Looking for the perfect position, the perfect employment? The Universe has the solution, will you accept it?

I have found myself many times seeking employment, only to be employed there for awhile until I become restless with the job. Perhaps, I moved too quickly into a situation. Just maybe I did not give myself the encouragement I needed to wait on a better fit. Or just maybe I wanted this particular position so badly that I was blinded to the obstacles I may face in the future.

I believe the Universe, Holy Spirit wants to give us our deepest heartfelt desires but we become impatient with the process and jump without looking first. We become complacent and stay beyond our time. We silently expect things to change or wish that things were different. If only this or that would happen, is our constant thought.

Go to that special place within you, that place that accepts the power of prayer. Seek first to know your purpose, your special talents and gifts. When you are firm in knowing what that is for you, next ask the Universe to open the floodgates of opportunities.

When you receive your job offer from the Universe, you must stand straight up and tall in accepting that even though it appears larger than life, it is possible if you only believe in its possibility.

A perfect example of this comes from Jay and Anthony King, Founders of the PDA – Professional Domino Association. From the beginning they steadfastly believed in their vision! This job offer was from the Universe! They did not allow anything or anyone to distract them. Every move, every day was accompanied with the conviction that this is a billion dollar company! And you know what, I believe them! Their tenacity is awesome. The unwavering belief in their vision is contagious!

Your perfect, divine, right position is waiting on you. The Universe has a job offer for you….will you accept it?



God’s Calvary can consist of your friends and family; your earthly Angels and/or strangers. The Calvary has come to protect you on the battle field of earth versus heavenly reality.

Your friends are God’s gifts to you. They have each been assigned and placed on your path to serve a particular role in assisting you to get where you say you desire to go and to become who you say you want to become. They have agreed to serve in this position and some roles are for a lifetime while others are temporary. We cannot keep a person who is only here for us temporarily, permanently. This disturbs the balance and may block the next person who is assigned to help us. Friends are gifts.

Your Earth Angels have received their instructions from The Most High. Their duty is to serve and protect you. You know the person who is always available even if you act out with them? The person you seek when you need to hear yourself talk out loud; the person who just knows when to tell you to heed to your warning signs. Earth Angels are a precious commodity and should be handled with extreme care.

Strangers appear when we are so consumed by the physical appearances that we have placed ourselves out of touch with our friends, family or Earth Angels. We feel alienated and alone, afraid to say what we are experiencing. With a stranger we are free to be our self, there is no fear in hearing what we have shared with them. We have a tendency to feel safe expressing who we are with a stranger, someone who does not know our past.

All of these individuals have their respective roles to play in fulfilling the assignments given to them by God. Learn to respect each one for their Blessing in your life.

God uses people as messengers when we are stuck or require guidance.

God’s Calvary is amazing and truly strengthened by Holy Power! Energized by the One Power and Presence that sustains all life!!!



           Today I celebrate the great Trail Blazers, the Faithful men and women who did not give up or give out.  I salute the many glorious humans that paved the path with sincere Love. The brave souls that maintained courage through the work they chose to do.  I give honor and thanksgiving to those individuals who kept on keeping on through the storms and the droughts. Those who knew a better day was coming.

Today I sing praises to my Great Grandfather known as the Black Angel who helped build and establish churches in central Louisiana. A man who unselfishly gave so fully of himself to the benefit of others. An ordained Minister who loved all of God’s children and made his conscious contribution to humanity.

This day I say a prayer to thank my Grandmother, Mama Rosa, by being the Proud Lady that always demonstrated Unconditional Love to others. A woman who knew Whose she was, a child of the Most High Creator. A woman who did not and would not settle for anything less than respect by all who would interact with her.

Today I am grateful. Today I remember and sing praises to each of my Ancestors and to those who have gone on before me. I bring to my mind the lessons learned and the love received from each of them.

I thank God for the many who served as my extended family that I called, God Mother or God Father, brother, sister or friend. I am blessed to have had the honor of truly getting to know folks that showered me with their sincere Love; my younger brother Rudy, my only sister Janice, my step father and step mother, Aunts and Uncles, my grandparents and my father and mother in law. So many I cannot list them all, so many that I gratefully acknowledge in my prayer time.

I thank God for the time I experienced with each of them. I thank God that I knew how to express Love to them. Thankful that I was Blessed with their presence in my life. These individuals are my heroes, my heroines, my Ancestors!

Today I say Thank You to my African Ancestors. I do not know their names, but I felt their presence while visiting in Ghana, West Africa. And to other Ancestors whose identify I am unfamiliar with, I say Thank You for Life! I say Thank You for the blood that runs through my veins that is part of you! I am Thankful for my German blood, my Choctaw blood and my West Indian blood. I AM THANKFUL!

Take a moment and remember your family and friends. Celebrate your cherished memories.




December 5th

I forgive myself for holding on to things which no longer serve me. I forgive myself totally and completely for any negative emotions I have not allowed myself to release. I forgive myself for not honoring the life and beauty in me. I forgive myself for not loving unconditionally!!!

I forgive myself because I have become my own worst critic. I release the need to beat up on myself for missing the mark. I forgive myself because I believe I have to work hard to be acceptable and gain entrance into the Kingdom of God. I forgive myself because through unforgiveness I cannot move freely; I cannot move forward nor can I accept others.

I forgive myself to liberate the God consciousness in me to fully operate and express through me. I forgive because The Source harbors no ill feelings about me. I Am made in the image and after the likeness of The Most High. I forgive myself for not consistently loving me enough to not cause harm to my body temple. I forgive myself because I have held on long enough to these worn out false ideas about what makes me a good person. My standards are from on high and from that position I Am good and very good, even from my inception. I am not conceived nor born into sin. My existence was created from an act of love and passion.

I forgive myself because I must accept that the actions I took represented my understanding at that time. Now that I know better, I do better. Today I declare with full intention to completely and totally forgive myself of any labels or false names I have placed on myself. Today I freely choose Forgiveness.

God forgives all my actions. I forgive all my actions. I am freed by and through FORGIVENESS. As I learn to forgive myself it is very easy to forgive all others. My choice is simple: I FORGIVE ALL, BEGINNING WITH MYSELF!!!



November 24th

Scripture tells us to remember the Sabbath and to keep it Holy. The Sabbath is a different day depending upon which doctrine you ascribe to. For the unity of those reading this message, the Sabbath is any day you desire for it to be. For with the observance of the Sabbath we are told to take a day of rest and honor The Creator with worship.

I worship The Creator as often as I can. I have church in my house as regularly as I can. The Church is in your heart and it is not in a building. Have your Sabbath seven days a week if you choose. By giving Thanks to The Creator you are observing the Sabbath. The rest you take does not have to be a full day, it can be a partial day or an allotted time daily.

Remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy. Always dedicate time to be alone with the God of your choice. God is God and will not be effected by whatever name you choose to describe The Source of your Strength. Keep the communication Holy means to not allow any distractions. Go into your closet of prayer and be in direct, undisturbed communication with The Most High. Prayer is available to you at all times. No one needs to know you are praying. You can say a silent prayer without disruption to anything going on around you.

There has been plenty of times when I had to call on My Source for help and guidance. As a car is speeding up behind with my grandchildren in the car, I can call on God for Divine Protection! As I am helping someone through a situation or the death of a loved one, I call upon God in prayer.

Keep the Sabbath Holy, keep your thoughts positive, pure and focused on Thanksgiving. Give Thanks for your life. Give Thanks for every little thing in your life. Be in an attitude of gratitude constantly. That is a sure fire way to:




November 6th

My childhood Pastor called me to give me a message. Although he actually served me as a Pastor during my early adult years, he was my Pastor during the childhood years of my life. In other words even though my chronological years were that of an adult, I was still a child.

Pastor C.C. Coleman called to say “God has designed you to weather ALL storms.” His call and message are always timely and meaningful. I thanked him for allowing himself to be used as a vessel of God’s Unconditional Love to me. I received his message with full appreciation and gratitude.

What is your storm today? What test in life are you facing today? Know with certainty that God designed you especially to survive this storm and the test. God will always make a way out of no way.

There is comfort in knowing that The Master created us in such an awesome and magnificent manner, that we can withstand all storms, trials or tribulations. Give Thanks for the outcome in advance. Know that you are truly prepared to handle what ever comes your way, this day or the next. Know that God has you safely wrapped in Love, Light, Mercy, Grace, Forgiveness, Wisdom, Courage and Strength.

So go ahead and take the test. You are adequately equipped with the Mind of The Most High to pass it. The Creator is smiling upon you this day as you complete the test with honors.

The test is whatever you say it is. God never tests us, there is no need for that. The test we alone call into existence for whatever reason. You are whole and complete. You are Wonderful and Wonder-filled. You are Awesome and Beautiful.




 November 1st

This month of the year we are centered in being Thankful. We are Thankful for the very gift of this life and all it has for us.

We are Thankful to The Creator for creating us just as we are. We are Thankful to live in such a time as this, full of wonder and modern technology. I can think of someone and within seconds I can send an email letting them know just how much I care about them. Although I still enjoy writing letters because it shows I thought enough to sit down with a pen and paper and compose something special just for that person.

We are Thankful for each and every thing that is currently present in our lives. We are Thankful because our thoughts have placed them here with us. We are Thankful because at any given time we can change the appearance of things by choosing to change our thoughts. We are Thankful that The Creator designed us that way, divine and perfect.

We are Thankful for our earthly parents that chose to participate in our coming forth in this world. We are Thankful for their presence and contributions to who we are now. We give Thanks for however they have shown up for us, it is exactly as it is, just for our growth.

We are Thankful for the multitudes that have graced our path, giving us precisely those things we desired at the time, whether they are blessings or lessons. Each came with their unique gift for us.

This month we simply celebrate each day with Thanksgiving. We give Thanks as our demonstration to The Most High of our sincere gratitude for our gift of life.

Thanks God. Thanks Allah. Thanks Jehovah. Thanks DAO. Thanks Buddha. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.

The Most High is worthy to be PRAISED.



October 5th

There is no right or wrong way, there is only the Divine Way!

What if, everything you did was done perfectly, exactly the way it was designed to be?

What if, you congratulated yourself for having done it perfectly and correctly?

What if, you had no sorrows or fears?

You can live without regrets and worries. You can live your life knowing that you are doing your best at each opportunity. You can when you say you can!

The Way of God is the only way. The Truth of Absolute Love is God’s Way! The Passion of Forgiveness is The Divine Way! The Compassion of Acceptance is The Divine Way! The Joy of Harmony is of God! Supreme Justice for Humanity is The Divine Way!

I desire to travel in the path of The Divine Way. I choose to be led by The Divine Way.

The Most High, Divine One, I give Unconditionally Thanks today!

I appreciate my life! God, I give thanks for all the lessons and blessings!

Oh Creator, it is my privilege to IN-joy this free gift of Life!

Most Merciful One, my heart is filled with Abundant Joy and Thanksgiving!

The Divine Way is my way!



September 23rd


Non resistance means to fully surrender to the situation you are in at the present moment. It also means not to fight or attempt to change it. It means to allow things to flow as they are, not to dam up the process. Not to cause or create a disturbance in the natural rhythm of things.

The act of non resistance can be challenging to say the least. However it is the best gift you can yourself. The Blessings that come from periods of non resistance are immeasurable. By you getting out of your own way, you permit the unknown miraculous workings to take shape and manifest for you. You will be pleasantly pleased with each outcome, even if it appears as one of your many lessons in life. We have a human tendency to think that only those things we judge as good, to be a blessing for us. To the contrary, you will learn more in adversity than you will in good times about who you truly are. My son, Malcolm, taught me this lesson while he was a Freshman in College.

To just be present in the now is non resistance. To participate fully in each activity you are engaged in is non resistance. To love without conditions of either yourself or the person is non resistance. To continually strive for excellence in all you do is non resistance. To accept all others, regardless of their status is non resistance. To trust the process of life, is true non resistance.

 Non resistance is gently flowing with the tides of life. All struggles are kin to the distant relative of non resistance. There is no struggle in non resistance.

God dwells in non resistance. The Dao and Buddha are non resistance.

Peacekeepers and Peacemakers are perfect examples of non resistance.

The One Source, The Infinite One, The Most High, The Creator are all non resistance Specialists.



September 6th

Are you at a point where you feel fed up? Tired of the way things are showing up for you in your life? Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Relinquish and Release is the answer. Giving Thanks is the solution.

Relinquish your thoughts of fear and lack. Release your need to be right. Relinquish your feelings of neediness. Release those emotions of sadness and unworthiness. Relinquish and Release all of everything that does not give you Peace and Comfort. Release each little fragment of loneliness and despair. Release, release, release.

Replace this now empty space with constant thoughts of gratitude and appreciation.

Be Thankful for everything and everybody that is now present in your existence. Give thanks for each have shown up to Bless you. It may not feel like a blessing but go ahead and be grateful anyway. Bless the traffic jam you find yourself in daily as you travel to work or school. Bless the weather regardless of its condition. The sun will shine again and the rain will shower you with liquid sunshine soon. Bless those extra pounds that have found their way to your body. Bless the bills that come in the mail and bless the creditors that extended you credit in the first place!

Give Thanks to your Source, or whatever name you use to describe The Creator. Thank God for everything big and small. Thank Allah for Mercy and Grace. Thank Jehovah for Life. Thank Buddha. Thank The Most High. Thank the Ascended Masters. Thank your Ancestors. Just give Thanks.

Be Thankful you are alive and well this day! Be Thankful for the air you breathe and for each breath you inhale. Being Thankful is a sure cure to end your feelings of being angry with the world. Shout it out loud!


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