Your integrity is your bond. Your bond is the connection, uniting you with God and the other person(s). To tell the truth does not mean you go about haphazardly spouting out things that will cause hurt and harm to others, quite the contrary. To tell the truth means to temper what you have to say with love and compassion.

When you resort to not telling the truth, it destroys the other person. Something in their Spirit dies, in relationship to you. They are put in a position of always questioning the next something you have to tell them. Is this another fabrication, is their thought?

When what you have to say may come across harsh, rethink what you are about to say. Remember to say it with lots and lots of love. Ask yourself, is this going to hurt them? If the answer is questionable, then reword what you have to say. And it is always better to tell the truth than to lie.

We must also be willing to tell ourselves the truth. When you catch yourself thinking unkind and mean thoughts, STOP! Just stop it. Do not allow negative thoughts to remain in you. Remember your blessings and go into a mode of Thanksgiving. Stop the nonsense and start living the truth of Whose you are, a child of The Most High Creator!

Tell the truth.

We are each created in the image and after the likeness of God.

Holy Spirit dwells in each of us!



This is an excerpt from my latest book, When God Leads…just follow.

 So often we dismiss the dream, our dream. We dismiss it mainly because we have stopped believing in our dreams. We have become robots, trained by a system(s) that does not honor our creativity. A system that strongly discourages individuality, a system that uses a vast diversity of mediums to create non-thinking, un-creative robots! So it is no wonder we have stopped believing in our dreams, killed the inner genius of creativity. We are thought to be weird, different, non-conformist, labeled as a trouble maker, a misfit and the negative labels go on and on. Because the system is perfected on making sure we do not cross the line into our genius and original creative souls; we have accepted, without thought or consciousness, the very ideas that kill our inner spirit.


God, Universal Spirit, The Creator speaks to each of us. No one person is any more privy to receiving this indwelling guidance. The Creator speaks to all – Pastors, Rabbis and Imams, homeless, homosexuals, corporate leaders, unemployed, welfare recipients, adults and children. Our only task is to listen. Truly listen and take action. Faith requires action. Living your dreams require action. Living beyond mediocrity requires action.


We must unlearn the restrictions! Unlearn the conditionings that demand we believe we are unworthy individuals. We must unlearn the trappings of conformity. Each person is unique. Therefore your talents and gifts are different. They are different from your parents, siblings, significant other, friends or any others. Different from any other thought, idea or dream. You are the Master and creator of your dreams. The Universe truly desires to manifest your dreams into reality. Are you bold enough to live your dreams?


So why go where God leads you? Why not? When each soul lives their destiny, fulfills their purpose, expresses their talents, how wonderful the kaleidoscope of manifested Dreams into Reality! How awesome and amazing the differences we each express. How glorious the Universe!


May 9th DI

I stand gazing into the eyes that are looking back at me in the mirror. I see clearly the passion of my soul. I am eye to eye with my own soul! I admire the Spirit that lives forever in my soul. I adore the Awesome, Incredible Presence of God in my soul.

Eye to eye with my soul means I accept full responsibility for the things and actions I take. I am solely responsible for my life.  All that is present I have created by conscious choice or default, by not making a decision.

What do you see as you gaze into the mirror? Is it hope and joy? Do you really know the depths of your soul? What is that yearning about? What is it that you desire to manifest in your life?

As you look deep into your own soul, give thanks. Be thankful for all that you see. You have come a long way. You are working through your own issues, sometimes it may have been difficult however you are still on the path. This process we call life is glorious indeed. It is filled with wonder, when we choose to view it that way.

Take another look. See the beauty of your Spirit! See the unlimited abundance of Love that is glowing back at you! See the miracle that is manifested as YOU! Love what you see reflected back at you! No changes, no would have or could have, simply LOVE the reflection. Wink at the reflection, flirt with the reflection. Yes, show yourself some LOVE!

I stand admiring the reflection in the mirror. I am eye to eye with my own soul and I appreciate what I feel and see.



Consider your thoughts are things you carry with you daily.


Do your thoughts weigh you down or lift you up?


Did you know you can change your thoughts very easily and simply?


Just choose to think a new thought. And it is done.


You now have a new perspective on the outcome.


Possibility is given to them that think it is available to them, to have and to hold from this day forward.


It is always first conceived in your mind or thoughts.


What you hold in thought for any prolonged period of time will surely manifest itself into your reality.


Why not deliberately choose to think of creation as your possibility?


You can create whatever it is you so choose and desire.


My thoughts are extremely powerful. I carefully choose what I think about and focus my attention on.


I think thoughts of Love and Peace; Prosperity and Abundance: Harmony and Justice.


I think thoughts of Wholeness and Completeness; of Health and Well Being; of Compassion and Truth.


My thoughts are those of constant THANKSGIVING TO GOD!!!



Now that you have graciously and willing surrendered to Success, it is time to celebrate!

Celebrate the endings that have taken place over this past month. Celebrate their presence for however long you allowed them to stay with you.

Celebrate your choice to release them back into their place of nothingness. Celebrate your strength in letting them each go, one by one. Celebrate your conviction to permanently removing those stubborn elements of that false self, sometimes referred to as ego.

Salute your new beginnings. Salute with full attention to receiving bountiful blessings and miracles unfolding daily for you. Salute your courage and tenacity to stay on target of your dreams and goals. Salute with pride of purpose that you have maintained your sight on the prize of achievement.

Today we each say Yes to Life. We say Yes to Success and wonder. We declare our victory over our own self-imposed limitations and fears. We have come a long way yet we realize we have a long way to go. We are strong soldiers, worthy warriors in this new day of possibilities. We say Yes to the Truth to our very worthiness and being deserving of the richness of this vast Universe.

Today we both celebrate and salute the person we are and are becoming. We are winning our individual races with pride and joy. We are victorious and shout it loud with confidence.

We trust that we are being divinely led and protected at each turn and bend in the path. We trust that God is always with us. We feel the Presence and the Power of The One Source. We welcome The Most High into our hearts and thoughts.



Nonresistance means to fully surrender to the situation you are in at the present moment. It also means not to fight or attempt to change it. It means to allow things to flow as they are, not to dam up the process. Not to cause or create a disturbance in the natural rhythm of things.

The act of non-resistance can be challenging to say the least. However it is the best gift you can give yourself. The Blessings that come from periods of nonresistance are immeasurable. By you getting out of your own way, you permit the unknown miraculous workings to take shape and manifest for you. You will be pleasantly pleased with each outcome, even if it appears as one of your many lessons in life. We have a human tendency to think that only those things we judge as good, to be a blessing for us. To the contrary, you will learn more in adversity than you will in good times about who you truly are. My son, Malcolm, taught me this lesson while he was a freshman in College.

To just be present in the now is nonresistance. To participate fully in each activity you are engaged in is non-resistance. To love without conditions of either yourself or the person is non-resistance. To continually strive for excellence in all you do is non-resistance. To accept all others, regardless of their status is non-resistance. To trust the process of life, is true nonresistance.

Non-resistance is gently flowing with the tides of life. All struggles are kin to the distant relative of non-resistance. There is no struggle in nonresistance.

God dwells in non-resistance. The Dao and Buddha are non-resistance.

Peacekeepers and Peacemakers are perfect examples of non-resistance.

The One Source, The Infinite One, The Most High, The Creator are all non-resistance Specialists.



On the television series, ‘House’, as I watched the final episode I heard the main character answer a question posed to him – “What are you going to do now?” His reply was “God only knows”. That touched my heart and has remained with me.

It brings to mind so many questions. If this is correct and God only knows what my future will be then why am I so worried about my present conditions? There is so much comfort in this. To accept the Blessings of being guided and protected by The Supreme Being, will leave you with such Peace.

Of course one must believe this to be true for them for it to work in and through their life. One must be in communications with The Omnipotent Presence to experience this Love and Protection, the knowing that it is real! Prayer and meditation are surefire ways of being in contact with the Force that sustains life in every living creature.

Prayer is your talking to God and through mediation you receive your answers and directions. One must allow the flow to happen and not attempt to control or manipulate it in any way. We are required to listen and be obedient to the answers that will come to us. That is all.

I am thrilled and excited beyond words to trust and know that God Only Knows what my future holds!!! I mold myself into the human manifestation of Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, Harmony and Peace that I believe God would have me to be. I welcome and respect all of God’s creations. None is more or less important than the other. Each has their special place in the Kingdom here on earth. I live as perfectly as possible the example of God’s Love as I understand it.

Praises go up and up! Blessings come pouring down!

God Only Knows what is next!!!



Life is Amazing and living it is Awesome! Do you actively engage in living fully each day? Do you experience the awe in the dawning of a new day? It is an experience you have never had before. Hence the reason it is called ‘A New Day’.

I treasure the golden opportunities that each day brings. I know I can use this time as I choose, regardless to whether I acknowledge that or not. This brand new day is my gift from The Creator.

I love living life to the fullest extent possible. I love to explore new ways of doing things and meeting new people. I hunger for the knowledge of expanding my awareness through people of various backgrounds and ethnicities. I yearn to know more about how we are similar and our differences. I have translated for several Vietnamese men who have served me as my nail technicians. One I helped to learn the English language, years earlier, to prepare to take his state licensing test. Another I recently helped with a fraudulent credit card billing. Although the language is a little different I was able to help in both situations. When asked by the credit card company was I a relative, I smiled to myself thinking yes however my answer was no just an interpreter.

I have observed numerous situations where I can be of service to others and I willingly do so. I have grown to enjoy each and every single moment of the day. It is so exciting to go about the day like an explorer going on an exhibition of uncharted territory. That is what life is like, exploring an unchartered land. I have never lived this particular day before and will never live it again. So my journey into the unknown begins right now.

I step out into the vast Universe and gladly welcome the new experiences I will have present on my path today.

Life is Amazing and living it is Awesome!



Go so far beyond your comfort zone today that you touch success!

Stretch to those dreams, your dreams. Keep going until it feels very uncomfortable, like it is beginning to hurt. Stretch is the way to get you to where you say you desire to go and be.

It is the extra movement that will benefit you in the long haul of success. There is a Power that is waiting for you to stretch and touch. God is calling your name and anointing you with success. Are you willing to relinquish that old familiar routine to accomplish your goals today?

Okay, then all that is being asked of you is to do that which you have identified as being important to you. Stretch and keep stretching. Success is directly in front of you. You are only a millimeter away, keep going. Yes there it is.

Now that feels great! You have used those dormant muscles and you are so excited. You feel a sense of wonder in it all. How could I have waited all this time before realizing my dream? Well do not concern yourself with the limits you placed on yourself yesterday. That is all done and gone. Today is your day to celebrate.

Celebrate your victory of overcoming fear! We are all very proud of you. You acknowledged the agony and did not allow it to stop or hinder you. You welcomed the pain in the stretch and kept going.

Yes we all feel your excitement and your accomplishments. We feel your overwhelming Joy. We honor you for your relentless pursuit of your Success!




This is a favorite subject. Think about Love and you begin to smile. You may think about the Love of your parents or a child; an elder or friend; a significant other; or a pet. Love can be represented by the appreciation of nature, as in loving to hear the birds sing or watching the energy of a puppy getting tangled up as they play endlessly.

Love is an instant cure for health ailments and worry. Being in the state of Love is magical indeed. In this state of emotions you glow and have a sense of belonging to everything around you. Love is all inclusive, nothing is ever left out. I love being in love. I stay in love with me, first and foremost. I simply admire who I have become. I love the fact that I have gone through the pain of releasing all the guilt and shame that once occupied my every waking moment with negative emotions. I love that I am a conqueror over all the seeming disasters of my past. I love me just the way I am currently. Yes there are still some changes to be made but I am not waiting until every little thing is how I want to see it before loving myself. I love me right now, right this exact moment in time.

I attract the love of others as I remain in love with me. It is incredible, the love I receive from so many people. Some of these folks I hardly know. Some have been and are watching me from afar. Some do not even speak the same language as I but love me all the same.

Love is awesome. Love just is. Love mends old wounds and scars. Love offers hope for the present and future. Love just is. Love extended out returns to you multiplied. Love radiates and purifies the air you breathe. Love makes happy the cells in your body. Love just is.

Be in love today. Be in love with you, you are the perfect agent for this magical emotion. Be Love today. Express it in all you do and say. Show Love today to those around you.


Love; Period, end of sentence, end of story!!!

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