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February 16th
I will wake up and live the life I Love, in Spirit and in Truth!!!

My source is God. I am sustained in a power I will never be able to express in words. This power is God! The power of God is incredible, it is Awesome! This power can turn war into peace. This power can transcend time and place. It is everywhere evenly distributed. It is a power that heals and harmonizes everything in its path. I connect to my Infinite Source at all times.

There is a power inside of me that is greater than any outside influence. I rise up and greet this Power with my utmost respect. I rise up to welcome this Power into every small detail of my existence. I rise up!

I must be fully awake to utilize this Power. I choose to be aware of this Power. I acknowledge this Power. I am this Power, in human expression.

There is a gift inside of me begging for expression through me. I know it, I feel it, I can sense it. I live this life that has been but a dream. I fully engage in its reality. I give birth to it with ease, joy and peace. I am excited.

Wake up and fully live! Wake up and allow your uniqueness to flow, to water all of humanity. You are a gift.

I discover the life I sincerely Love. I live the life I Love! I Am the life I Love. God is my strength, my courage, and my wisdom. With God I can conquer all fear and live victoriously. With God all things are possible! I Am charged with an unfailing attitude of Success! Thanks God for choosing me to do the work that I alone am called to do. Thanks Creator for entrusting me with the gifts to make a contribution that benefits all of mankind.

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February 15th

I got G.A.S.
G – God
A – Angels and Ancestors
S – Self
I am filled up and ready for Miracles!!!

I am excited today. I am filled up and ready. I am ready to receive my Blessings of Unlimited Miracles. I have prepared myself for a time such as this. I Am WORTHY AND DESERVING! I trust the process of Life!

My G.A.S. station is always open, it never closes. I pull in for a fill up whenever I require more. I tip the tank off. I use the highest octane, God! I run smoothly through the highways and byways of life. I get better and better mileage as I use this high octane in my tank!

Miracles are unfolding for me every single day. Every moment is filled with wonder and delight. I Am alive and well. I Am enthusiastic about living. My engine is revved up and purring. I Am running on pure awesome adrenalin of empowerment. I remain Thankful and Appreciative of every mile I travel.

The G.A.S. is free! The price never changes. The price is my consciousness. I choose to be free, to live free and to allow others to be free. I am free of worry, doubt and fear. I truly desire and deserve only the best. My choice is higher awareness of my connection to Source, to The Most High, to The Creator.

My attending Angels and Ancestors are dutiful in caring for my every need. They service me in all ways. I need only pull into the station and they are there waiting for me. I call to them and they respond. They express gratitude for me choosing them because they have been waiting for my visit.

I Am ready for Major Miracles! I graciously accept Major Miracles! Major Miracles flood my every desire!!! I give Thanks.

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February 14th

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Today is celebrated as a day of Love. Everyday is Valentine’s Day for me.

If you are not already ‘in’ Love with yourself, do it today. Fall madly, head over heels ‘in’ love with yourself! Look into the mirror and Love the reflection that you see! Love the wrinkles. Love the face that is looking back at you desiring your unconditional acceptance. Love the eyes, the nose, the mouth, the lips and the ears. Love every detail.

As part of my morning ritual I wrap my arms around myself and tell myself how much I Love Me. There may not be another human around to tell me this and even if there is, I know I must first LoveMe. I show appreciation to the body that houses my Spirit. I Thank God for my body temple. I treat my body with respect, honoring it with positive thoughts and words. I am kind and gentle with me.

I truly Love Myself. I say it often during the day, Sandy I Love YOU! You are deserving of great Love. You are Love. As I Love myself, I can allow that same Love to flow out from me to others. As I am unconditional with loving myself I am able to love others without any restrictions. Others are not required to perform any particular ritual for me to love them. I just do.

Stay ‘in’ Love with yourself. Do not entertain negative thoughts of fear to enter into your head today. If you begin to think about how things might have been, stop! Call it all a blessing or a lesson. See what a magnificent individual you have become as a direct result of the situations that have played out in your life. You may have become more patient with yourself and others. The Blessing may have been growth in some area that you would not have resolved, if it had not been for the incident. Love it all, in every detail. And so what, that it even happened. It did and is now completed, give Thanks for that.


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February 13th

We have the ability to make choices. What we will think and believe is our choice. What we feel is a choice. How we relate to ourselves and others is a choice.

I choose LOVE! I choose to always allow Love to be operating in my life and affairs. I choose unconditional Love as my vehicle to travel through this journey of life. My Love vehicle never runs out of fuel. I choose for it to be full at all times. I give my vehicle a tune-up each morning that I awake. I give Thanks for being alive yet another day. The tires, my thoughts, are always at the perfect inflation. I choose my thoughts and they are harmonious and peace-filled. I am not concerned about having a blow out or a flat. I constantly check for uneven wear on the threads of my tires. I choose balance and have regular alignments performed.

I choose LOVE! Love is my dwelling place. Love resides in my home. My floors are waxed with Love. My carpet is refreshed with Love. I vacuum up the soil from dirty shoes (thoughts) and throw it out in the garbage. Love radiates throughout my home in the vents and is circulated by the fans. Love is the incense and aroma that is pleasant to the senses of all who visit me.

I choose LOVE! Love is the garments that I wear. My garments are professionally cleaned by God. I walk in the crispness of newness daily. I spread Light and Love throughout the Universe. Although I may change the outer layer of clothing, I Am always choosing Love as the fabric of my choice.

I choose LOVE! Love is my facial expression. Love is my attitude. Love is my personality. Love is Who I Am.

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February 12th

Who are you?

During sessions with Common Ground, an AIDS support program in Atlanta we have discussed how labeling can and does affect an individual. Society shuns individuals by any number of labels we place on them. For instance, with my beloved family at Common Ground; some have been ridiculed for being gay, told they are sinners, contracted the virus because God is mad at them and God is disappointed in them therefore they will never get into heaven. So how does an individual fit in when their way of life is different from the majority? They choose to lie instead. So there are men in the group who have participated in the deceit and game of Down Low because they were compelled to be accepted. There are men in this group who have fully accepted and believed this nonsense of being no good about themselves. I shout it to the rooftops in my attempt to get them to see their value as a human. I tell them they are a CHILD OF GOD, period end of conversation.

I ask them not to allow anyone to label them. Just because someone has a different perspective on life does not make them or give them authority to ridicule, dishonor or call them names. Nor do these individuals have the right to do so.

Our only label is a CHILD OF GOD. Our true nature is of God. In that description of our very core and real identity there is no room and no need for labels such as man, woman, Black, White, believer, non-believer, heterosexual, homosexual, married, Christian, Jew, Pastor or any other label.

Labels are used to create separation. God’s plan for mankind is for inclusion and unity. God’s plan is for unconditional love for everyone. When we are governed by labels and insistent on their use to define who we are then in fact we are causing separation in the body of God. No separation exists there.

I welcome all into my world. I was recently adopted by a Chinese friend who insists that I am now her sister. I am proud and honored to be considered a sister to this woman, who is a very wonderful person. I have no need to exclude folks from my reality. There is no separation in my reality.

Truth in Labeling – Who Are YOU?

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February 11th

You can have a Spiritual Experience in any type of activity. It is not confined to any location or gathering of people.

To enjoy a Spiritual Experience you must go with the flow of life. We must relinquish control and go with the rhythm of our heart. Our heart is our center which connects us all together.

I choose to have a Spiritual Experience today. Whatever activity I find myself in is a perfect opportunity for me to have a Spiritual Experience. As I go about the routine activities I experience Peace and Joy. Things that I may have taken for granted I pay attention to with Love this day.

Today I stay focused on appreciating all that I have in my life. I begin with being grateful for my existence. My very life is worth appreciation. Those around me are a gift and a blessing. The work I do is a blessing.

I have a Spiritual Experience today. I see the Creator’s handiwork in everything that surrounds me. In nature I witness the wonders of God. In human forms I celebrate all that I encounter. I choose to have a Spiritual Experience! It is my unconditional connection to all that is.

God has created me in Mercy and Grace. For this I give Thanks. For this I can have a Spiritual Experience whenever I choose. My ultimate Joy is my connecting with the Source of life. In that way I am grateful for my ability to have a Spiritual Experience, each time I choose.

My Spiritual Experience is a satisfying gift. I open my gift regularly and I am excited about the contents. God is my center, my breath, and the reason for my life. The celebration of my personal Thanksgiving, which is everyday, is a Spiritual Experience.
Thanks God for my life. My life is a Spiritual Experience!

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February 10th

Life is a precious commodity. Life is a gift.

Today I respect all life forms. I respect my family and friends. I respect my neighbors and co-workers. I respect strangers. I respect my pets and other animals. I respect life in its various forms.

I demonstrate respect by showing appreciation. I say words of gratitude to people around me. I know they are doing the best they can. I willingly offer words of encouragement. I am eager to express my acceptance of kindness extended to me. I say “Thank You” and mean it.

I honor the life force of breath that flows through me as the same life force that flows through others. We are all the same, sustained by the same Power and Presence. Regardless to the outer layer, each is my brother or sister, my mother or father, my son or daughter. We are all members of the same family.

I embrace the uniqueness of all living creatures. I see no differences, I embrace all. My family extends to include everyone. It is wonderful to acknowledge the differences. To witness the diversity that makes life so full and complete. I see myself reflected by and through others. There are no differences.

Today, I choose to respect all life. To open my heart and mind to each person I encounter. I show love by my acceptance. I fully embrace with genuine appreciation.

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February 9th

Have Faith in all situations. Trust The Creator. The Infinite Most High is always in charge.

The Creator of all things has a plan and purpose for your life. That very thought is incredible. When we think things are not working as planned is probably the time when things are working out just as they should. Trust the process. Some things are being moved out. They are being replaced for a reason. Something better awaits you. You are being Blessed.

God has All Power. I allow God control over my life and affairs. I allow the Omnipotent One dominion of my affairs. I realize miracle after miracle manifesting in every area of my life. I accept the prize(s) with gratitude.

God is in charge. The Omniscient One directs my steps on this journey of life. I am obedient to meditation and listening for my instructions. I still my mind as answers are revealed to me during prayer time.

The Omnipresence of God protects me in all ventures. I know I Am divinely led to the best outcome for whatever I am faced with. I surrender all to this presence and power.

As I allow the Protection of God to enfold me, I release worry, doubt and fear. They are no longer welcomed visitors in my reality. I embrace Peace and Joy. I am confident and calm. I am relaxed and serene.

I Am thankful, filled with appreciation and gratitude! I enjoy my life and the various conditions that appear on my path. I release and I let go.

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February 8th

The Universe is waiting on you. The Universe knows you and is patiently waiting for YOU to step into your Greatness! Now is the time to allow my Greatness to manifest. I am wide open to receive my Highest Good and Greatest Joy!

I am Thankful for my awareness of my Greatness. I willingly showcase my Greatness. I am honored to be gifted with Greatness. I bless others with my Greatness.

I demonstrate my Greatness in big and small ways. I am courteous to others. I am compassionate with others. I am true to myself. I am growing in my Greatness every day. I feed myself positive affirmations about me. I know and trust I am doing my best at all times. I send peace and harmony out into the airwaves knowing that they return to me multiplied. My life is increased in measures I cannot comprehend.

My Greatness is awesome. I am awesome. I live my Greatness each day. As I allow myself to fully accept my magnificence, my Greatness expands. It expands out and touches all that is around me. In this way I affect a giant tidal wave of Greatness to flood the world all around me. I am excited about my Greatness.

My Greatness is like an avalanche that covers everything in its path.

I give Thanks. I Thank God! I thank all of the Masters! I thank my Angels. I thank my Ancestors! I thank my family! I thank my friends! My Greatness is shown in my appreciation for all who has added to my existence. In this way my Greatness touches generations past, present and future with sincere gratitude.

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February 7th

Study a baby or a young child today. Learn from an animal. As you closely pay attention to them you will see innocence in action. It is pure and intentional.

What is innocence? It’s allowing your vibrational Spiritual energy to connect. It can connect to thoughts, people, things and animals. It is an understanding that everything is created from the same Source, God. It is accepting what is. Innocence is about sharing from your core of Goodness that is within you.

As we remove ego and/or judgments we are left in a state of pure ecstasy. A state of honesty and truthfulness exists for us. This is a state of innocence. We release all fears and prejudices. We simply allow.

Innocence only recognizes good and is eagerly looking for it. There is goodness in each person and situation. Sometimes we may need to look a little closer to recognize it. But it is always present.

Innocence is big word for purity. The purity is of your thoughts and actions. Purity is without defect. You are created in purity, without one single error. How gracious to hold that belief about yourself. How precious to know the truth about who you are. You are a child of the Most High! You are a descendant of the Magnificent Creator! An offspring of God! You are an amazing example of pure innocence. Live your life with this truth. Hold it in your thoughts until you firmly believe it. Know that you know that you know!

I salute you in your pure INNOCENCE! Peace be unto YOU!

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