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April 9th

Oneness is single. Oneness is unity. Oneness is the only reality!

We live in a world made of intricate individuals woven into a wondrous universe. The meaning of universe means one. Different cultures, yet we are all the same. We each are created from one single source, God. Regardless to what name we give to the prophet that we choose to follow and use as a Way shower, the fact remains there is only one God. Interestingly enough religion has created separation in the family of God.

When we focus our attention on the unity of humankind, we can embrace each other in complete Love. The facial features or color of the skin serves only to remind us of the awesome God that created this multi-faceted humanity. It must be a Power greater than mankind to conceive this idea. For it seems if it were left to a single entity that all would be required to be a duplicate of it. Yet in the Unlimited Expression of God, we have no two people who look alike. That is truly amazing, even identical twins are different.

I declare today as a day of celebrating the differences in humanity. Go out of your way to notice and honor someone of a different ethnic background. Learn as much as you can about them and their culture. Expand your field of acceptance, allow others into the fold. Truly honor the gift they bring to you. You might just find a true friend hidden in the identity of that stranger.

Today let us practice true acceptance. Accept people just as they are, without your limited views attached to them. Expand in your knowledge. Expand in your love, your unconditional love.

My world of friends and extended family resembles the United Nations and there is still room for others to join. I welcome with wide open arms all of God’s children into my life. I am still learning and growing about the unity and sanctity of mankind. As I grow I realize less and less of any differences and embrace the richness each person brings to my life.
Today I celebrate Oneness and Unity.


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April 8th

Like a little kid, I am asking God to give me more of this good stuff called Life! More Joy, More Love, More Abundance, More Knowledge, More Peace, More Prosperity, I want More!

I know it is my Father’s desire to give me the Best Life possible. I graciously acknowledge and accept my Blessings. And I desire More! Yes God, fill me up until I want no more. I am an open vessel to receive all that is mine. Fill me up with Gratitude. Fill me up with Thanksgiving. Fill me up with Unconditional Love. Fill me up God with Grace and Mercy! My cup runs over.

Go ahead and allow yourself to be childlike! Tell The Source you want more of the goodness of life! Shout it loud, make the walls shake with your declaration! Feel it deep inside of you! Say it again, I WANT MORE OF THIS GOOD LIFE! Mean it, visualize it, think on it. Ready, now say it again with all the strength you have. It feels awesome! Its exhilarating!

Today I am asking The Creator, The Most High to give me more of the vastness. I want my inheritance. I am ready to receive the promise made to me, a child of God. In my childlike attitude I eagerly accept and IN-joy my gifts. They are here, right now ready to be claimed by me.

Thanks God, for my many Blessings. I am a good steward of the Blessings already given to me. I know I Am worthy and deserving because I Am Your Child!

Give me more! I Want More! I accept More! I EXPECT MORE!!!


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries
April 7th

Can a tree grow without having healthy roots? Do vegetables and fruits survive if the roots are damaged? Of course the answer to both of these questions is no.

What about the human roots; the roots of your immediate family or that of a generation of people? Can the effects of a damage that occurred generations ago still have an effect on you even though you are not aware of the damage? Can you restore the damage to ensure a different outcome for the remaining branches and leaves on the family tree? The future generations that are yet not born are from this same tree.

Until the damage can be acknowledged, detected and treated, a possibility exists for more ruin or less production of good crop. Perhaps the fruit will only be half lived, with unmet dreams unable to be realized. Perhaps more serious destruction will take place if the damage is ignored, it could mean the complete end to the tree.

We can choose to be the perfect healthy specimen to diagnose and treat the root rot. Our choice calls for great wisdom, exceptional love and a loyalty to our family that will allow for full disclosure of the history. Once the truth is shared, the teller of the story can be healed. They have kept this family secret for many years. Unable to verbalize it for fear that others would think less of the family or of them. Once they have had the opportunity to fully express the facts, they sense a relief and release. They have probably experienced some forms of disease in their body from holding onto these secrets. Help them to release and live.

To be the helper you must be strong; Strong in Faith, Truth, and Courage. Some of the truths that are revealed may be shocking. Once this is done, begin to change the situation by applying Unconditional Love to the story. Surround all involved with sincere Love and Appreciation for what they had to endure to survive. Tell them how much you honor their decisions and actions. This must be the truth for you! This must be done in absolute Love. You can hold the vision for the entire family, yours and others.

When each tree is fortified with Healthy Roots, we begin to flourish in our families. We can truly live a life full of Love and Acceptance. We can honor the diversity in others by knowing our own story.

Be a helper in treating all damaged roots. Be a part of the family that ensures a positive life by the nature of its healthy, sturdy branches.


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries
April 6th

Recently I escorted a dear friend of my mine to the hospital to undergo a medical procedure prior to being admitted into the hospital for chemotherapy for a very aggressive form of cancer. Although my friend has maintained a very good spirit about the whole situation, I thought about what I might want from a friend in a time like this. All I knew was to be myself because that was the person that was invited along to help with this challenge. We have spent some wonderful hours and days together. I learned a great deal from the medical staff but more importantly from my friend.

My friend never gave any thought to a negative outcome. She did not want to discuss her condition with nay-sayers or doomers. You know the folks I am referring to, regardless to what you tell them you are experiencing they will have you in a worst situation just by their choice of beliefs and words. So nothing bothered her. Her wisdom was displayed as she waited until the very last to tell others about her health opportunity. She tells me she is healed and I hold that vision with her. I have no other choice, this is my friend. And so it is by her own belief and trust in God.

On each medical visit I was invited into the room by my friend. I was honored that she trusted me with all the intricate details of what she was facing. So when we went for this last procedure, a PET scan we were both very comfortable about the whole affair. She was required to drink some awful tasting stuff prior to the scan. So there she was leaning back in this chair as we talked and she waited for the scan. The Nurse came in to check on her and she told the nurse the mixture was nasty but she was drinking it. The Nurse responded, “Good because I will be back in 30 minutes to give you the rest of it.” Boy I could not hold it, I burst out in laughter! The look on her face was price-less. We both laughed hysterically for a long time. The Nurse said everyone needs a friend like that, one who could add Joy to an otherwise dismal experience.

Friendship is Price-less and Friends a true gift from God. Do your friends know they can count on you for whatever they stand in need of? Perhaps they are having a bad day and just need to yell and scream, maybe even curse, rant and rave. Love them through the experience. That’s what they need from you. Unconditional acceptance is a gift you can freely share with them. Just listening is sometimes enough. You are the Friend. Trust the friendship to reveal to you exactly what is needed to help in the healing process.


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April 5th

Today is my anniversary date of providing counseling sessions to Common Ground, an AIDS Service Organization (ASO) in Atlanta Georgia. I dedicate this message to my incredible extended family.

A Abundantly
I Inspired
D Divine
S Souls

I am consistently inspired by this group of amazing souls. They have been shunned by society, families and religious organizations. Some have been cast out, labeled as sinners, no good, and other rather harsh names. Yet to get to know them and to share in their lives is an honor to me.

What I know with certainty is that they are no different from me or you. They have not committed a sin for which God is cursing them with the virus. Neither are they doomed to death while still living. They are alive and worthy of respect and dignity.

To be a part of this family has surely humbled me. My message is always the same, they each are a child of God. Each made in the image and after the likeness of The Creator. God loves them regardless, there can never be any separation between them and The Source.

This family is the most loving and gracious individuals I have met. The environment is always warm and friendly. Each supports the other in going through whatever challenge they may be facing. They demonstrate acceptance of one another.

I love and honor each person that I have come to know personally. As I give my best to them and expect the best from them, I am always gifted with wonderful outcomes. Each has gone beyond the labels, hurts and pains to grow into the most loving person they can be. I am very proud of each one.

As I celebrate my anniversary of being called into a Ministry serving God’s children I ask you to examine your thoughts, words and deeds directed at any individual that you may have not been as lovable as you could be towards. Always remember, they too are a child of The Most High God!


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April 4th

An ever increasing existence, an expansive energy fills me up. I accept my blessings from The Almighty, Infinite One.

Sit, relax and envision this phenomenal unfolding for you. Picture it clearly, see it in full detail. Do you see it expanding all around you? The Creative Energy is at work in all of creation, especially your life. See it growing rapidly and completely. You are being flooded with goodness and mercy, the grace of God is acting on your behalf. It is readying everything in and on your path. The Blessings are growing, they are magnified! Do you see it yet?

Hold the vision of Expansive Energy fully operating in your life and affairs. What does it look like for you? More love and peace; more harmony and cooperation; more money substance and freedom? What? Only you can make this decision for yourself. The Energy is eagerly waiting for you to say what it is that you desire. Once you have decided, The Energy goes to work for you giving you precisely what you have declared.

Now witness the unfolding of your highest good. You deserve it and more. Life is abundant in every aspect. My life is prosperous. Expansive Energy is everywhere evenly distributed. And it is unlimited. I gather my gifts with gratitude.
Be Thankful for the manifestations. Give Thanks at all times and in all ways. Just say it, Thanks God. That feels wonderful and opens the floodgates for more to come into your life. Thanks God for this incredible Expansive Energy that is circulating all around, in and through me. Thanks Creator for the absolute manifestations of Your Good.

I am a part of and recipient of God’s Expansive Energy.


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries
April 3rd

Flawless is defined as without any cracks; no blemishes; whole and complete. Flow is to pour out. Just imagine God at work in your life, gifting you with Life that represents a Flawless Flow! WOW! I had to just breathe that in for a moment, Flawless Flow by God! What a magnificent vision.

God has given us every thing we require to live an abundant and prosperous life. Are we ready to receive it, knowing that it is our birthright? The Kingdom is ours! The fullness of the earth is ours! Riches of every kind are ours! These are the promises given to us. I stand ready to accept and receive my good. How about you?

We must tend to any blockages that are in the way of this flow from God. Is there any negative energy that is dwelling in your thoughts or heart? Do you seek a higher way in interacting with others? Do you honor who you are, right where you are? Are you waiting for that one thing to make you more complete? Well I am here to tell you that you need not wait any longer. God said YOU ARE WORTHY AND DESERVING…RIGHT NOW!

You must know that is true in the deepest crevices of your being. You must believe that God’s promises are true. When we have accepted that right here, right now, exactly as we are is perfect to The Creator then we can move forward in complete confidence. We are the ones who choose to judge; not Allah, God, The Source. You are a perfect expression period.

As we move in this knowingness of energy the Flawless Flow can go to work in our lives because we are expecting it to. We only concentrate on that which we desire and nothing else. We focus our entire energy on creating our perfect life because we know that honors our Creator. We have abundance manifesting in our lives. A rich life is our inheritance. I declare and accept God’s Flawless Flow NOW!


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries
April 2nd

I willingly cooperate with life. I give and receive joyously. It is through my cooperation that I am blessed and abundantly filled with every desire of my heart.

I take great care of my body temple which includes my thoughts. I guard my health by choosing a healthier lifestyle than I have done in the past. I choose living foods to nourish me. I seek to eliminate anything that may cause harm to me. My thoughts are continually on good, prosperity and abundance. I think the thoughts that will manifest my desires. That is my part of the cooperation cycle. I allow the Universe to do its part in the fulfilling of my desires. I do not push my way. I do not attempt to manipulate the speed. I know that everything is working in Divine Order and Time. I trust the process while actively contributing a positive expectation in my thoughts.
I AM an expression of the Most High here on earth. I willfully demonstrate my higher state of consciousness by cooperating with all of life. I serve as a member of a higher cooperative which honors all of humanity. Each member does their part in maintaining the pure essence of creation, to serve one another. In this state of cooperation everyone benefits and each have added value to the other. I remain in an attitude of cooperation with all of life.

As I maintain my spirit of cooperation, abundance and prosperity builds and is lavishly poured out to me. I choose cooperation as a way to live my life. I bring Light and laughter to situations requiring a higher energy. I recognize the signs and heed to them with my special ability. I serve willingly and willfully in sheer bliss to others.

My conscious energy is of cooperation. I choose to cheerfully participate in the ongoing activity of life. I give Thanks to God for my attitude. The Creator has surely shined on me and gifted me with the spirit of cooperation.


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries
April 1st

April is the month of abundance. April is the month to manifest all that you have desired. This abundance is for all areas of your life.

Abundance is all around you and is yours for the asking. You must be specific in details of what you desire to manifest. Be explicit and mindful of each and every detail. Leave nothing out. Use your imagination to describe every little aspect. Engaging your imagination heightens your desire.

So go ahead and tell the Universe exactly what it is that you desire. Here is an example if you are stuck in allowing yourself to visualize. I desire World Peace. My life is peaceful and serene. I meditate often and allow only thoughts of peace and harmony to enter my thoughts. I accept my personal responsibility in creating my harmonic thoughts. I have a Peace energy that radiates out from me to all I encounter. My family is anchored in Peace. I am the catalyst for my family to achieve Peace as a natural way of living. Each time an opportunity arises I demonstrate only Peace! Even in the midst of stuff I remain centered in Peace. Nothing can rob me of my Peace.

Here is another example:

My desire is for money substance to circulate freely in my life. I create a flow of finances that allows me a life of financial freedom. I use the money I receive wisely. As I generate more I am able and willing to share more with others. I purchase my Horse Farm. It is forty acres with twenty horses. The horses are rescued from dangerous conditions, restored to complete wellness and returned to a healthy environment in my care. Children come from all around to enjoy the beauty of the horses and learn how to properly care for these animals. The children learn the cooperative nature of all living things at the farm. I provide this opportunity at no charge to the children. It is my gift to them to participate in this activity.

Whatever you desire is yours! Abundance does not flow where negative energy resides. Keep your thoughts positive.

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March 31st

Sometimes we need to personalize scripture and other writings so they have more impact for us. I am sharing my version of the 23rd Psalms which is one of my favorites. You can do this for yourself, it does not affect nor distract from the original writings. It simply adds special meaning for you.
23rd Psalms

God is my Source!

I already have everything I desire (I only need to see it and believe it).

My lavish garden is Peace-filled; in my stillness, my strength is enriched and increased.

I trust God.

God’s Grace is sufficient.

When fear knocks, my Faith does not answer the door.

God’s Mercy sustains me, carries me through all valley experiences.

As I call forth into being (as I recognize) the bountiful Blessings of my rich inheritance from God’s storehouse –
My life overflows with prosperity and abundance!
I am accompanied by goodness and kindness, everywhere I go, because; God dwells inside of me!


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