How many ways can I count today to be grateful for my life?

How many expressions can I share that are testimonies to the acceptance and appreciation of others?

How many ways can I say Thanks God, without saying the words?

How many ways will I show my Love?

How many ways, indeed. We can go forth today with a dedicated effort and goal of expressing gratitude. We can look and find ways to display our appreciation for this free gift of life. We can even be an example to those that are not exposed to this way of giving thanks continually.

How many ways will you count when this day is over? Our intention is complete concentration on the Blessings all around us, in every nook and cranny. Our focus is to be grateful the entire day. Whether it be traffic on the roads or a cranky boss, a long line at the grocery store or a delay in your scheduled flight, be grateful and look for ways to make the best of every situation.

Already I have counted about a gazillion things to be Thankful for:

  1. My life
  2. my body
  3. my fingers
  4. my toes
  5. my arms
  6. my legs
  7. my eyes
  8. my feet
  9. my heart
  10. the veins in my body
  11. the number of breaths I breathe with ease
  12. Loved ONES! This is where my list gets longer and longer!


God is more than money is what I was told by Mother Elnor Abdullah. This simply yet eloquent statement stopped my thoughts. What does she mean by this? Our Elders are always gifting us with wisdom when we allow them to.

Sometimes we confine our prayer request, to Infinite Source, to financial matters. Sometimes we get lost in the support we feel we need and it is not readily present. Or is it? As we have learned from various teachers, what we focus on we will attract into our life. Now it becomes another question all together, where is your focus?

When I allow myself to stay centered and focused on the Goodness of God, Blessings seem to quickly manifest in my life. I have accepted that God and I are actually more than money and it puts a different energy around that necessary component of living. When I can take importance away from money and place my complete attention on the Goodness of God, it loses its hold on my thoughts.

As with money, so with relationships; when we think that God is only in the business of providing us with a perfect mate, then once again we are limiting God. Or when we discount the rains in favor of the sun always shining, both are provided by God for us.

I give Thanks to Infinite Intelligence for opening my mind to thinking a new thought about the things of life. I am grateful that I can see what is really important. Life and Love, Peace and Passion, Compassion and Care, and Forgiveness are the key essentials of life. These are all free to us by virtue of The Supreme Being.

Next time you think that you can limit God, rethink your options.

God is more than money. God is the substance of life!

Thanks God.


Where did we lose our way? Is the Supreme gift of ‘free will’ the culprit? Can we recapture this excellence that God has bestowed us with? When will we do it?

My friend and DAO relative, Neil Crocker had an organization, The Promise, in it was a plan with the goal of reaching everyone with Peace and Harmony. His motto: By 2050, I promise that all members of every nationality are well in all aspects of life and fully expressing their true selves!!!

Neil was acutely aware of each person making their individual contributions to the well-being of the Planet. The Universe is under our supervision and so it will be up to us to restore the Excellence of Humanity. I salute Neil for the work he had determined was his to do. He focused and is gathered people from all around the world to serve on the board of his organization. This was remarkable work being facilitated by one person.

How can you help? Can you start where you are? Can you restore Peace and Harmony in your family? Can you stand for Justice, regardless to who the audience is? Can you make a positive difference?

The restoration of The Excellence of Humanity is up to each one of us.It is not the responsibility of someone else or some other governmental group of folks. It is the responsibility of you and me.

I give Thanks for Neil and all others who have willingly shown they are committed to leaving a better world for all to inhibit. I give Thanks to God for gifting the Universe with individuals who are vessels of Truth and a Light in the darkness. Keep insisting that we can and we will!

I can clearly see the manifested evidence of the restoration of:



I am radiantly blessed and prospered this day. I glow with the Blessings of God.

I remember my story of growing up. I may have called some of the things that happened along the way as unjust or undeserving. Yet today I call it all a Blessing.

I choose to honor all of everything that is a part of my story. My story is rich and vibrant with wonderful people and happenings. My story is worthy of repeating and telling others. I am pleased with my story because it shows how wonderful and powerful I am. I have overcome many challenges. I have walked around many obstacles and still I stand. I stand proud and courageous, knowing I am a Blessed Child of Infinite Source. I tell others of the Mercy that has sustained me. I share my history of Grace and Love.

I know I am blessed. My life is a testimony of survivorship. I find comfort in the simpler things of life. I find Peace within myself. I have discovered the true storehouse of Unconditional Love. Yes I Am Blessed by God’s Grace and Mercy. Yes I am a rich and prosperous Child of The Most High.

My higher consciousness is a Blessing. I lean on the God of my Understanding for all revelations and guidance. My Blessings continue to flow and flood my life with goodness. I experience the wonders with awe and amazement. How Blessed I truly am is a thought that keeps repeating in my mind. If I could only find the adequate words to express my gratitude to this Awesome Presence I serve. God is truly My Source.

Thanks God for Blessings. Thanks God for more Blessings. Thanks God for the increase of Blessings. Thanks God. I Give Thanks, God!


I am Thanking God right now. I give Thanks that I am alive this glorious day. I give Thanks for the newness of this day with endless opportunities. I thank God right where I am. I give Thanks.

God when I was out there thinking I had it to do all by myself, You were there with me. When I thought no one was listening to my prayers, You were there. When I almost gave up, You lifted me up. Thanks God almost seems inadequate an expression for the Joy I feel deep in my heart.

This is a day I will cherish, because I am aware this day of the bountiful Blessings given to me from God. God has never left me although there have been times when I forgot to Thank God. In the midst of my attempts to control and manipulate, I forgot where my Source resides. In the times of struggle and strife, I did not sing Praises.

So right this very moment, I pause and remember to always Give Thanks. I choose to remember The One Source as my Sustainer and Infinite Supply. I give Thanks today and my way is made brighter. I give Thanks knowing that I cannot do enough to show my appreciate for this life of mine.

So God I Thank YOU! I thank you for my breath. I Thank you for the blood that runs through my veins. I Thank God for the Mercy and Grace that cleanses all past wrong doings and incorrect choices. I Thank God for Forgiveness and True Everlasting Love! I am humbled by the fact I am made in the image and after the likeness of The Most High.

Today I focus on Thanks-giving. I give thanks for the rain and the sun. I give thanks for the increase of life. I give thanks for all my experiences.

I just can’t stop Thanking God Today!

I will not stop Praising The Creator!


I am safe in God’s Love.

I feel safe in God’s Love for me.

In God’s Love there is Peace.

In God’s Love there is Harmony.

In God’s Love is where I choose to reside.

I can go to God’s Love at anytime.

God’s Love is always present.

God’s Love is all that it is.

In God’s Love I am connected to all of life.

In God’s Love….

I feel secure, warm and safe in this place of God’s Love.

I Am forever In God’s Love. Nothing can separate me.

Thanks God for Your Love is Incredible.

Thanks God for providing shelter for me in this place.

In God’s Love is food and nourishment for me.

In God’s Love I dwell forever and ever.


You can eclipse the past with thoughts of Forgiveness and Compassion.

You can eclipse the past with Love and Mercy.

You can eclipse the past with Peace and Harmony.

You can replace those images and thoughts with Unconditional Acceptance as events that occurred because of the blessings that they gave to you. Those circumstances helped you to become all that you are. They are neither good nor bad. They just are.

Today choose to focus on being Thankful for everything. Just be Thankful. Allow the blessings and lessons to give to you exactly what you require. They have surely shown up to help you grow and stretch.

I am Thankful. The past is now over and I can choose to remember the incident whatever way I choose to this day. I choose to allow my mind to be filled with thoughts of Love and Peace. I choose wisely this day the thoughts that I carry with me. I send out prayers of Peace and Justice.

For those times and individuals who showed up that I did not understand at the time, I say Thanks be to God for their appearances. I now understand that they were an indication of where I was in my thoughts. I wholeheartedly choose to eclipse the past with pleasure, especially those things that taught me the most valuable lessons in life and living.

I eclipse the past with Mercy and Grace.

I eclipse the past with Pure Unconditional Love and Acceptance.

I entertain thoughts of Peace, Love, Light, Passion and Wisdom.


Thanks God for my life. My Life is Awesome. I Am Awesome!

To recognize the true essence of The Creator, we must accept that same true essence dwells within us. We must look within ourselves and honor that place of connection to God. We are the earthly expressions of The Most High. The Creator is seen through us. We are each other’s Angels. We are god in human form!

To recognize and celebrate this divinity is the way to fully appreciate and give Thanks to the One Source. In each human dwells the same Goodness of God. I recognize and give thanks for the life form that appears on my path each day. I choose to see The Divinity in every person I meet and associate with. I celebrate them wholly.

I Am Awesome is a reflection of my Truth. I Am Awesome is a statement of Whose I Am. I know I Am Awesome.

I give Thanks today. I shout Thanks to the Universe. I shout Thanks to My God. I tremble with knowing that God is protecting and providing for me each and every day. I Am an Awesome creation of The Master Giver.

Yes today I choose to display myself with respect and dignity. I live in integrity and humbleness. My life is indeed a Blessing and for this I give Thanks.

I give Thanks and sing songs of Thanksgiving. I am happy and filled with Joy. I allow the world to see my magnificence. I am Love. I am Peace. I am Harmony. I am Justice. I am all that God has created and intended for me to be.

I know – I AM AWESOME!


Today you have permission to boast that you are worth it! You are worth a grand life, living in abundance and prosperity in all areas. You are worth accomplishing that dream. You are worth the unconditional love of others. You are worth peace and harmony. You are worth the time and effort. You are worth life and breath. You are worthy!

Stand up straight! Shoulders back with head held very high! Strut with the air of confidence that acknowledges your acceptance that you are worth it! You are worth every good thing.

You have been created like none other. Your life is a miracle and you are an unrepeatable expression of The Most High. You are worth this gift of life. You are worth living. Your life has meaning and purpose. Your life has value. Yes You are worth it!

I keep repeating to myself today that I Am Worthy. I deserve to live a full and happy life. I Am heir to this earthly Kingdom. I Am deserving of the best life has to offer. I Am Worthy! I Am Worth It!

Yes God, I accept my value. I give Thanks for my placement in Your Kingdom. Yes God, I have been appointed by You to be an example of Unconditional Love and Acceptance. Yes God, I Am Worthy of full expression of my divinity and connection to The Source. Yes God, I am ready to shout and proclaim – I Am Worth It!!!

I say this today as my prayer out into the Universe.

I say this today as my Affirmation and Confirmation.

My thoughts, words and actions today reflect my confidence in knowing I Am Worth It!

I Am Living proof of the Goodness of The Creator! I AM WORTH IT!


In the end, I WIN!

Whatever you have focused your thoughts on is exactly what you will win in the end. Be conscious of your thoughts. Think positive thoughts of outcomes. Give full attention to the exact details of that which you care to create. Only concentrate on the Positive outcome. Abandon all thoughts of failure or impossibility.

In the end, I win. I carefully and cautiously think thoughts of wholeness and well-being. I think thoughts of abundance and prosperity. I think thoughts of encouragement and Upliftment. I think thoughts that cause increase of every good thing. I think thoughts of life and living. I think thoughts of The Creator.

I win the prize of a purposeful life. I win the prize of realization of my dreams. I win the prize of creating Peace and Harmony for the entire planet. I win the prize of Unconditional Love flowing through me out into the Universe to Heal and Harmonize. I win the prize of blissful living. I win the prize of perfect health.

In the end what will you win?

Will it be that which is most important to you or that which you most dread?

Put your complete attention only on what you desire to manifest, nothing less.

The Omnipotent Presence is waiting at the finish line!!!

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