and regular colon cleanses. I soon felt much better. But I had to return to the original doctor for my regular exam that I had missed for two years. Upon learning that I had stopped taking the medicine I was told I had to take another colonoscopy. That was fine because I still was not going to take that medicine. Well of course my situation had worsened and I was referred to a specialist who said I needed to begin injections of steroids directly into my abdomen or have surgery. I declined both and headed back to Texas to see Dr. Worrell.


Dr. Worrell is so wonderful. He made me repeat several times exactly what the two doctors said to me. I became frustrated and asked him what did he miss in my explanation? He announced, “Sandy you are the healthiest person I have had in my office all year long. You even cured some ailments that most people suffer with all their life.” Then he said, “The only thing you are currently suffering with is STINKING THINKING!” I felt better immediately. I cured my stinking thinking on the spot!!!


What have you allowed professionals or well wishers to tell you that you have believed and it caused severe or even traumatic experiences for you?  As Dr. Worrell would say, ‘STOP THE STINKING THINKING and you will be cured!”


It is not restricted to medical opinions. Along your journey have someone been blatant enough to tell you how dumb you are? How much or how little you would achieve in your life? How ugly you are? How big or little you are? Do not allow someone’s opinion rule your life.


Ps…I no longer have any experiences of Crohn’s disease! I take control of my health by proper nutrition and regular cleanses.


May 14th


The Holy Bible describes the beginning of creation by declaring, God Said let there be light and there was light. And it goes on to describe each occurrence as being created by the act of God Said and it was done!


We are made in the image and after the likeness of God. And so does that mean we have the same power in our words as God? As humans, we are the highest form of creation. And if we have been created with the power of the spoken word should we not be very mindful of what we choose to let part our lips?


I choose to eliminate all negative words from my vocabulary. I once said I would love to see a religious group where only positive words were spoken the entire time people were present. I was told that such a place could not exist because people needed to know that there were consequences to pay for wrongful choices. That did not stop me from desiring such a place. I thought to myself and said out loud, ‘Well then perhaps it’s for me to do.’ I see it in full expression. Just imagine worshipping at a place where all that is said is life affirming. I still see the vision. I believe it can be done. We have enough of other sources that are more than willing to feed us with negative self talk and beliefs.


I stand firm in the power of the spoken word. I hold the vision of change. I see Spirituality as a means to a better and brighter life. Spirituality that lifts and encourages all that is good. I believe God would have said “Let there be Places of Worship Where MY Light is clearly shone for all to see!!! Let there be only UP lifting words spoken from the pulpits. Tell My Children they are good and very good!”


God said, ‘Let there be PEACE everywhere for all are my children!’ And there was Peace everywhere celebrating all of God’s children!

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May 13th


Miracles are everywhere I am. I am a miracle, formed from a microscopic organism. I have grown into a fully functioning adult human. My parents did directly affect my growth, and my life is a miracle. I am one of God’s Masterpieces. All around me are miracles unfolding, from morning to night miracles never cease to happen. I appreciate the abundance of miracles which add to my life.


I observe miracles all around me and I remain thankful for their presence. I am constantly reminded that miracles are spontaneous movements of life. All things are formed through the force of creation.  Miracles cannot be explained or defined. Miracles are random acts of The Creator which reminds us there is a Power greater than ourselves that exists in the Universe. This Creative Energy simply is and cannot be limited to human interpretation or understanding. Miracles are God’s handiwork.


God is the manufacturer of Miracles, so how then do we attempt to explain them. It’s like the evolvement of a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. To me that is indeed a miracle. Or how does the seasons know exactly when to cooperate in harmony with each other to change and offer us with wondrous colors. Or how does an unborn human know how to develop into a fully developed baby that can survive outside its mother’s womb? To me these are all wonders which cannot be limited to the Seven Wonders of the World. These are all miracles.


I look at each part of nature and I call it a miracle. I take absolutely nothing for granted. It is God’s craftsmanship that has caused these things to be, exactly as they are. I witness with careful vision all miracles in life itself.


Yes Miracles are Everywhere.


May 12th


God is all there is. God is goodness. God is Mercy and Grace. God is Unconditional Love and Complete Acceptance. God is Joy and Peace. God is Harmony and Compassion. God is Justice. God is……


God is The Creator; The Master Builder; The Genius Craftsman; The Infinite Intelligence; Omnipotent Presence; Omniscient Power; The All-Knowing, All-Wise Source; The Creative Originator of everything.


God is the source and the supply. God is the giver of all good things. God is the Holy Spirit that never dies. God is the Everlasting Life. God is the Beginning and the End. God is…..


God heals and harmonizes; restores and replenishes; comforts and cradles our concerns; mother and father; sister and brother; husband and wife; sweet and soothing; a comforter; God is…..


God breaths life into every living thing! God is The Originator, The One Source, The Most High, The Merciful Redeemer, The Supreme Super Natural, The Way Shower.

God is…..


God sustains us in every moment of every day. God is….


God is who I pray and worship to. God is the answer to my questions.

God is…


God is my all and all! God is and I Am Thankful! God is and therefore I Am.  God is….


May 11th


Have you recently gotten a hunch about something and thought to yourself what should I do about that? Was the hunch so extraordinary that it seems almost impossible to achieve? Are you asking yourself where did the hunch come from?


Hunches can be gentle reminders from God that you are still alive with unmet dreams. A friend of mine recently shared that as he watched ‘The Secret’ he closed his eyes and began immediately to remember dreams that he had forgotten about. He said he knew most people who watch the movie are impressed by what the various speakers have to say but for him it was an invitation to revisit the dreams he once had. He said it helped him to dream again.


I have watched a sitcom thinking it was just a distraction and have received some amazing antidote about things that were unfolding for me in my life. It always tickles me because I find hints and hunches in the least likely of places and situations.  A silly statement made by one of the characters will remind me of something I have left undone. So I listen all the time for clues.


I choose to follow my hunches. They may not always lead me to a final destination but surely they lead me to a place of higher understanding. I can grasp the unspoken implications and it will trigger something within me.


That hunch of yours may be the next multi- trillion dollar invention. It could be the idea of your next or first business venture. It is not that uncommon to receive inspiration from your hunches. Sometimes I believe God communicates to us in a variety of ways to get our attention in areas where we can be richly blessed and abundantly prospered. So go ahead and look a little deeper into that hunch. Build upon the idea given to you and see what you can build from it. Perhaps it is the very idea to create an improved methodology to end a crisis. What have you got to lose? Nothing is the answer because if it does not lead you to a particular destination you will have gained knowledge along the way of how to do something different. You will have expanded your field of expertise and knowledge base.


May 10th


Basking in the beauty that is all around you is a treat! IN-joying the splendor in all that exists is remarkable. Knowing that Beauty is within all things is wisdom. Bathing and soaking in this privilege is absolutely necessary for healthy living.


I see beauty in all things and in all people. I behold the amazing uniqueness in all of life. I witness the glory in each person and honor their presence. I seek the beauty and it is there before me, all I need to do is acknowledge its presence.


I bathe in beauty every day. I soak up all the goodness of life. I wash the cares of the day away from my body, both physically and emotionally. I choose to experience only the beauty, only the glory that exists in all living things.


As I hold the vision of this reality, it is the only reality for me. I see beauty. I Am beauty. I Am the beauty of God in human expression. I display my beauty to share and bless others.


I see the beauty in nature. I enjoy the colors expressed through the flowers and plants. I compliment the precision in the unique markings of the birds and other animals. I pay attention to those things I may have over looked in the past. I am an observer of beauty as it is manifested in all things, everywhere forever present if I but notice it.


Today I focus on seeing beauty. I bask in the beauty that surrounds me.


May 9th


To meditate is to be still and listen. You do not need any special skills or gifts or words to say. Simply be still. To be still is to be alone without any outside disturbances. No noise. Meditation is just sitting in the quietness of life.


I once thought that you had to know special chants or say a special prayer or something else was required of me before I could go into meditation. I have been told several times in the past that it has nothing to do with any special words, hums, chants or phrases. If you had knowledge and wanted to use them that it was okay however that should never stop a person from meditating. So I reluctantly began to sit and be still. It was a learned habit as with anything else. In the beginning it was a challenge to be still and quiet. Soon my daily practice was appreciated and honored by all who know that in the morning I am not to be disturbed because that is the time I have designated as my prayer and meditation time.


How do I do it? I have a meditation tape that I listen to as I soak in the bathtub thirty minutes in the morning. Yes it does mean that I get up earlier to get this accomplished. Recently I did my meditation at midnight and was pleasantly surprised by the amazing gift I received during meditation. It was awesome and exhilarating. I did not want to come out of this experience. Unlike the morning when it prepares me to go about the business of the day, the night was soothing and prepared me for a deep sleep. So whatever time works for you is your best time.


You do not need a tape. When you have identified the best time of day for you others will respect your request for privacy. Fill the tub and just relax. If there is a question or concern you desire assistance with, just ask it. You can meditate sitting in a chair or lying down in your bed. All I want to express here is there is absolutely nothing extra required other than your desire to listen to The Infinite Intelligence speak to you. Your answers will come.


At a loss for words, just give Thanks for your life. Shout Praises to Allah. Keep repeating, I GIVE THANKS, I GIVE THANKS, I GIVE THANKS. And you will be blessed with Peace and Joy!

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